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Complexity and Power

The wonderful film-maker Adam Curtis discusses the state of the modern world, including culture and social media.

"I have this lurking suspicion that someone like Donald Trump is like a vaudeville character who’s there to make us all outraged, while real power carries on."


[ Hypernormalization ]

HyperNormalisation - a documentary by Adam Curtis - draws a picture that creates a connection between the rise of international big capital, LSD culture, radical Islam, the Israeli-Syrian separation-of-forces agreement in 1974, Facebook, Soviet science-fiction movies and more.

It shows how in the face of staggering complexity of the current-day world, the West’s leaders have sold their electorates a shallow, simplistic picture of reality, while the real decision-making power has shifted to different institutions altogether, ranging from financial conglomerates to technology corporations.

[ Hypernormal Consciousness ]

Curtis took his film’s title from Alexei Yurchak, a Russian-born researcher anthropologist at the University of California, Berkeley, who used it to describe the state of consciousness in the Soviet Union during the period that preceded the collapse of communism. Every Soviet citizen was aware that the system wasn’t working, but the propaganda machine operated overtime and no one could conceive of a different reality. The result: Politicians and citizens alike continued to conduct an imaginary and twisted disconnected discourse. The West, Curtis maintains, is now caught up in a similar state of mind.


[ Reconstruction of Fragments ]

Curtis succeeds in talking to both the head and the gut. Even when not all of the specific details are absorbed, the viewer can't help but feel that he is being confronted with some sort of great truth that the film projects about the way in which we experience and understand this era. When everything is so weird, films, too, apparently have to be wacko, their role being to deconstruct reality into fragments and to recombine them into a completely different story, along the way forcing us to think again, and this time seriously, about everything we’d been taking for granted.


[ Present Shock ]

“If you look at the kind of films I make, I tend to collage things, so I began to realize that the world was beginning to look a bit like a collage film. Have you ever seen one of the great short animal films, called ‘Startled Kitten’? Something goes on, and the kitten’s eyes go wide open, and then it closes again. Open and close. I realized that’s what happening in our world. Some extraordinary event would happen and everyone would act like a startled kitten and go ‘Oh, my God,’ and the journalists would go ‘Oh, my God,’ and the opinion writers would write theatrical pieces about what this might or might not mean, and then everything would stop and nothing would change.


[ Systemic Stasis ]

This is the really strange thing about this incredibly dynamic world: Things would change just out of the blue and then absolutely nothing would happen. So for example, in my country you had an enormous media storm about what was called the Chilcot report on the invasion of Iraq [released in July 2016], which basically said the government made certain aspects of it up. Everyone said this is outrageous, and that people should be prosecuted – which they should, because it led to a ghastly war – but then nothing happened. Nothing. Or the financial crisis of 2008 to 2011: Week after week there were revelations of criminality on the part of high-up people within the financial services. You’d actually have one of our leading banks revealed to have been working with Mexican drug cartels, and the bank admitted they'd done this – but then they weren’t prosecuted because, ‘it would destabilize the system.’

[ Nonlinear Normalization ]

At that point I realized we were living in a very strange world. Things come and go and no one quite knows why, but when they come and go, nothing actually changes. That’s why I called my film HyperNormalisation. We know something very odd is going on, it feels sort of unreal, but because you haven’t got anything to measure it against, you just accept it as normal. The ambassador in Turkey gets shot, the assassin stands there in a suit, and you view these images and go ‘Oh, my God, this is so strange,’ and then things move on, and we don’t know what it means. So we accept it as normal.


[ Nostalgia for History ]

Could it be that only liberals experience this shock from the world right now? Because in Israel, there are many people and forces that seem pleased with the current world, or at least feel that they have the winds of history at their back.

It’s true that groups of liberals throughout the Western world, and actually throughout the Arab world as well, feel that history is moving rapidly away from them, and they can’t bear it. But there is wider evidence that actually everyone feels like this. In my country it’s Brexit, and in America, Donald Trump. You had a lot of people who felt that the main streams of power have led them into a very strange and insecure place, and that everything is very odd, and rather fake. They were presented with a very big button that had the words ‘f--k off’ on it, so they pressed that button. But the roots of their dissatisfaction are exactly what I was describing: that nothing makes any sense and that those in charge had no idea, while some rather unscrupulous forces – both financial and military – are making millions of people’s lives much worse.


[ From Politics to Mangement ]

The next question is whether Trump or the Brexit movement are actually going to be able to move history on, whether they really have the winds of history behind them. I’m not convinced of this. I have this lurking suspicion that someone like Donald Trump is like a vaudeville character who’s there to make us all outraged, while real power carries on. Maybe the strangeness we feel is because power has shifted toward a system of managing us, while at the same time politics, or what we used to call politics, took a strange distorted form of entertainment, which keeps us not happy, but enervated.

[ The Panic of Uncertainty ]

Wasn’t politics always a form of a show, or entertainment?

Of course politics had a form of entertainment, because, in a bubble, it tells us a story about the world. But at the same time, we knew politicians had an idea of what they wanted, even if they were representing something pretty static. Even if they just wanted to keep the world as it was. What’s different about our age is that we know that they don’t know what’s going on, and they know that we know that, so you go into this feedback loop of panic.


[ Decline of Journalistic Power ]

Think of what happened to journalism. It was one of the main motors of mass democracy. What journalists did was to go out and find stuff that was happening, and if it was bad they would report it, and people would read the stories and put pressure on the politicians to do something about it. It was a natural feedback loop of information being used to actually change the world. Now if you look at the event set of the past 20 years, but more so of the past 10 years, there have been constant revelations by journalists of bad things – ranging from the behavior of the banks to the behavior of the politicians on Iraq and on the war on terror – but nothing ever happens.

[ Destabilization of Perception ]

An interesting man I talk about in HyperNormalisation is an adviser to Putin called Vladislav Surkov, who exploits these conditions in a completely new way. In the past, politicians manipulated and shaped our perceptions in order to get what they want. Surkov admits that he’s doing it, so he confuses us even more. He’s actually honest about the fact that no one really knows what’s going on, but he does it in order to destabilize us, so everyone knows that everyone else doesn’t really know what’s going on.

[ Post-Truth Journalism ]

Like Surkov in Russia, Trump would say things and the journalists would go, ‘this is outrageous because its not true,’ expecting that somehow as a result of that everything would change. I suspect, however, that Trump’s supporters knew very well that it wasn’t true, but they sensed that those statements somehow undermined the old systems of power, which they were happy to do. The moment that everyone knows things are lies but they are happy to accept them, then the truth-telling aspect of journalism is completely muted. It’s screwed.


[ Loss of Political Control ]

So what are journalists supposed to do? Stop looking for facts?

If you look at what’s happened to the relationship between journalism and politics over the past 10 years, something’s gone wrong. What journalists say seems to have no influence on the world, and we’ve got to start finding out why. One of the things I was trying to say in HyperNormal is that it’s because politicians have given away a great deal of their power to systems that the journalists don’t even understand.

[ Reconnecting Truth and Effect ]

It’s not about truth, it’s about your truth having an effect on the world. Because that’s the whole point about journalism. It’s not just, ‘I’m going to tell you a story.’ It’s, ‘I’m going to tell you a story in a way that allows you to understand the world and therefore to change it.’ If this doesn’t work, then you’ve got to go find out why that is.

[ Understanding Media ]

Go and understand those new systems of power, go and look at how the algorithms that shape the information that comes to you in your Facebook newsfeed actually segment you and leave you relatively powerless, find out if you can you break it. Can you use it in a new way? Instead of continually turning out columns about the truth which have no effect, instead of writing columns about whether this is or this is not 1914, go find out how the modern world really works and where power really is. This is the information that people need at the moment. Michael Lewis does it about the banks. There’s great investigative journalism around, but journalism in the general generic sense has become part of the vaudeville. You’ve got to pull back and see what the vaudeville is.


[ Emotional Story Telling ]

I come from a different tradition, in which you go and find stories that do surprise you – all kinds, small ones but also big ones – and pull them together in a way that really does surprise you. I would suddenly put songs that last three minutes in the middle of the film. It’s entertainment in a way, but it’s entertainment trying to pull you in so now I can tell you things. We live in a very emotional age, so why not use the emotional forces that people are actually interested in to try and get over big points?

[ Remixing Culture ]

I think a lot of political journalists on television don’t understand that. They still think it has to be dry and separate from culture. The water we swim in is fundamentally cultural. Music, films, novels, stories of those kinds – I wallow in that mix of stuff and I use it to engage people. A lot of television journalism just doesn’t do that. It just has long shots of reporters driving through terrible situations gazing blankly, thinking ‘this is terrible.’ You feel somewhat alienated from it.


[ Escape from Truth ]

Still, there is something very threatening about this bombardment of images, some very graphic, over three hours. I know people who said that the film makes them want to run away and hide?

I think that’s more of a reflection of the mindset of liberals at the present moment. What I was trying to do is to report on what was happening, and if that makes you want to run away, then I’m afraid you’re going to have to accept that people who don’t want to run away – like the people who support Donald Trump and Brexit – are going to take central stage. It’s up to you. I can make a movie that tells you, liberals, that everything is okay, but it would be untruthful at the moment. We’re living in a strange time, when power is shifting, and the whole liberal understanding of the world is being challenged.

[ Detachment of The Privileged ]

I mean, it’s not me they’re running away from, it’s everything. It may be that I’m pointing it out in a slightly dramatic way, but I don’t think I’m being untruthful. Those people in my country, and in your country, and in America that are privileged, have high wages and are concerned with the world, are not standing up and doing anything. They’re running away and retreating. I have a phrase for it, it’s called ‘Oh dear-ism’ [the title of two short films made by Curtis]. The people who read the news in the morning see that a hundred refugees have been drowned in a boat in the Mediterranean and they look at their partner and then they say ‘Oh dear,’ and that’s it.


[ The Impotency of Protest ]

You deal in HyperNormalisation with the Occupy movement, which had a sort of an Israeli version that had unprecedented numbers of people protesting. Wasn’t that such a moment, in which the people you are referring to tried to deal with the world?

I don’t know about the Israeli Occupy movement, but I can tell you my sense about the Occupy movement here and in America. It was an extraordinary moment that promised a great deal and it completely and utterly failed. And the same thing happened in Tahrir Square in Egypt, which again promised a great liberal revolution, and instead what happened was that two years later those same liberals that toppled [President Hosni] Mubarak welcomed the generals back. In Greece you had a government elected on a popular mandate to challenge the central economic consensuses of the European Union, and within two months they’ve given in.

Why again and again, when liberals promise to change the world, do they fail, and the world clicks back to its hypernormal situation, where you and I and all the other liberals know that things are wrong but nothing ever changes? That’s what I was trying to get at in the film.

