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Mike Bookpro
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DJvgBoy123 Of Team Rocket
Since our Minnesota Vikings team could not play super bowl in our home field, with Super Bowl LIII is coming up, we’ll try and have our Atlanta Falcons team to play Super Bowl on their home field.]]>
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el lordtapir
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Amon Amarth - The Pursuit of Vikings
(Wacken 2012)]]>
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philippe MANGUIN

philippe MANGUIN:

Un certain Kirk DOUGLAS fêtait ses 100 printemps aujourd'hui !
L'occasion de ressortir une petite image des tiroirs à savoir celle du Fort La Latte ou a été tourné en partie le film "les vikings" et dont il fut le héros !

Happy birthday !!

#kirkdouglas #birthday #fortlalatte #bretagne #lesvikings  
Thu, 22 Mar 2018 22:24:59 +0100
Yang Wen-li
Speaking of which
I haven't bought mango in a while
So when I get the money I'll probably buy Vinland Saga vol. 2 and Golden Kamuy vol. 2.
Vikings and Imperial Japanese soldiers, what a combo.]]>
Thu, 22 Mar 2018 22:11:07 +0100
Bellevue Reporter
Thu, 22 Mar 2018 21:45:04 +0100
Jeanne Balvet
Thu, 22 Mar 2018 21:41:14 +0100
Truetemper Rocket 2
We'll be grading the most notable NFL offseason moves -- signings and trades -- right here in March, so check this file for updates as the deals come in. Grades go all the way back to the Alex Smith deal before Super Bowl LII.

The most recent grades and write-ups are at the top.

Go to biggest deals: QB Cousins | QB Brees | QB Bradford | QB Keenum | QB Smith | WR Moncrief| WR Nelson | | WR Robinson | WR Watkins | OT Solder | TE Graham | DT Richardson | CB Sherman | CB Johnson | CB Butler | CB Fuller

More coverage: Latest deals | Schefter's notes | Signings by team | Top 100

Thursday, March 22

Trade: Giants deal DE Jason Pierre-Paul to Buccaneers

Giants: B
Buccaneers: B

When I was skeptical of Pierre-Paul's long-term extension this time last year, I was concerned that the Giants were paying for a player they were never going to see again. Pierre-Paul had improved as a run defender, but his pass-rushing production had been down since the combination of back surgery and the fireworks accident that severely injured his hand. Giving a player like that a four-year, $62 million deal is essentially assuming he'll play at a Pro Bowl level on an annual basis, which simply hadn't been true of JPP.

The 2017 version of Pierre-Paul was a reasonable player, but he was a passenger on a sinking ship. He led the team with eight sacks, but at least three of those takedowns were coverage sacks. JPP finished with just 13 knockdowns, a far cry from the player who topped 20 twice earlier in his career. The 29-year-old did play 91.5 percent of New York's defensive snaps and played in all 16 games for just the second time in the past five years, which is a positive sign, but the same concerns about his long-term viability that were there a year ago still exist.

2018 NFL free agency

Kirk Cousins. Jimmy Graham. Andrew Norwell. This class is already wild. Here's everything to know.

• Latest notable signings, trades »
• Barnwell's free agency & trade grades »
• Signings, analysis for all 32 teams »
• Ranking top 100 NFL free agents »
• Players who landed in perfect spots »
• Who really got best free-agent deals? »
• Biggest remaining need for all 32 »
• Are Vikings NFC fave with Cousins? »
• Fantasy impact of key deals, moves »

With three years and $39.5 million remaining on his deal, it didn't seem likely that the Giants were looking for a trade partner for their longtime edge rusher, let alone that they would find one. Enter the Buccaneers, who have a long-standing need for pass-rushing help. Tampa's six defensive ends combined for 8.5 sacks last season, which makes modest production from Pierre-Paul suddenly look appetizing. Buccaneers general manager Jason Licht also loves contracts that don't have long-term complications, and the JPP deal has nothing guaranteed after this season.

The Bucs are paying Pierre-Paul just over $13 million per season, which is probably more than he would get on the free-agent market, but might well be worth it on what amounts to a year-to-year deal. They didn't give up a ton, as the Giants sent their fourth-round pick (No. 102) along with the USF product for the Bucs' third-round (No. 69) and fourth-round (No. 108) selections. By the Chase Stuart draft chart, all that cancels out to value JPP as the 73rd pick in a typical draft, roughly a mid-third round pick.

The Giants get out of the JPP contract after one year and $22.5 million, with $15 million in dead money hitting their cap in 2018. One of the arguments for the Giants making this move has been schematic. After firing everyone who had an office or a polo shirt in their facility this offseason, they revamped the coaching staff and brought in well-respected Cardinals defensive coordinator James Bettcher, who plans to install a 3-4 front as the Giants' base defense. It fits the talents of star nose tackle Damon Harrison, but appears to have created concerns about the fit of Pierre-Paul.