[ From Impact to Spectacle ]

To say that lots of people came out – well, that’s not enough. The thing I always point to is the Civil rights movement in America. Young, white activists and young black activists joined together, went out onto the southern stage in America, and for years worked in extreme danger. Many of them got beaten up, some got killed, but they changed the world. They surrendered themselves to something bigger than their own individuality.

We live in a world where liberals in my country came out and marched against Iraq on one day in 2003, using the slogan ‘not in my name,’ then went home and thought to themselves ‘well, that’s not a war in my name, so it’s not my war any longer.’ And they did nothing. That’s a big shift. That’s a big shift in the courage of liberals.


[ Retreat From Complexity ]

It’s not just the bad politicians, it’s not just the horrible economists on the right, it’s not just the terrorists. Of course all of them play their role. It’s also us. We’ve been complicit. Because we can’t cope with the growing complexities of the world, or feel we can’t, we have retreated too.

Maybe your friends didn’t like the film because it makes us examine ourselves. But liberals have got to start examining themselves if they do want to change the world. They haven’t done very well in the last 20 years, have they?

[ Individualistic Culture ]

What sort of things should they examine?

Two things, I think. One is the culture of ‘me,’ in which is I refuse to join other groups. This is a really big problem for all political change. You only manage to change the world through collective political action, because when people are joined together they’re powerful. Like in Tahrir Square, when they got rid of Mubarak, a terrible dictator who had been supported by the West for 30 years. But then they had to face the other fact, which is that they didn’t have an idea of what they did want. And a nasty, right-wing, reactionary group that did know what they wanted – the Muslim Brotherhood – swept into that vacuum and took power.


[ Lack of Direction / Goals ]

And this is the second thing, which is really key: Liberals have confused process with idea. They think that just by organizing in different ways, it's enough. Actually, what you want is a goal. If you scratch the liberals, they were saying they don’t like things and that they are scared, but what do they want? If you really do want to change the world in a fundamental way, you’re going to have to change the structure of power, but then everything is up for grabs. It’s a bit like being in an earthquake: Even the earth is suspect, nothing is fixed and that’s really frightening. If you don’t want that, what do you want? Do you just want the banks to be a little nicer? Is that it? The dark, cynical side of me says they don’t really want change.

[ Avoidance of Power ]

I almost sense that among liberals, people don’t want to speak about power, because power seems vulgar or something?

But you have to. You have to. The one thing no one talks about is power. The only place that you talk about power with liberals is Game of Thrones. It’s their playground, they go watch it on HBO and then they can talk about power. I think it has to do with the rise of individualism, this idea that somehow the individual is the most important thing and the whole notion of being part of groups that are powerful or not powerful has just disappeared.

The other half of ‘HyperNormalisation’ is trying to show where power has gone to, and where it now resides. Because we’re not going to change anything until you actually understand where power is these days.

[ Disempowering Social Platforms ]

One of the places you point to is the big tech corporations, like Facebook. It’s strange that there is very little conversation of them in political terms. Is it because we think of those companies as representing “the right” values?

It’s true that everyone there believes in the same good values – you know, in feminism and gay rights – but that doesn’t mean that actually those aren’t very powerful forces shaping you in such a way that you have been disempowered. I would argue that those same liberals who write all the nice code for Facebook’s newsfeeds, are actually – not intentionally – they’re actually separating us out into segmented groups where we all agree with each other, keeping us not locked away, but separated. It’s like in a farm; we’re all put into our separate fields. And that disempowers us.


[ Simplistic Complexity ]

In the liberal imagination, especially in the way it has decayed over the past 20 years, we divide the world into the goodies and baddies. There were good people like us, and there were innocent people like the Iraqi people under Saddam Hussein, and then there were evil men like [Muammar] Gadhafi or Saddam Hussein. But the real truth about power is that it isn’t a world of goodies and baddies. It’s a really complicated one, where goodies, like people who work for Facebook and Google, actually create a system of power that may not be very good for us, and may limit our ability to change the world, and may allow financial groups and private equity to do all sorts of things we wouldn’t approve of. So there isn’t a goodie and a baddie.


[ From Boredom to Experience ]

So what should we do? Leave Facebook? You can’t really escape it.

I have two views: One, that it is good to know, and to report on it and to understand that. Facebook is eating journalism, it began to eat television as well, so you can credit it as being powerful. But my other view is, I suspect people might get bored. The thing about social media is it can’t really tell you a story. It’s engineering based on feedback, it constantly monitors your past behavior and gives you new versions of it, so in a way it’s standing still. And I wonder whether that is its ultimate weakness.

What social media wants you to do it is to keep what they call ‘engaged.’ Engagement is the big thing. To do that they constantly have to feed you stuff that makes you engaged, and I think it’s become more and more hysterical and more and more repetitive. People are turning away from Twitter because it’s full of angry men – and some women – who simply troll each other. It’s boring. So I wonder whether in fact the internet may become, in 10 years’ time, this wonderful extracurricular place where we go to have fun, like some strange decayed inner city in 1980s’ America, full of really strange people. You go there to have fun, but then everyone moves outside to something else, and that something else – I don’t know what it would be.

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Леонсия Левковская

Believe it or not, once there lived soldier Fedot, and this is the tale of the daring fellow. He was neither handsome nor a fright, neither wealthy nor hard up, neither ragged nor dressed up, neither pale nor ruddy-faced, he was so-so, quite commonplace. Fedot's mission was hunting and fishing. The Tsar had fish and game, Fedot had thanks and that was his gain. The Tsar's palace was crammed with travellers. One was a Greek, another Hawaiian, a third was a Swede, and they all needed a feed! One wanted lobsters, another wanted oysters, a third wanted a prawn while the catcher was only one.
One day Fedot was ordered to come to the court. The Tsar was the shrimp of a man, his head like a little onion, while his malice could fill the whole palace. He looked at Fedot as if to say: "I can't stomach you anyway". Out of dread Fedot turned wet, his ears started ringing, his guts gave way, and here's the beginning of the tale, so to say.


The British envoy has come for
Our refreshment after night before,
While we only have to eat
Stale bread, a bone... and that's it!
You must go and bring some food,
Something special, something good,
Say, a partridge, or a grouse
Or whatever, from the wood.
If you can't do that, my dear,
I shall have to execute you, hear?
It's a matter of importance,
A state affair, is it clear?

Yes, of course, I understand,
I'm wise enough for that,
A stupid bumpkin I'm not,
And I do know what is what.
Well, as far as I can see,
I make all the policy,
If I fail to shoot a grouse,
There will be a war on us.
To content the British guest
I shall do my double best,
Even at the cost of life
I'll procure some food-stuff.


The Tsar's word is as firm as wood: if he says: "go bear hunting", you will go bear hunting. What else can you do? You just have to! Fedot had covered the ground of a hundred of woods and bogs around. Alas, there was neither a partridge nor a grouse! He was all in, dog-tired, and it was almost night. He had nothing in the bag, yet it was time to go back. Suddenly, as if in a vision, he saw a bird, a little wood-pigeon. It didn't try to hide showing no sign of fright.

What affliction! What a shame!
There isn't any trace of game.
Pr"haps that"s the bird I have to shoot,
It's at least some kind of food!
They say pigeon meat is bad,
I should not agree with that,
When you have it with a sauce
It's like a grouse, or not worse.


Please, don't hurt me, dear Fedot,
It's quite worthless, is it not?
Just one bird is not enough
For a dish or pillow stuff.
Your foreigner might like to eat
Some kind of very special meat,
Whereas my meat's just enough
To make a wild cat laugh.

Is the goblin somewhere here?
Are these tricks of the evening air?
Is there anything the matter
With my eyes or with my ear?
Has the Tsar decreed
That pigeons
Should now speak
Like human beings?


Don't do wrong to me, Fedot,
Take me home, and you know what:
When you bring me to your chamber
I shall be your destined lot!
I shall sew and wash and cook,
Never give you a rebuke,
I shall keep the house clean,
And I'll play the violin!

What a story, what a gag!
All right, get into my bag,
When we get home I'll find out
What this trick is all about!

Fedot brought the bird to his room and sat there hanging his head, filled with gloom. He was really sad, and there was a reason for that. His game hunt hadn't come off, and it was no joke - the Tsar would chop off his head right off. So he sat in grief"taking his leave with the whole wide world. He remembered the vision of the little wood-pigeon. He looked up and, instead of the bird, he saw a young woman in the middle of the room, a maid full of splendour, so gracious, so slender!


Hello, Fedya, from now on
You and I will get along,
I'm Marusya, your good wife,
Or should I say, your better half.
Why are you silent? Have you got
A bone or something in your throat?
Maybe, you don't like my head-dress,
Or, maybe, you dislike my coat?

There is nothing I won't do
To admire you and be with you,
But I don't think that I can
Marry you and be your man.
See, this morning I was called
To the Tsar, and I was told
To get, you know' a sort of a grouse
'nd bring it to the Royal house.
Though it's not a hunting season
With the Tsar it's hard to reason,
Then I thought, all right, a grouse
Is not a bison, so it's easy.
I have tramped the woods all day
But was out of luck today:
There was not a single game bird,
Nothing good came in my way.
So there isn't any chance
That I go out for a dance,
When I see the Tsar tomorrow
He'll chop of"my head at once.
Without my head... , well, I don't think
That I'm good for anything,
For it's my mind that makes the meaning
And the essence of my being!

Now, don't worry, don't complain!
You will have the meals and game.
Stand before me, Frol and Tit,
Get immediately what we need!

(Marusya claps her hands, and two burly fellows appear in front of her.)

Do you hear what I say?
Go and do it without delay.

You don't have to doubt us,
We have done it many times!


Meanwhile the Tsar and the envoy are sitting at the table. Look, who's there to join them! Yes! It's the Nursemaid and the princess! All are waiting for the game Fedot promised to obtain. Now the table is empty - no meal. There are cabbages and dill, parsley, carrots, roots of beet, and that's all there's to it.
The guest looks bored; he sits dangling his foot and watching the holes on the table cloth. The Tsar is boiling hot, swearing and cursing Soldier Fedot. Suddenly, - oh my! - as if from the sky, there come a loaf"of bread and an apple pie, a bucket of caviar, stewed turkey, giblets, sturgeon soup, fishes and a thousand more of such-like dishes. With dainty like that, isn't it nice to have a chat?

I am interested in
Your technology of seedin':
Do your farmers skin the swedes
When they plant them in the fields?


I'm interested in
Your daily eating routine:
Do your people have their cocoa
With or without saccharine?


Then there's another thing
That I'm interested in:
Do your women wear knickers,
Sort of underwear I mean?


Are you crazy? Shame on you!
Think whom you are talking to!
Women is the subject you
Turn all conversations to!

Will you shut up, be so kind.
If you don't, I'll jail you, mind!
It's not an idle talk, you see?
It's my foreign policy!
Look, she's quite a big lass
But she is as thin as a lath!
So I'm thinking, if we can
Marry her to this here man.
To entice him we must act
Very cautiously, with tact,
Talking round, making hints,
Trying not to hurt his feelings.

Not even I - not for your life! -
Would really want to be his wife,
All he has in mind is try
And swallow something on the sly!
"Yes"is all he is repeating,
While he never ceases eating,
Close your eyes, and he'll devour
Hal"of Russia, at one sitting!


Keep your mouth shut, my dear,
Or I'll kick you out of here.
You have scared all the envoys,
All the aliens, as it were.
There was a Spanish grandee,
He was a fop! A real dandy!
Bedecked with diamonds, he made
A perfect party for our maid.
What you did you sat our friend
Down on a nail, "by accident".
Consequently the guest has
A strong bias against us.

I remember that Spaniard,
I recall he ate like mad,
He was so absorbed in eating
That he smudged his bow in fat.
No matter what you asked him he
Would keep parroting: "si, si"
While he would indulge in eating
Our herring ivashi!

Stop it now! Or you'll wind up
Rotting in a prison camp!
I'm quite serious!.. Don't think
That I 'm talking tongue in cheek.
The German baron that we knew
Was good from every point of view.
Yet you did your best to hurt him
And offend him, didn't you?
Wasn't it you who worked him up,
By putting a mouse in his cup?
You are a wicked, vicious woman,
A god damn treacherous thing, a vermin!

Well, your baron was quite good,
Good at eating our food,
Put him in a flock of ravens,
He will fight them like a brute!
Looking proud, talking big,
He's voracious like a pig.
He would even gobble hay
If he didn't have to pay!

You just wait, there's every reason
To deliver you to prison.
I'm not cruel, but I've no use
For you spies and evil doers!
Tell me, are there any ways
of marrying of"our princess?
Don't you know, there aren't many
Eligible men among her friends ?
If there were a legion around,
You could argue, there"s no doubt,
But there isn't, so we have to
Pick what there's to be found.

You're Russian Tsar, it'll be fair
If you mind your own affair,
How I live and whom I love
Are the matters of my care.
The house swarms with attaches,
There's a lot of them upstairs,
I can't bear any longer
The smell of their after-shaves.

Love is blind... If that is true,
You will love the envoy, too.
And along with that you'll set
My worsened foreign trade straight!
It will do to our good,
I shall sell of hemp and wood.
All the public give consent,
You're the only one who wouldn't!

You may frown and complain,
Yet I'll say it to you again,
As an individual I have
Rights for free marriage and free love.
Maybe, I would give consent
And get married in the end,
If it were Fedot the soldier
Who would offer me his hand.

Silly girl, you hold your tongue!
Don't you know where you belong?
Go and lock up in your room,
Learn your sol-fa, get along!
As for scoundrel Fedot,
The vicious rogue, I'll tell you what:
I shall whip him, drive him out
of the palace with a rod.


The Tsar had a General whose occupation was gathering information. Like a hunting hound, he would sniff around in search of a suspect in a city crowd. He would put down all he heard in town; and then, at exactly seven, he would come to the court to give his report.

General, you're feeling blue.
Is it quinsy or the flu?
Or you've drunk too much of beer,
Or you've lost at cards, have you?
Or your army is too small,
Or you do not want to serve at all,
Or you've found some defects
In a cannon tube or cannon ball?
Tell me openly, don't lie,
What is it that makes you sigh?
I should like to know in detail
When and where and what and why!

Well, I went to see Fedot
The other day, and you know what:
When I saw his charming wife
I fell down on the spot.
It's two days, upon my word,
That I haven't touched the sword,
There's nothing left for me but sigh,
I'm afraid, I'm going to die.
Yesterday, I will confess,
I made a sin: I wrote a verse,
The doc is scared for my brains,
It's a shock of love, he claims.

The soldier must be gotten rid of.
Didn't he know that I'm widowed?
I'll remind you of your duty:
Go and bring me now that beauty!
As for this insidious man
Wipe him out, if you can,
Grind him out so that he
Mightn't hang around here!

To kidnap her I've got wits,
But think of people in the streets,
When they learn it's your idea
They will tear you to bits.
People are quite bold today,
They will show their teeth, won't they?
You and I dislike the soldier
But they're all the other way!

Are you such a fool all days
Or is it just on Saturdays?
Must I tell my minister
Everything in every case?
To prevent the vicious tongues
You must act on legal grounds,
Or, in other words, just try
And do it... on the sly!
I for one give you my word:
You will have a good reward,
Our smiths have been assigned ,
To forge medal for you, mind!


Almost two days the General racked his brains brooding over the plan how to get rid of the soldier-man. But his brain had cracked under strain. He thought again and again but all was in vain. Then, on loose end, he remembered his old friend, Yaga the Bony Leg whom he could beg. "Gotta get 'er, she knows better". She was in the forest gathering herbs, making poisons. When she saw the friend of hers she lost all her plants and herbs. She felt lonely indeed in the wood without her kindred!..

You are not yourself"today,
Looking pale, struck with dismay.
Are the Turks approaching Moscow,
Or the Swedes stand in your way?
Have this aspen bark, a bit,
It will do you good indeed,
After all, it isn't nitric,
It's a gift of nature, isn't it?
The aspen juice, my General,
Has got a healthy mineral,
No General has died from it,
Just have a taste, and you'll be fit.

Lay off, woman, I'm not ill,
Let us step across the hill,
Scare away those hedgehogs, squirrels,
I must talk to you, it's serious!
There's a soldier, Fedot by name,
He thinks he's got too much brain,
I was told the other day
To put him out of the way.
How? By cutting of"his head?
There'll be a noise, I'm afraid.
Can you give me your advice
As to how to make him dead?

Magic, magic, you know what,
Three are here, yours are not,
Ace of diamonds, oaken coffin,
Tell me all about Fedot...
Well, if he's so prompt and smart
As to dare disregard
Our sovereign, let him get,
By tomorrow, a golden carpet.
It has got to have a grand
Map-like view of the whole land.
If he doesn't make so bold,
It will be his own fault.

What a woman! What a skill!
That's the end of my ordeal!
You could be a politician
And hold a minister's position!
With the foes we must take care,
There's always trouble in the air,
I would join you on a mission,
Take you with me anywhere.
I can pay you back, I think,
Marten, beaver - anything!
If you want, I'll give you coins,
Gold or silver - it's your choice.

Keep us without sin this day,
Better put your coins away,
I'm not doing it for money,
I enjoy it, so why pay?
Should you have some trouble again,
Come, don't treat me with disdain,
After all, I'm not a beast,
I will always soothe your pain.


Soldier Fedot is summoned to the court. The Tsar is as cross as two sticks, even before he speaks. He moves around, stamping the ground, rolling his eyes, in short, he tries to assume the air of threatening terror.

By tomorrow you must get
A carpet of a spun gold thread,
Try and do it for all you're worth,
It's a state affair, don't forget!
It has got to have a grand
Map-like view of the whole land.
'cause from my balcony I see
Nothing. Do you understand?
If you don't fulfil the task
And don't do as you are asked,
I shall have to hand you in
To the butcher in the mornin'!

FEDOT went home numbed with gloom. He sat down in the corner of the room, staring at the ceiling, his eyes tearing. Marusya offered him a snack but he put up his back; he wished nothing, just sat frowning and sobbing, looking black.

Tell me, why are you so angry?
Why don't you eat, you must be hungry.
Is the porridge overdone?
Or the meat is underdone?

Dash it! I don't feel like eating,
The Tsar's ferocity is killing!
The villain knows no justice, heck!
There's no keeping him in check!
He has ordered me to get
A carpet with an ornament
Which must be as big as Russia
With the lakes and woods on it!

Don't you worry, don't you sob!
Never mind the crazy snob!
Stand before me, Frol and Tit,
Get immediately what we need!

(Marusya claps her hands, and two burly fellows appear in front of her.)

Do you hear what I say?
Go and do it without delay!

You don't have to doubt us,
We have done it many times!

The next morning Fedot arrived at the court to show the Tsar the carpet he'd got. Out of surprise the Tsar choked with caviar. He was cross but he didn't want to show that he was. He pretended that he was as glad as could be!

I was told to get a carpet,
As you see, I've really got it,
Both the pattern and the colour
Are exactly as you wanted!
The whole of Russia is depicted
On the carpet. You may keep it.
It's my spouse's gift, brand new,
She has woven it for you!

You're a dodger through and through!
How m'ny maids are you married to?
You cannot be engaged to
An entire weaving mill, can you?
I know you have a wife, Fedot,
She's the only one you've got,
And to weave a thing like this
One has got to have a lot!

Is the carpet not so fine?
Or you don't like the design?
Then I'll put it on my shoulder,
That's the end, I draw the line!
Lest my efforts be in vain
I shall sell it to trades men,
And I do not care a damn
If it flows to Amsterdam!

I would be so glad to slash
You with a whip or with a lash,
So that you might never again
Play your jokes on serious men!
But I've always been upright,
And I'm fair, I'll give you right:
Here's a coin for you, buy vodka.
Now get out of my sight!


The Tsar calls the god damn General. The former looks terrible, his face like a beet-root, the sign of a bad mood, for when he is red, he 's a real threat! He will beat you once, never twice, and straight between the eyes! The General knows that from his own experience, he's been wearing a band ever since.

Well, my General, I imagine,
You have missed by a small margin,
But this margin will make up
Five years of a prison camp!
You're broad in shoulders all right,
But you've grown dull in mind,
There's a chance, at state expense,
To restore your mental health.

You may jail me any day
For any term, but I should say,
Prison as an object lesson
Will not help me anyway.
I would rather, sword in hand,
Fight for our dear land,
As for these petty intrigues
Count me out of such things!

Come, your honour, be a good chap,
Don't you get into a flap,
Think about how Fedot
Can be laid down without a sword.
If you fool about 'nd refuse,
Then don't look for an excuse;
I shall wipe your mug, you swine,
With this very fist of mine!


The General had no grounds to rub his hands: he couldn't smash Fedot at one dash. Again the poor man's brain had cracked under strain. There wasn't a single thought in his thinking pot! He thought again and again but all was in vain. This way or another, he knew: without Yaga he couldn't do. Again he made his way to the wood where he thought he would find a bridle on Fedot.

Why are you so glum again?
What's the reason, who's to blame?
Are the Spaniards too pugnacious?
Do the French lay any claim?
Here's a mould drink I have made,
Take a gulp, don't be afraid.
It will help you to forget
All the cares of life, I bet!
Though it"s out of the way,
It will cool you anyway,
You'll be healthy by tomorrow
If you do not die today!

It's the soldier-man again,
He has caused me so much pain!
That's the reason why I'm ailing,
And I'm suffering from strain.
The bloody scoundrel's so clever!
He has fooled me! Well I never!
All your magic was in vain,
He got the carpet all the same!
Though he doesn't seem so bright,
He has got a keen mind!
Next time, when you do your magic,
Try to do it damn right!