I'm not sure I buy those concerns. For one, hiring a defensive coordinator to install a 3-4 when you have $30 million per year invested in defensive ends (Pierre-Paul and Olivier Vernon) seems almost profoundly stupid. If the Giants thought either of their ends couldn't play in a 3-4, they should have hired a different coordinator. Plenty of other 4-3 ends have made hay in a 3-4 too, including Chandler Jones after his move to Arizona.

Furthermore, the 3-4/4-3 divide means less than ever, given that teams spend the vast majority of their time in their nickel packages with five defensive backs and four down linemen. It's fair to note that Bettcher's Cardinals were in their base look 36.5 percent of the time over the past three years, which was more than anyone else in football, but even that's no longer a primary package. Wanting to move Pierre-Paul is one thing, but doing so to accommodate a scheme that didn't fit the personnel the Giants had on their roster seems too shortsighted to actually be true.

This all leads into the other question that seems to be in play here: Are the Giants freeing up a spot for the guy they plan to take with the second overall pick? There have been plenty of reports that the Giants are perfectly comfortable with the idea of running things back with a veteran team and Eli Manning in the hopes that they'll be able to compete immediately, and their moves this offseason seem more in line with retooling than rebuilding.

With that in mind, are the Giants considering passing on a quarterback with the second overall pick to take NC State defensive end Bradley Chubb? They have a track record of valuing edge rushers as premium players going back to the Bill Parcells days, a stretch that included general manager Dave Gettleman's first run within the organization from 1999-2011, albeit as pro personnel director. Chubb would be a curious fit for a 3-4 after playing as a 4-3 down lineman in school, but as was the case with JPP, the scheme fit matters less than ever before and shouldn't preclude you from keeping around a superstar edge rusher if the talent and availability are there.

There's obviously still a chance that the Giants take a quarterback and that the JPP move is unrelated, although that would be strange given how they're trying to win now. If they don't want a quarterback though, they're suddenly open for business in a very big way with the second overall pick. They can get Chubb without running any risk by toying with the Jets, who have to now be terrified that somebody will leap ahead of them and trade into the second overall spot. If they can extract another high pick from the Jets to move up from third to second overall, the Giants can still take Chubb at No. 3, get him on a cheaper contract and pick up another selection as part of a deal.

Alternatively, if the Giants are just in the market to add talented players and aren't attached to Chubb, they are well-positioned for a much bigger haul. We know the Jets are taking a quarterback at No. 3, but any team who thinks there are two franchise passers in this year's class (or feels confident that the Browns are taking Sam Darnold) can move ahead of Gang Green by trading with the Giants.

The Bills, for example, could send their two first-rounders (Nos. 12 and 22), their second-round pick (53) and the third-round pick they acquired from the Browns (65) and make what amounts to a fair swap on the Jimmy Johnson chart by giving up 2,635 points of draft capital for the second overall pick, which is worth 2,600 points. By the Stuart chart, the Bills would be paying $1.70 on the dollar, which is less than the Jets paid to move up, but more in line with recent trade-ups for quarterbacks.

What might make more sense, though, would be to work a deal with the Broncos, who would presumably still be in the quarterback market even after signing Case Keenum. If Denver sent the fifth overall pick and a 2019 first-rounder and we valued that pick as the 16th selection, the Broncos would be sending 2,700 points of value on the Johnson chart for the second pick, again worth 2,600 points.

That would be worth only $1.17 on the dollar by Stuart's chart, but the Giants could move down and would still be in great shape. With the first three teams taking quarterbacks, the Browns would have their pick of Chubb, star halfback Saquon Barkley and mauling guard Quenton Nelson with the fourth pick. They almost certainly wouldn't take Nelson, who might be the "hog molly" Gettleman wants more than anyone in this draft. As much as this deal is about Pierre-Paul, it's about what happens next for the Giants.

The Giants got draft picks for the pass-rusher. Plus: Tyrann Mathieu to the Texans. Dontari Poe to the Panthers. And Kirk Cousins to the Vikings. Bill Barnwell evaluates every big move of the offseason.
Thu, 22 Mar 2018 21:24:33 +0100
Jessie James
Watching Vikings]]>
Thu, 22 Mar 2018 20:40:14 +0100
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Hasgard D

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Thu, 22 Mar 2018 20:21:16 +0100
Usman Saeed
Bad North is a real-time strategy game that features adorable vikings and hectic terrain-based combat. It’s the debut game from indie studio Plausible Concept of Sweden, and Raw Fury will publish it this summer on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo…

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