Magic, magic, you know what,
Three are here, yours are not,
Ace of diamonds, oaken coffin,
Tell me all about Fedot!...
Ah-a, mm-mm... To my calls
I've got the following response:
Let him search and find a deer
With the branch of golden horns.
There's nowhere in the world
Such a deer, take my word!
I can tell you that for sure
As a naturalist, my lord!


The Tsar called the daring fellow to the court. Hardly had Fedot brushed the sweat off his mush, when the Tsar got a new thought. The Tsar's head whirled with ideas while Fedot had to sweat head over ears. In short, Fedot's life was all rot!


Shake of idleness! Today
You'll have to get under way,
I'm in a desperate need of a deer,
It's a state mission, I must say.
If you're a loyal man,
You will do the best you can,
Go across the hills and swamps,
Find a deer with golden horns.
Don't talk back, and do not scold,
Go and do as you are told,
Or you'll get to know right off
How your head can be cut off!

FEDOT came home, in beastly form. He sat down by the window, snivelling, his sight dim. His charming wife clung to him, but he didn't touch the one he loved so much. He just sat shedding tears, suffering from grief, that is.


Tell me, why are you looking blue?
Does anything worry you?
Has the soup too little salt?
Has the beefsteak any fault?

Dash! To eat I'm not willing,
It's the Tsar again. The villain!
He will call me to account
For the task that he has given.
He's s more ruthless than a foe!
He has ordered me to go
And find a deer, and he wants
A deer with golden horns!


There's no reason to be sad,
Things are not as bad as that.
Stand before me, Frol and Tit,
Get immediately what we need!

(Marusya claps her hands, and two burly fellows appear in front of her.)

Do you hear what I say?
Go and do it without delay!

You don't have to doubt us,
We have done it many times!

At day-break Fedot brought the deer to the court. Out of fury and spite the Tsar got a stitch in the side. He would crush the swine but he gave no sign. He sat yawning, pretending languor, hiding his anger!

You've been waiting for it, right?
Well, I've got it, look outside!
Did you order me a deer?
There you are! You can take pride!
The deer's horns, for you to know,
Give out a brilliant sparkling glow,
It's as bright as broad daylight,
So you'll need no lamp at night.

No such deer can be found
In these places, nor around!
There are three of them or so
In Baghdad, for all I know.
Now, you soldier, figure out
Where is Moscow and where's Baghdad,
Could you possibly have travelled
To Baghdad in just one night?

Damn! You're really being funny!
The deer isn't so fine, eh?
Didn't you tell me yesterday
To get one for love or money?
If you are as rich as that,
I'll return it to Baghdad.
Who's the ruler there now?
The chap will really be glad!

Lay off, Fedya, and don't fret,
Or you will lay down your head!
I know what you're driving at,
I see through you, remember that!
Anyhow, to save your face
I'll excuse you in this case,
Here's a coin for you, buy vodka.
Now get out of this place!

The Tsar ordered to get the General straight from bed. Seized with panic, all at once, the General reached for his underpants; he wasn't at all pleased knowing it wasn't a feast. The Tsar was sitting in his throne, angry with all and everyone. He was raving, looking black as a churchyard raven.

You have done your best, old chap,
Yet Fedot escaped the trap,
Here's the official notice
of your death I have made up.
First, however, I must think
How to kill you best, you pig,
Shall I strangle you with a pillow,
Or just strike with a candlestick?


I have come to grief, my lord,
You may hit me, here's the sword,
I just want to tell you: don't
Bother me with this Fedot!
I'm a fool, but judge me not ,
I'm a man of a different sort,
I would rather go to combat
Or take part in an assault.


You are brave when sword in hand,
But you've got to understand,
You must overcome the soldier
Using wisdom, and - unarmed!
If you do all anyhow,
As you've done it up to now,
I shall bring you to the scaffold,
Under axe, you scarecrow.

The fool tried to think again though he didn't have much brain. He thought again and again but all was in vain. He whistled up his dogs, and of"he went to see Yaga in the bogs. On seeing the General she fled as far as the Urals, but then, to be on the safe side, she changed her mind and returned to her place, just in case!

You are suffering from nerves,
There's a pimple on your nose,
It's the politics that tells
On your spirit and your health.
Take this pill of rabbit's dung,
It's been really well done!
It's much healthier than honey
Though it doesn't taste so fine.
And although it isn't sweet,
And some people die from it,
Those who manage to survive
Live a long and healthy life!

It's all rubbish what you say,
You had better find a way
And tell me how the soldier-man
Can be put out of the way.
Though you really tried hard
All your tricks have fallen flat!
Don't pretend you're hard of hearing,
I just don't believe in that!
You should pull your wits together,
Try and use your magic better,
For we must admit: Fedot
Isn't so brainless as we thought!


Generally, I'm sly and shrewd,
Or, should I say, I'm quite crooked,
But today my luck is out,
I can't make my magic good!
All these days I've been in pain,
Burning inside, all aflame,
I've been suffering of late
From inflammation of the brain!
Oh my back! I'm feeling stiff!
I think I need some relief!
Therefore, such being the case,
Leave me alone, I'm on sick leave!


You are ill. Well, never min'
Eat a frog, and you'll be fine.
Mother nature, as I heard,
's the best healer in the world!
You don't even think about
Cheating me an' fooling around!
You are wicked, so don't shirk,
Turn your wickedness to work!
If you don't do as you're told
I shall draw out my sword!
Though you're a friend of mine
I shall make you toe the line!


Magic, magic, tell me what,
Three are here, yours are not,
Ace of diamonds, oaken coffin,
Tell me all about Fedot!..
Let the soldier show his skill,
Let him get something unreal,
Something That Cannot Be Found,
In This World, Nor Underground!
Now, Fedot, you're in for it!
The idea is just brilliant!
You will never carry out
Such a task! On no account!

Soldier Fedot is summoned to the court. Again it's a task of state significance. There seems to be no end to Fedot's torment! Meanwhile, this is by far not the resolution of the plot!

Do your utmost and get me
Something That Cannot Be!
Write it down for it might
Somehow get out of your mind!
I shall tell you my condition:
If you don't fulfil the mission,
I shall tear you to ribbons
For I hate your disposition!
Cheer up, get under way!
You must do it without delay ,
It's a matter of state importance,
D" you understand what I say?

FEDOT came home filled with deathly gloom. Marusya dashed to him in affection, but he paid no attention. With death penalty in store, it was natural that he should feel low.

Will you get it of"your chest?
Tell me, why are you depressed?
Has the salad a la Milan got

No truffles in it, or what?

No, Marie, I love your food,
It's extraordinarily good!
I'm just worried that my life
Has been ruined to the root!
What am I supposed to do?
Who can help me, maybe you?
This time the Tsar ordered me
To get Something That Can't Be!

There's no use to worry at all,
All I have to do is call:
Stand before me, Frol and Tit,
Get immediately what we need!

(Marusya claps her hands, and two burly fellows appear in front of her.)

Do you hear what I say?
Go and do it without delay!

(A short silence.)

Sorry, mistress, we resign
For it's out of our line.
If we had a sketch or drawing,
We could work it out fine!
There's no use to search like this,
We won't venture, don't insist,
Where is it, something unreal ,
Something that does not exist?
There's no use to scout around
For the thing that can't be found!

Darling, don't be hard on me,
I can't help it, as you see,
Nothing doing, you will have
To search for it yourself, my love!
When abroad don't make a sin,
Keep your mind and body clean,
Do not enter conversations,
And don't strike up an acquaintance!
Take care, dear, don't go astray,
Keep from empty troubles away,
Eat sour cream and cottage cheese.
Think about your health, that is.

You don't need to have a fright,
Everything will be all right,
I shall carry the task out
And return home safe and sound!
Don't lose heart while I'm away,
Water flowers every day,
There's a tambour, a balalaika,
You can do the needlework or play.
Should somebody bother you,
You know well what you can do,
I don't have to teach you, dear,
The frying pan is over here!

Soldier Fedot had left abroad. When the General learnt that he went totally mad. He rushed to the court to report that it was the end of Soldier Fedot. The god damn General had even made a hole in his coat for the medal he hadn't yet got!

Tell me good or bad news,
It must be the bare truth,
Which I know is never nice,
Yet it's better than sweet lies!
However, if the news you've got
Is something like I don't know what,
I can tell you, you'll be jailed
For ten years, you mark my word!

Your majesty, let me report:
At break of day Soldier Fedot
Set of"on a mission voyage,
We've got rid of him, thank God!
May the scoundrel rove the seas,
A good lesson to him it is!
You and I are now secure
From seeing his ugly face, for sure!

Nurse, hey, Nurse, will you come here?
There's some work for you , my dear,
I've got hairs that are grey,
Will you tear them away?
As for those that aren't grey
Shape them in a proper way,
Take it easy with the brush,
I've got hair there, not hay!

What's there to brush, you dry old stick?
Your hair is not that thick ,
Every hair that you have
Must be registered, I think!
Tell me, why d'you need a wife
Now that you have lived your life?
I can tell you: as a man,
Sorry... you aren't worth a damn!


Well, although my hair is grey,
I must marry anyway.
The shah of Persia's just as bold,
He's got forty wives, they say!
As for me I want a wife,
Only one, not three or five.
Do you think I cannot make it,
In the sense of intimate life?


The shah has obviously got
Might and strength while you have not!
You're so small, you gnat, that one
Cannot see you under the crown!
At your age you're not so strong
As you were when you were young.
Think about your health, you're over
A hundred , if I'm not wrong.

I'm over a hundred, well, so what?
I feel young, my blood is hot!
After all, it is well known
That all ages are love-prone!
So whatever you might think,
I'm fit for such a thing,
I'm liable to love
Like any other human being!

You're one of those, my friend,
That do not have ill intent,
That may give an awful fright,
Like a grass-snake, but don't bite!
To kidnap somebody's wife
One has got to be in love,
Whereas you must play it safe
Trying to escape the grave.


(to General)
Why are you silent, General,
Rattling your decoration metal?
Don't you see the way the nurse
Lays the state under a curse?
While the nurse is damning me
The minister sits silently,
Your first care is defence,
So repel the enemy!


Let her grumble, I don't mind,
Women never judge men right!
As for you, you needn't doubt,
You're a lover of a perfect kind!
Your profile inspires pride,
You're shah of Persia from behind!
Move your crown up a little,
Just to make a better sight!

(to Nursemaid)
Look, he's not an enemy,
He has told the truth to me,
After all, he's not so stupid,
However foolish he may be!
As for you, you only try
To make trouble and defy
Your superiors. I wonder:
Are you not a foreign spy?
If you tail on me, you rat,
I shall see about that!
You just wait a day or two,
I shall have high words with you!

The Tsar is on the way to Marusya's with the intention to show her attention. He sits in the coach alone stinking of eau-de-Cologne, followed by a suite, all powdered and curled up, looking neat! They are followed by carts loaded with boxes of sweets and nuts. All is right: the Tsar is going to see the bride!

I gave orders that Fedot
Should urgently go abroad,
He is gone and lost for you,
I've got rid of him, in short!
To avoid a lonely life
Marry me and be my wife!
Why not? I'm a man of note,
And I'm sensitive to love!

No sooner had Fedot
Taken the road
Than the ravens flew in
To his garden plot!

Don't be silly, do as I say,
Take what I lay in your way!
Widowed Tsars don't come to see you
In your house every day!
Come along now! I insist!
I shall lead you to the priest.
If you're dumbfounded with delight,
Sniff"ammonia, you'll be all right!

Your Majesty, you'd better chase,
Court and marry someone else,
Me, I'll wait for my Fedot,
Watch the calendar, 'nd count the days.

Don't believe in rumours, lass,
The soldier won't return, alas!
He's somewhere in Beirut
Eating some sort of fruit!
Just try to see it my way,
You're at home while he's away!
He is gone and lost for ever,
Sure as fate, he's had his day!

You may beat me with a rod!
You may smash me with a sword!
Yet I'll never be your wife!
Not even to save my life!

Now, Marusya, don't make me cross!
Don't let's quarrel just for once!
I should say, the other day
I got a guillotine from France!
Thus I think you will agree:
You had better marry me,
After all, I'm only human,
Not an iron man, you see?


Leave the house, you wicked man,
And give up your crazy plan!
If you don't get out now,
I shall help you, with a pan!


Hey you, there in the doorway!
Come and chain her right away!
Throwing pans at Tsars! What's that?
Is it a new trend today ?
You will spend some time in prison
Which will bring you, lass, to reason,
There's no use in holding out,
We'll get married by next season!


You'll have to sweat like a bull
To catch hold of me, you fool,
Farewell, old man, you may,
See me around again some day!

(Marusya turns into a pigeon and flies away.)

For nearly a year Fedot had travelled God knows where. He was getting anxious: time pressed urging him for actions. Without being hysterical he decided to go to America. Now Fedot sails across the boundless waves, with the sunset ahead and the sunrise behind. When he was halfway through, bad weather came out of the blue. There had been no trouble so far, and suddenly - there you are!
The ship - Holy Jesus! - in no time broke into pieces!
When the sea calmed down Fedot came round: he was lying on a wave, quite safe. Looking around he saw an island. He swam to the shore, it was America, he was sure! He took out a map to check it up. To his disappointment it wasn't the American continent! The Rogue Island! What a plight! Maybe, the map wasn't quite right? He sat in frustration hiccupping and brooding over the situation.

To indulge the Tsar's caprice
I've been often overseas,
Frankly speaking, I have never
Seen a place as bad as this!
What an island! Such a bore!
Sand and stones, and nothing more,
As far as the eyes can see,
Not a single wood on shore!
Though it wouldn't be so bad
If there were food to be had,
If I had at least goose-foot,
I would be content with that !

If somebody wants to eat,
Welcome here, take a seat:
I've got heaps of foodstuffs"here,
There's a whole lot of it!
Here's, for instance, a bread loaf,
Have a taste, it's straight from stove!
Here's cherry-plum compote,
Here's turkey from the pot!
Here's sausage, here's cheese,
Here's caviar, if you please,
Here is sturgeon from the Don,
Here are Caribbean shrimps...

(There come tables with food )

What sort of miracles are these?
I want to know whose voice it is!
There's no hiding place around,
Just the ocean - and no trees!
Master, come into my view,
Show me what you're like, will you?
For a guest to dine alone
Isn't a proper thing to do!
Don't you think, it would be better
If we killed the time together?
We could play cards a while, then
Have a drink and play again!

Well, I would, but my appearance
Seems to be a bit mysterious,
Sometimes I have a puzzling thought:
Do I really exist or not?
I've got troubles, I can't help it,
I've got food but I can't eat!
There's tobacco, I can't sniff it,
There's a bench but I can't sit.
It has been a thousand years,
I'm sick and tired of all this!
I can't hang myself", for heaven's sake
For I haven't got a neck!

What an encounter! Oh Lord!
I have found you! My word!
Something That Cannot Be Found,
Nowhere In The Whole World!
Why should you get on like that,
Idling about, feeling bad?
Maybe, you and I should better
Sail to the Russian Tsar together?
I think a trip will do you good,
You will get to know the world,
Life without an adventure
Is not life, upon my word!

I'm all for it for I expect
It's a bright and useful prospect,
I can make myself"at home
Even in a wild bee swarm!
If you want me to, I can
Go and be a quarryman,
I shall sweat like mad for free,
And you don't have to feed me!
I'm jack of all trades,
I can go through any gates,
I shall get whatever you choose,
Even a louse wearing shoes!

Well, what shall I say to that?
of course a louse isn't bad,
But it isn't what we need,
We can't travel far on it!
If you're intelligent enough,
If you're smart and know your stuff,
You had better get some craft,
Something like a boat or raft!
Tomorrow at the break of day
We must be on our way,
They must be worn out of waiting
For us in Russia, I should say!

The Tsar is not wasting time. He's receiving the envoy of a savage tribe. London and Paris have left him no chance, so the Tsar got envoys of lower ranks. Like an errand boy, the Tsar is dancing attendance on the envoy. "Here's my daughter, lad, you'll marry her, and that's that!" It was obvious, things were getting from bad to worse. Yet the Tsar was not worried. If only his daughter could get married.

Good afternoon! How are you? We are
Very glad to see you here.
Very good! Salam aleikum!
Buenos sera! You are welcome!
Where are you from? How old are you?
Are you married? Do you intend to?
Would you like to tell our freulein,
Tete-a- tete, a word or two?

You're discussing policy
With a savage, can't you see?
It's just three days since the envoy
Has come down the palm-tree!
If he wore a cap or something,
It wouldn't be embarrassing,
Look at him, the queer one
Has got nothing but beads on!

You're a spy, and it's a fact!
You're talking through your hat!
You have damaged my relations
With all friendly foreign nations!
I wait for visitors for years,
And they're turned out by the nurse!
After all, I must find someone
Who would marry our princess!


Look at his face, his ugly ears,
And the nose-ring that he wears!
Look, his skin is speckled, too,
Like the egg of a cuckoo!
Frankly speaking, even I
Wouldn't sleep with him. Oh my!
How can you give the girl in marriage
To such an ugly man, a savage!


When there isn't any chance
One's content with what one has!
With regards to looks the princess
Is far from being a bunch of sweetness!
She"s got to marry any man,
A hunchbacked or a speckled one
Because even speckled ones
Do not come in flocks to us!


You know he comes from wilderness!
Look what he's eating! My goodness!
Remember that topaz vase?
He's devoured it! Bless my stars!
The rascal doesn't ask us for
Anything like mushrooms or salmon, no!
He eats whatever meets his eye,
From chinaware to nails. Oh my!

Let it be. He is our guest.
Bring whatever he'll request!
We have no shortage of nails,
Chinaware nor anything else!
If he doesn't like fish,
Let him eat what he may wish!
You just see if he will bite
At pyrites and apatite.

For a "thank you"they will eat
Anything, even poisoned meat!
The man may be quite innocent,
Yet we must keep an eye on it:
When you offer him some eats
Tell him he must know the limits!
For he may eat up his bride
In the heat of appetite!


To go out with such a brute?
I should be damned, if I could!
He is not much to look at
And a cannibal at that!
Even if this ugly creature
Offered me his countless riches,
He would not arouse in me
Any reciprocity!


You just call the envoy out,
Have a chat, and walk around!
You'll get used to him, and then
You may love him in the end!
Should the queer troglodyte
Take a fancy to your sight,
He will surely lose for ever
His cannibal's appetite!

More than a year had passed, Fedot returned home at last. But what a despair! The house was not there! All he found were ruins and nettle growing around. And beneath the heaves, among rafts and beams, he saw a bird, alive and unhurt.

Come on, honey, be so good,
Lay the table, bring some food,
Will you give me one of those
Nicely baked loaves of yours!
Give me your delicious shchi,
Make it rich and thick for me,
I've become as thin as a rod
Eating rabbit food abroad.
There is not a soul around ,
Just the wind, and not a sound ,
Is there anything the matter?
I just cannot make it out!

(The pigeon turns into Marusya.)

Welcome, honey, what went wrong?
You have travelled far too long,
You must have forgotten me,
It's a year since you've been gone!
There must be a whole lot
of entertainment abroad,
And you must have taken fancy
of some pretty-pretty lassie!


Henriettes and Josephines,
I've seen plenty overseas,
But I haven't seen a beauty
Such as you among those queens.
I have travelled rather long
And I haven't gone wrong,
I have found in the end
Something to the Tsar's content!


Honey, had you known before
Whom you were sweating for,
I can tell you, you'd have never
Ever stepped out of your door!
When you left, the shameless man
Had a try to win my hand,
Urging me to come to reason
And be his spouse by next season.


Did he really? What a bastard!
How can such a man be trusted?
How can I struggle for his honour
And be loyal to my master?
Anyhow, I'll make him hot,
I shall tell him what is what!
And I'll show what I can do:
Paint him all o'er black and blue!
He wouldn"t dare! The way he mocks
And makes fools of Russian folks!
I'll take care of him somehow,
I've got nothing to lose now!

FEDOT got angry indeed; he appealed to men in the street; his neighbours decided to help him; Frol took a beam, Ignat took a bat, Max took an axe, Ustin took a bar, and of they went to have it out with the Tsar. The god damn General came stealthily out, his eyes flashed as he looked round, then he rushed to the court to give his report.

There's... what is it?.. a crowd
of people on the palace grounds!
So it's obvious: things are taking
A social turn, if I'm not mistaken!
It's Fedot who is to blame,
He is playing a deep game,
Setting people against you,
Urging them to stage a coup!

What about you, my lord?
You've got such a sharp sword,
Don't I keep you by my side
To protect my peace and quiet?
Some day, when two Sundays meet,
You'll get a medal, I promise it.
All you must do is prevent
The overthrow of my government!


A lot I care for a medal!
I've got heaps of them already!
When I have them all on me
I look like a Christmas tree!
And I don't see any sense
To come out in your defence,
You have made your own bed,
So you lie on it, my friend!


The stupid rat! How dared he talk like that! The Tsar was cross, yet he let it pass for those were not the days to hit a man in the face. He went downstairs and made a strict face. He looked over the square: the whole of Russia seemed to be there!

What the hell, explain to me,
Does this all suppose to mean?
We are not a France of a sort
Where people sow discord!
Who is willing to Siberia?
One by one, come out here!
Staying there in a prison
Will quickly bring you all to reason!


As for reason, we are not blind,
We all have a lucid mind
And distinguish, thanks to God,
Rubbish from forget-me-not!
Tell me, why did you send me of"
To a place no one knows of?
Is it not because you wanted
To get married to my wife?


How did this idea get
Into your goddamn villain's head?
Throwing dirt at honest people
That's what I call what you said!
Does it befit a man like me
To court your wife? How can it be?
There's no use, as I can see,
To send you out across the sea!

Now calm down, your majesty,
We're not here for a cup of tea,
If you quarrel, you big bug,
I shall smash you in the mug!
Your notorious malice spreads
As far as Che-re-po-vets!
In my person, ill-intentioned,
You have spat upon the nation!

Calm down, Fedya, don't be mean,
My people are my kith and kin,
Without thinking of them, I should say,
I can't live a single day!
When I eat my butter and bread
Thoughts of the people enter my head,
Both the caviar and compote
Stick like crazy in my throat!
Late at night I'm awake
Sitting up until daybreak,
Thinking about my poor Russia:
"How is it, for goodness sake?"
It's the General's dirty tricks,
He engages in intrigues,
And he's the only one to blame
For defaming my good name!
Find him now! He's over there!
I am going to curl his hair!
I shall tear of"his medal,
Smash his face and call it square!

No, no, brothers, it's not true!
I have lost my eye for you!
You're my people, can I ever
Be against you? Well, I never!
I have failed and fallen flat,
I'm sorry, it's too bad .
I don't know, I can't, I won't ,
I've nothing to do with that!
I'll atone for it, I will
Go through prison... any ordeal!
I do not belong to those
Who oppress you, I suppose.
You should blame Yaga for this,
She's the worst of enemies,
Even dragon Gorynytch
Cannot rival our witch!
Come out, you old wicked mouse,
Stand before the people's eyes,
I can't keep from hitting you,
With the sabre, once or twice!

I'm a folklore element,
I have got a document!
I can fly away from here
Any time, at any moment!
For a hot or stormy day
People blame me anyway,
Though I'm harmless. You know, I
Wouldn't even hurt a fly.
Sorry, I have gone astray,
It just happened that way,
Don't be strict to me, I'm only
A child of nature, so to say!
If it comes to that, blame these
Two of my accomplices.
Though I look an evil doer,
Compar'd wi' them, I'm pure!

You're all so shrewd, you folk,
I'm in a state of shock!
You blame one another while
Each of you is equally vile!
Though we Russians feel contempt
For severe punishment,
Yet I'll have to try you, friends,
For a criminal offence.


Please, Fedot, be merciful!
I'm a downright scoundrel!
Exile me to Cherepovets,
Or Voronezh, or Yelets!
Only not to Magadan -
I am too old a man,
I'm afraid, I shall run down
Before I get to that town!


I acknowledge all my guilt
And the gravity of it,
I should ask you, let me go
And fight in a current war.
If there's no war, I'll accept
Prison, exile - all, except
That I wish it were near
The Black Sea, in the Crimea!

We shall put you in a barrel,
Throw you in the sea to travel.
It's not a travel first class,
So don't expect a ship from us.
May the ocean take you round,
Get you to the RogueIsland,
I will give you my accordion,
So that you might not grow wild.
I'm sorry, I must say,
The accordion doesn't play,
However, as a sign of culture,
You will need it anyway .
Now, my fellow countrymen,
Keep your chins up if you can,
After all, we are not here
For a funeral, are we?
We will not shed tears for once
For it's time to eat and dance,
Come out, stand in front of me,
Something That Cannot Be!


It is a long time that I
Have been standing nearby ,
Waiting for you to wind up,
Not daring to interrupt!

Will you treat us all to these
Lavish things from overseas?
People may have never tasted
Such superb delicacies!
Bring us all that you can get,
Marmalade and chocolate
Finnish bacon, sausage, ham,
Smoked meat from Amsterdam!
Get that Swiss cheese wrapped in rolls,
I mean the one that's full of holes.
We shall keep it, just in case,
Specially for gourmets.
And if somebody wants a drink,
Home-brew, wine or anything,
He may have a glass or two,
There's something to drink to!


I was there and I ate caviar. Filat ate a salad, Prof ate pilaff, Ustin ate galantine. As for Soldier Fedot he had a cucumber with salt. There were cakes and ale! And that's the end of the fairy tale. You may think the tale is bad, well, the storyteller is to blame for that! I wish I could catch the fool and give him his gruel, but it's against the rule for the teller is a fool, and our people are not used to censure fools!

The End]]>
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Hateful Eight (HD)(8)- $5
A Haunted House (HD)(11)- $4 --- (iTunes)(12)- $2
A Haunted House 2 (HD- $5 --- (iTunes)- $2.50
Haunting in Connecticut 2 (SD)(2)- $3 --- (HD)- $5
The Heat (HD)(4)- $5
Heaven is For Real (SD)(6)- $3 --- (HD)(3)- $5
Heist (SD)(2)- $3 --- (HD)- $5
Hell or High Water (SD)- $3
Hercules (animated)(HD)- $10
Hercules (HD)(8)- $3
Here Comes the Boom (SD)(6)- $3 --- (HD)(4)- $5
Hidden Figures (HD)(5)- $5
Hit and Run (HD)(3)- $5
The Hobbit: Unexpected Journey (SD)(8)- $3 --- (HD)(8)- $4
The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug (SD)(13)- $2.50
The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug Extended Edition(SD)- $4
The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies (SD)(6)- $3
Home (HD)(7)- $5
Homefront (HD)(4)- $5
The Homesman (SD)(4)- $3
Honey 2 (HD)(2)- $5
Hop (HD)- $5
Hope Springs (SD)(5)- $3
Horrible Bosses (9)- $3
Horrible Bosses 2 (SD)(3)- $3
Horton Hears a Who! (HD)- $5
Hot Tub Time Machine 2 (iTunes)- $2.50
Hotel Transylvania (SD)- $3
Hotel Transylvania 2 (SD)(2)- $3 --- (HD)(2)- $5
Hours (SD)(8)- $3 --- (HD)- $5
House at the End of the Street (iTunes XML)(2)- $2.50
House Party: Tonight's the Night (HD)- $5
Housekeeping (SD)- $3
How the Grinch Stole Christmas (HD)- $5
How To Be Single (HD)(2)- $5
How to Train Your Dragon 2 (HD)- $6
Hugo (SD)(2)- $3 --- (HD)(6)- $5
Hunger Games (SD)(24)- $2 --- (HD)(22)- $3
Hunger Games: Catching Fire (SD)(17)- $2 -- (HD)(8)- $3 --- (iTunes)(9)- $2.50
Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 (SD)(12)- $2 -- (HD)(14)- $3.50 --- (iTunes)(13)- $2.50
Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 (SD)(12)- $2 -- (HD)- $4
Huntsman: Winter's War (Extended)(HD)(3)- $5
I Am Ali (HD)(2)- $5
I Am Wrath (SD)- $3 --- (HD)- $5
I, Frankenstein (SD)(10)- $3 --- (HD)(3)- $4
Ice Age (HD)(5)- $5
Ice Age: Continental Drift (HD)(2)- $5
Ice Age: Collision Course (HD)(4)- $5
Identity Thief (HD)(3)- $5
Ides of March (SD)- $3
Imitation Game (HD)- $5
The Impossible (HD)- $5
In Time (HD)(2)- $5
Incredible Burt Wonderstone (SD)(11)- $3 --- (HD)(4)- $5
Independence Day: Resurgence (HD)(15)- $3
Indignation (SD)(2)- $3
Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete (SD)- $3
Inferno (HD)- $5
Inside Out (HD)(3)- $6
Insidious Chapter 2 (SD)(6)- $3 --- (HD)- $5
Insidious Chapter 3 (SD)(6)- $3 --(HD)(3)- $5
The Intern (HD)(4)- $5
The Internship (HD)(3)- $5 --- (Google Play)(2)- $3
The Interview (SD)(9)- $2.50 --- (HD)(5)- $4
Into the Forrest (SD)- $3
Into the Storm (SD)(7)- $3 --- (HD)(4)- $5
Into the Woods (HD)- $7
Iron Man 3 (Full Code)(SD)(5)- $5
It Follows (HD)(4)- $5
J. Edgar (7)- $3
Jack the Giant Slayer (HD)(11)- $3
Jack Reacher/ Days of Thunder Double Pack (SD)- $6
Jack Reacher: Never Go Back (HD)(5)- $5
Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (HD)(6)- $5
Jason Bourne (HD)(5)- $5
Jaws (HD)(3)- $5 --- (iTunes)(2)- $2.50
Jeff Who Lives at Home (SD)- $3
Jersey Boys (SD)(6)- $3
Jessabelle (SD)(3)- $3
Joe (SD)(5)- $2.50 --- (HD)- $5
Joe Dirt 2 (Extended Edition)(SD)(9)- $3
John Wick (SD)(8)- $3 --- (HD)(2)- $5
Johnny English (HD)(3)- $5 --- (iTunes)(3)- $2.50
Jonas Brothers: Concert Experience (SD)- $3.50 --- (HD)- $5
Journey 2: Mysterious Island (SD)(15)- $2.50 --- (HD)(4)- $5
Joy Ride 3 (HD)(2)- $5
Joyful Noise (HD)(12)- $3.50
The Judge (SD)(2)- $3 --- (HD)- $5
Judge Archer (SD)- $3
Jungle Book (animated)(HD)- $25
Jungle Book (Live Action)(HD)(3)- $8
Jupitor Ascending (SD)(3)- $3 --- (HD)(5)- $5
Jurassic Park (HD)(9)- $5
Jurassic World (HD)(18)- $2
Justice- $4
Justin Bieber: Believe (HD)(2)- $4
Keanu (HD)- $5
Keeping Up With the Joneses (HD)(2)- $5
Killer Elite (HD)(2)- $5
Killing Me Softly (SD)(4)- $3 --- (HD)(3)- $5
King Kong (HD)- $5
Kingsman: The Secret Service- $4
Kingsman: The Golden Circle (iTunes)- $3
Knock Knock (SD)(10)- $2.50
Knocked Up (HD)(2)- $5
Krampus (HD)- $5
Kung Fu Panda 2 (HD)- $6
Kung Fu Panda 3 (HD)- $5
Labor Day (HD)- $5 --- (iTunes)- $2.50
Last Exorcism: Part II (SD)- $3
Last Knights (SD)(4)- $3
Last Stand, The (SD)(11)- $2.50 --- (HD)(8)- $5
Last Vegas (SD)(5)- $3 --- (HD)- $5
Last Witch Hunter (SD)(6)- $3 --- (HD)(6)- $5
Legend of Guardians (HD)(3)- $5
Legend of Hercules (SD)(3)- $3 --- (HD)(3)- $5
Legend of Tarzan (HD)(3)- $5
Lego Batman Movie (HD)- $6
Lego Movie (SD)(2)- $3 --- (HD)- $6
Leprechaun: Origins (SD)(5)- $3 --- (HD)(2)- $5
Les Miserables (iTunes)- $2.50
Let's Be Cops (HD)(2)- $5
Letters (HD)- $5
Let's Be Cops (HD)(3)- $5
The Levenger Tapes (SD)- $3
Life of Crime (SD)(2)- $3 -- (HD)(3)- $5
Life of Pi (SD)(3)- $3
Light's Out (HD)- $5
The Lincoln Lawyer (HD)- $5
Little Boy (HD)- $5
Little Fockers (SD)(2)- $3
Little House on the Prairie: Season 1 (SD)(3)- $6
Little House on the Prairie: Season 3 (SD)- $6
Little House on the Prairie: Season 4 (SD)- $6
Little House on the Prairie: Season 5 (SD)- $6
Little House on the Prairie: Season 8 (SD)(2)- $6
Little House on the Prairie: Season 9 (SD)- $6
LockOut: Unrated (SD)(10)- $3 --- (HD)(3)- $5
Locker 13 (SD)(2)- $3
The Loft (HD)- $5
Logan (HD)(4)- $5
London Has Fallen (HD)- $5
Lone Ranger (HD)- $6
Lone Survivor (HD)(7)- $5
The Longest Ride (HD)(9)- $3.50
Looper (?)(11)- $2.50
The Lorax (HD)- $5 --(iTunes)- $3
Lords of Salem (SD)(2)- $3
Love & Mercy (SD)(2)- $3
Love the Coopers (SD)(2)- $3 --- (HD)(3)- $5
The Lucky One (11)- $3
Lucy (HD)(3)- $5
Mad Max: Fury Road (HD)(8)- $4
Mad Men: Final Season, Part 1 (HD)- $6
Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted (HD)(3)- $5
Madea's Christmas (HD)- $5
Madea's Neighbors From Hell (SD)- $3
Madea's Witness Protection (SD)(4)- $3 --- (HD)- $5
Maggie (SD)(13)- $2.50 --- (HD)(2)- $5
Magic Mike (SD)(18)- $2 ---- (HD)- $5
Magic Mike XXL (HD)(2)- $5
Magnificant Seven (HD)(3)- $5
Malificant (HD)(4)- $5
Mama (HD)(2)- $5
Man From U.N.C.L.E. (HD)- $5
Man of Steel (SD)(8)- $2.50 --- (HD)(8)- $3.50
Man With the Iron Fists (HD)(11)- $3.50 --- (iTunes)(3)- $2.50
Manchester By the Sea (HD)- $5
Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom (HD)- $5
Marauders (SD)(3)- $3 --- (HD)- $5
The Martian: Extended Edition (HD)(2)- $5
The Master (iTunes)- $3
The Maze Runner (SD)- $3
Maze Runner 1 & 2 Double Pack (SD)- $6
Mechanic: Resurrection (SD)(3)- $3 --- (HD)- $5
Meet the Blacks (SD)- $3
Melissa McCarthy 2-Pack (The Heat/ Spy)(SD)- $5
Men in Black 3 (SD)(11)- $2 --- (HD)(5)- $4
Mercury Plains (SD)- $3
Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life (HD)- $5
Midnight Special (HD)- $5
Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates (HD)(4)- $5
Million Dollar Arm (HD)- $7
Minions (HD)(9)- $4.50
Miss Peragrine's Home for Peculiar Children (HD)(2)- $5
Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (SD)(2)- $3 --- (HD)(9)- $3.50
Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation (HD)(5)- $4 --- (iTunes)(10)- $2.50
Mississippi Grind (SD)(2)- $3
Mom's Night Out (SD)(3)- $3
Money Monster (HD)(7)- $4
Moneyball (HD)(3)- $5
Welcome to Monster High (HD)(6)- $4
Monster Trucks (HD)(2)- $6
Monsters University (HD) $7
Monuments Men (SD)(10) $2.50 --- (HD)(5)- $5
Moonrise Kingdom (HD)(2)- $5
Mortdecai (HD)- $5
Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (SD)(5)- $3 --- (HD)- $5
Mortal Enemies (SD)- $3
Mortal Kombat: Legacy (SD)(3)- $5
Mortdecai (SD)(2)- $3
A Most Wanted Man (SD)- $3 --- (HD)- $5
Mr. Church (SD)- $3
Mud (SD)(14)- $2 --- (HD)(5)- $3.50
Mulan (HD)- $9
Mummy (2017)(HD)(4)- $5
The Mummy (Brendan Fraiser)(SD)- $3
Mummy Trilogy (HD)- $12
The Very Merry Muppet Movie (HD)- $6
My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 (HD)- $5
My Girl/ My Girl 2 (SD)(5)- $5
Neighbors (HD)(2)- $4
Nerve (SD)- $3
New Year's Eve (SD)(12)- $2 --- (HD)(6)- $4
NewsRoom: Season 1 (HD)- $7 --- (Google Play)- $5
the Nice Guys (HD)(4)- $5
Night At the Museum: Secret of the Tomb (HD)(6)- $4
The Night Before (SD)(8)- $3 --- (HD)- $5
Nightcrawler (HD)(2)- $5
Nine Lives (HD)(4)- $5
No Escape (HD)(9)- $3
No Good Deed (SD)(3)- $3 --- (HD)(4)- $5
Noah (HD)(5)- $5
Nocturnal Animals (HD)- $5
Non-Stop (HD)(4)- $5
Norm of the North (SD)- $3
The November Man (HD)- $5
Now You See Me (SD)(7)- $3 --- (HD)(4)- $5
Now You See Me 2 (SD)(4)- $3
Nurse Jackie: Season 6 (SD)(2)- $5
Nurse Jackie: Season 7 (SD)- $5
The Nut Job (HD)- $5
Nutty Professor (HD)- $5
Oblivion (HD)(3)- $5 --- (iTunes)(2)- $2.50
Office Christmas Party (HD)(4)- $5
Old Dogs (SD)- $4
Oldboy (SD)(2)- $3
Olympus Has Fallen (SD)(9)- $2.50
1D: One Direction: This is Us (HD)(2)- $5
101 Dalmations II: Patch's London Adventure (HD)(2)- $9
One Tree Hill: Season 8 (SD)- $6
Open Road (SD)- $3
Open Season: Scared Silly (SD)(3)- $3 --- (HD)- $5
Orange is the New Black: Season 1 (SD)(5)- $5 --- (HD) $6
Orange is the New Black: Season 2 (SD)(3)- $5
The Oranges (HD)- $5
The Other Side of the Door (HD)- $5
Other Woman (HD)- $5
Ouija (HD)(4)- $5
Our Kind of Traitor (SD)(2)- $3
Out of the Dark (SD)(2)- $3
OZ the Great & Powerful (SD)(8)- $4 --- (HD)- $6
Pacific Rim (SD)(4)- $3 --- (HD)(5)- $5
Pain & Gain (SD)(2)- $3
Pain and Gain/ Italian Job Double Pack - $5
Paranoia (HD)- $5
Paranormal Activity 3: Extended (SD)(4)- $3 --- (HD)(4)- $5
Paranormal Activity 4: Unrated (HD)- $5
Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones (HD)(3)- $5
Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension (HD)(3)- $5
Paranorman (SD)(2)- $4
Parental Guidance (SD)(13)- $2
Parker (SD)(17)- $2 --- (HD)(3)- $5
Passengers (HD)(3)- $5
Patriots Day (HD)(2)- $5 --- (UHD)(4)- $6
Paul (HD)- $5 --- (SD)(iTunes)(2)- $2.50
Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 (SD)(16)- $2 --- (HD)(9)- $3.50
Peanuts Movie (HD)(4)- $5
Penguins of Madagascar (HD)- $5
Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters (HD)(9)- $3.50
Perfect Guy (SD)(3)- $3 --- (HD)(2)- $5
The Perfect Match (SD)- $3
Perks of Being a Wallflower (SD)(7)- $3 --- (HD)(3)- $5
Pete's Dragon (2016)(HD)(2)- $7
Pinocchio (HD)(2)- $9
Piranha DD (iTunes)- $3
Pirates: Band of Mischief- $4
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (HD)- $7
Pitch Perfect (HD)(2)- $5
Pitch Perfect 2 (HD)(3)- $5
Pixels (SD)(7)- $3 --- (HD)- $5
The Place Beyond the Pines (HD)- $5 --- (iTunes)(4)- $2.50
Planes (SD)(3)- $3 --- (HD)- $6
Planes: Fire & Rescue (HD)- $7
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (SD)- $3 --- (HD)(6)- $4
Rise of the Planet of the Apes (HD)- $5
War of the Planet of the Apes (HD)(2)- $5
Playing For Keeps (SD)(3)- $3 --- (HD)- $5
Pocahontas (HD)(2)- $8
Pocahontas 2 (HD)- $8
Pompeii (SD)(7)- $3 --- (HD)(5)- $4
The Possession (SD)(6)- $3 --- (HD)- $5
The Possession of Michael King (HD)- $5
Power Rangers (2017)(HD)(2)- $5
Precious Cargo (SD)(2)- $3 --- (HD)(2)- $5
Premium Rush (2)- $3
Pretty Little Liars: Season 2 (SD)- $7
Pride, Predjudice & Zombies (SD)(6)- $3 --- (HD)- $5
The Prince (SD)(3)- $3 --- (HD)(4)- $4
Prisoners (SD)(6)- $3
Project Almanac (iTunes)- $2.50
Project X (HD)(19)- $2.50
Promethius (SD)(5)- $3 --- (HD)(4)- $5
The Promise (HD)(2)- $6
Promised Land (HD)(11)- $3
Psycho (Original)(HD)- $6
Psycho-Pass: the movie (Anime)(HD)(2)- $5
Pulp Fiction (SD)- $4
Pure Country: Pure Heat (HD)- $5
Purge: Anarchy (HD)- $5
Purge: Election Year (HD)(2)- $5
Purge Trilogy (HD)- $9
The Quiet Ones (SD)(2)- $3 --- (HD)(2)- $5
Reality Bites (HD)- $5
Reasonable Doubt (SD)- $3
Reclaim (SD)(4)- $3
Red 2 (SD)(7)- $3 --- (HD)(2)- $5
Red Dawn (Remake)(SD)(13)- $2
Redemption (SD)(4)- $3 --- (HD)(2)- $5
Repentance (SD)- $3
Resident Evil: Retribution (HD)(4) - $5
Resident Evil Collection (5 Movies)(SD)- $9
Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (HD)- $5
Resident Evil: Complete Collection (HD)- $17
The Revenant (HD)(7)- $4
Ricki & the Flash (SD)(3)- $3 --- (HD)(3)- $5
Ride Along (HD)(3)- $5
Ride Along 2 (HD)(5)- $5
Rings (HD)- $5
Rio 2 (HD)- $5
Rio 2: Sing A-Long (HD)(6)- $4
R.I.P.D. (HD)- $5
Risen (SD)(5)- $3
Robin Hood (Disney)(HD)- $7
Robocop (Remake)(HD)- $5
Rock of Ages (SD)(2)- $3 -- (HD)(3)- $4
Room (SD)- $3
Roots-Season 1 (SD)(10)- $5
Rosemary's Baby (miniseries) (SD)(6)- $4
Rover (SD)- $3
RPG (Role Playing Game)(SD)- $3
Run All Night (SD)(6)- $3
Runner Runner (HD)(5)- $4
Running Scared (HD)- $5
Rush (HD)- $5
Sabotage (HD)(2)- $5
Safe (SD)(9)- $2.50 --- (HD)(7)- $4
Safe House (iTunes)(2)- $2.50
San Andreas (HD)(9)- $4
Sandler, Adam Collection (Jack & Jill/Just Go With It/ That's My Boy)(SD)- $7
Sausage Party (HD)(4)- $5
Savages (HD)(3)- $5
Saving Mr. Banks (HD)- $8
Saw: the Final Chapter (iTunes)(2)- $2.50
Saw: the Complete Movie Collection (SD)(6)- $6
Scarface- $4
Scary Movie 5 (SD)(3)- $3
Scorpion King 4: Quest For Power (iTunes)- $2.50
Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse (HD) - $5
Search Party (HD)(3)- $5
Secret Life of Pets (HD)(3)- $5
Secret Life of Walter Mitty (HD)(2)- $4
Sectpr 4: Extraction (SD)_3
See No Evil 2 (SD)- $3
See You in Valhalla (SD)(2)- $3
Seeds of Yesterday (SD)- $3
Self/Less (HD)- $5
Selma (HD)- $5 --- (iTunes)(2)- $2.50
Serena (SD)(2)- $3
The Sessions (SD)- $3
Seventh Son (HD)(2)- $5
Sex Tape (SD)(5)- $3 --- (HD)(2)- $5
The Shack (HD)(2)- $5
Shaun of the Dead (HD)- $6 --- (iTunes)- $3
Shaun the Sheep Movie (HD)- $5
Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows (11)- $2
Shooter (SD)- $3
Shrek: Forever After (HD)- $5
Shrek: the Musical (HD)(2)- $5
Shut In (HD)- $5
Sicario (SD)(3)- $3
Silent Hill: Revelations (HD)(2)- $5
Silver Linings Playbook (HD)- $5
Sing (HD)(2)- $5
Single Mom's Club (SD)- $3
Sinister (SD)(11)- $2.50 --- (HD)(4)- $5
Sisters: Unrated (HD)(4)- $5
Skyfall (James Bond)(5)- $3 UV or GP Only
Sling Blade (SD)- $4
Smurfs 2 (SD)(3)- $3 --- (HD)- $5
Snatched (HD)- $5
Snitch (SD)(9)- $3 --- (HD)(5)- $5
Snow White & the Huntsman: (Extended)(HD)(2)- $5
Son of a Gun (SD)- $3 --- (HD)- $5
Spectacular Now (SD)(3)- $3 --- (HD)- $5
Spectre (James Bond)(HD)- $6
Spider-Man 2: Extended Cut (SD)(9)- $3
Spider-Man: Homecoming (HD)(2)- $5
Split (HD)(2)- $5
Spongebob Squarepants: Sponge Out of Water (HD)(6)- $4
Spy (HD)(2)- $5
St. Vincent (HD)- $5
Stand Off (SD)(2)- $3
Stand Up Guys (SD)(2)- $3 --- (HD)- $5
Star Trek Beyond (HD)(3)- $5
Star Trek: Into Darkness (SD)(5)- $3
Star Wars: the Force Awakens (HD)(3)- $4
Star Wars: Rogue One (HD)(8)- $5
Step Up: Revolution (SD)(4)- $3 --- (HD)(2)- $5
Step Up: All In (SD)(2)- $3 --- (HD)(3)- $5
Straight Outta Compton: Unrated (HD)(4)- $5
Subconcious (SD)- $3
Suicide Squad (Extended Cut)(HD)(2)- $5
Sully (HD)(2)- $5
Superman: The Movie (SD)(2)- $4
Superman/ Batman Double Feature- $6
Supernatural: Season 10 (SD)(2)- $6 --- (HD)- $8
Taken 2 (SD)(8)- $3 --- (HD)(2)- $5
Talladega Nights/ Step Brothers/ Other Guys (SD)- $7
Tammy (SD)(7)- $2.50 --- (HD)(2)- $5
Tarzan (animated)(HD)- $8
Ted (HD)(4)- $5 --- (iTunes)(7)- $2.50
Ted 2: Unrated (HD)- $5
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Collection (4 Movies)- $9
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (HD)(8)- $3.50 --- (iTunes)(9)- $2.50
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows (HD)(7)- $5
Temptation (Tyler Perry) (SD)(3)- $3 --- (HD)(2)- $5
10 Cloverfield Lane (HD)- $5
Terminator: Genesys (HD)(4)- $4
Texas Chainsaw (SD)(3)- $3
Texas Rising: Season 1 (SD)(3)- $5 --- (HD)- $7
That Awkward Moment (SD)- $3
That's My Boy- $3
The Thing (2011)(HD)- $5
The To-Do List (SD)- $3
They Came Together (HD)- $5
The Thing (HD)- $5
13 Hours (HD)(2)- $5 --- (iTunes)(3)- $2.50
This Is the End (SD)(7)- $3 --- (HD)(4)- $4
This Is Where I Leave You (SD)(6)- $3 --- (HD)- $5
A Thousand Words (?)- $4
3 Days to Kill (HD)- $5
300: Rise of An Empire (SD)(12)- $2.50 --- (HD)(9) $4
The 300 Spartans (HD)(4)- $5
Thunderstruck- $3
Tinker Tailer Soldier Spy (HD)(2)- $5
TMNT (HD)- $5
Top Five (iTunes)- $2.50
Total Recall (Remake)(SD)(13)- $2.50 --- (HD)- $5
Tower Heist (HD)(10)- $3
Toy Story 3 (Full Code)(HD)- $12
Tracers (SD)- $3 --- (HD)- $5
Training Day (HD)- $5
Trainwreck (HD)(4)- $5
Transcendence (SD)(3)- $3 --- (HD)- $5
Transformers: Age of Extinction (HD)(19)- $3
Transformers: The Last Knight (HD)(3)- $5
Tremors 5: Bloodlines (HD)(4)- $4
Trolls (HD)- $5
Trouble With the Curve (HD)(4)- $5
True Blood: Season 4 (HD)- $8 --- (iTunes)(2)- $5 --- (Google Play)- $5
True Blood: Season 6 (HD)- $8 --- (iTunes)(2)- $5 --- (Google Play)- $5
True Blood: Season 7 (HD)- $8 --- (iTunes)(2)- $5 --- (Google Play)- $6
True Detective: Season 1 (iTunes)- $5
The Trust (SD)- $3
Tusk (HD)- $5
12 Rounds 2 (HD)(9)- $3
12 Rounds 3: Lockdown (SD)- $3 --- (HD)(3)- $5
21 Jumpstreet (SD)(16)- $2 --- (HD)(4)- $4
22 Jumpstreet (SD)(14)- $2 --- (HD)(6)- $4
Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Part 1 (Extended)(SD)(9)- $2.50 --- (HD)(4)- $4
Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Part 2 (SD)(13)- $2 ---- (HD)(15)- $3 --- (iTunes)(16)- $2
2 Guns (HD)$5 --- (iTunes)(2)- $2.50
2012/ Godzilla (SD)(2)- $5
Tyler Perry's Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Scorned (the Play)(HD)(2)- $4
Under the Skin (HD)- $5
Underworld: Awakening (SD)(8)- $3 --- (HD)(3)- $5
Underworld: Blood Wars (UHD)- $6
Unfinished (HD)- $5
Unforgettable (HD)- $5
Unfriended (HD)(6)- $4
Unknown (SD)- $3
Unreal- Season 1 (SD)- $6
Vacation (HD)(2)- $5
the Vatican Tapes (SD)- $3 --- (HD)- $5
Vendetta (SD)(4)- $3 --- (HD)(2)- $5
Veronica Mars Movie (HD)(2)- $5
Very Harold & Kumar Christmas (HD)(5)- $5
A Very Merry Muppet Christmas (HD)- $6
Vice (SD)- $3 --- (HD)(2)- $5
Vice Principles: Season 1 (HD)(3)- $6 --- (iTunes)(3)- $5 --- (Google Play)(3)- $5
Vinyl: Season 1 (HD)- $7 --- (iTunes)- $5 --- (Google Play)- $6
The Vow (SD)(5)- $3
Walk Amongst the Tombstones (HD)(2)- $5
The Walking Dead: Season 4 (HD)- $7
The Walking Dead: Season 5 (HD)- $7
The Walking Dead: Season 6 (HD)(3)- $7
The Walking Deceased (SD)(2)- $3
Walking With Dinosaurs (iTunes)(2)- $2.50
Wanderlust (HD)- $5
Wanted (HD)- $5
Warcraft (HD)(4)- $5
War Room (SD)(3)- $3 --- (HD)- $5
Warm Bodies (SD)(12)- $2.50 --- (HD)(7)- $4
Warrior (iTunes XML)- $2.50
The Watch (HD)(3)- $5
Watsons Go To Birmingham (SD)- $3
Wedding Ringer (SD)(9)- $2.50 --- (HD)(3)- $4
We're the Millers (SD)(3)- $3
Werewolf: Beasts Among Us (HD)- $5
What To Expect When Your Expecting (SD)(4)- $3 --- (HD)- $5
When the Games Stands Tall (SD)(8)- $2 --- (HD)(7)- $3
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (HD)- $5
While We're Young (SD)(2)- $3 --- (HD)- $5
White House Down (SD)(7)- $2.50 --- (HD)(2)- $5
The White Queen (HD)- $5
Who Get's the Dog? (HD)- $5
The Whole Truth (HD)- $5
Why Did I Get Married Too? (HD)- $5
Why Him? (HD)(4)- $5
Wild Card (SD)(6)- $3 --- (HD)(4)- $5
Winter's Tale (HD)- $5
Wish I Was Here (HD)- $5
The Witch (SD)(2)- $3 --- (HD)(5)- $5
Wolf of Wall Street (HD)(4)- $4 --- (iTunes)(10)- $2
The Wolverine (HD)- $5 --- (iTunes XML)(2)- $2.50
Woman in Black (SD)(14)- $2
Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death (HD)- $5
Woman in Gold (HD)(3)- $5
Wonder Woman (HD)- $6
Won't Back Down (SD)(7)- $3
World War Z (HD)(16)- $3.50
Wrath of the Titans (SD)(15)- $2
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