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Cush, The Substitute Soul Reaper

Google+ Heroes
Season Three
Episode 3
First Day Of Training

5:00 am

The scene started with Ultra sleeping in his given bed.

Ultra: Damn, these pillows are so soft.

He rubbed his head against the pillows he was in while moaning. Two arms then pulled him into the pillows. Ultra started to suffocate between two giant squishy things.

He broke break and took a huge breath in. Ultra then turned to see Kurumu resting in his bed. She wore a green robe with nothing beneath.

Ultra: Kurumu! What the hell are you doing here!

Kurumu: We’re partners, so we should be sleeping together!

Ultra: Go back to your own room!

Kurumu: By the way, don’t call me, Kurumu! Call me, baby!

She winked as she blew him a kiss. The saint blushed in angry before kicking her down of the room.

Ultra: GET OUT OF MY ROOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Music stops and time changes to morning

Kisuke was sitting in the breakfast room, while resting the paper. Cush walked in while yawning.

Starpunk: Good morning, Cush!

Cush: Morning!

Kisuke: Help yourself to some, breakfast.

Cush got a bowl of Cocoa Pebbles before sitting with his teacher.

Kisuke: I bought those just for you!

Cush: Wow, thanks!

After a few minutes, Deadpool and Ruby walked in with joy in their steps!

Wade/Ruby: Good morning!

Cush/Kisuke: Good morning!

They got some french toast and join the two.

Not to long after, Yukari walked in while yawning.

????: Heads up!

Sonic hoped over her head. She then growled as he spit his tongue at her. Sonic got sausages, as Yukari ate a protein bar.

Link stepped in and greeted everyone. He then got an apple and took a bite.

Nintendo: So, what’s up with you guys?

Yukari: Not, much. Couldn’t sleep well because, rat boy left his fur all over my bed.

Sonic: Hey, you threw water on my bed first!

Both growled at each other as a bolt of lightning connected their heads.

Cush: Giggles Those guys already love each other.

????: Yeah, no shit.

Cush and Link turned around in surprised to see Mizore standing behind him. She was eating a Pop-Tart. They turned around and got close

Link: That chick isn’t normal.

Cush: No way.

Mizore put her head close in before asking.

Mizore: What are you guys talking about?

The two swordsmen back away from her.

Cush/Nintendo: Nothing! Nothing at all!

Moka popped in with a big smile.

Moka: Hello!

She got some bacon and eggs with orange juice before sitting with them.

Moka: How is everyone?

????: Horrible.

Everyone saw Ultra walked in. His eyes where red with bags under them.

Kisuke: Guess somebody didn’t sleep, well?!

Ultra: It’s wasn’t my fault.

He grabbed a banana and ate him.

Moka: Ultra need any help?

Ultra: No…….

Kurumu sooned stepped in before saying.

Kurumu: Hel-looooooooo!!!!!

Cush/Alpha/Nintendo/Andre: Good morning!

Hearst were in their eyes

Kurumu: Everyone have a nice night? Because I sure did!

She winked at Ultra, who just looked away from her.

After breakfast, the team meet up with their teacher in the training field.

Kisuke: While this is the first day, don’t expect us to go to easy on any of you, alright.

Cush: Of course! This will be a piece of cake! Cracks knuckles

Kisuke: Go to your groups and spear out throughout the area.

Ultra and Kurumu followed Yoruichi to behind a large boulder.

Kurumu: Like my cloths?

She did a sexy pose to show off her body in a jogging bra and short shorts to him. He blushed and look away.

Kurumu: I wore they just for you! Winks

Yoruichi: So, you two want to be strong? You’ll start by destroying the boulder behind me.

Kurumu: No problem!

Her finger nails grew two feet longer. Wings then popped out of her back as a tial split out from her pants. She flew over and slashed the rco in one quick slice.

Yoruichi: Very well done, Kurumu!

Ultra: Damn, that was really something!

Kurumu: Ya-hooooo!!!!! Thanks! It’s a succubus’ nature to hide many surprises!

Ultra: So that’s why she’s flirting with me. She wants to eat me alive.

Yoruichi: Alright Ultra, your turn!

Ultra took a deep breath in before closing his eyes. He moved his arms around his body in a circular motion. The energy from all around him came close and all outside sounds where blocked. The background turned into the cosmo of space behind him.

Ultra: Pegasus, Ryu Sei Ken!

The music stopped and the background turned back to normal as Ultra threw his fist outwards. Many small blue blasts shot out from his hand to the rock. A few moments after making impact, many small pieces of it popped off it before completely exploding!

Kurumu: Damn, what just happened?

Yoruichi: I see. The technique he used must had eternally targeted the rock, so it would explode from the inside out. Very useful thing for combat.

Kurumu: That was amazing, Ultra! How’d you do it!

Ultra: Well, I didn’t exactly learn it. This power came with this from I’ve been given.

Kurumu: Hey, no fair!

He winked at her while splitting his tongue out.

Kurumu: Well, it’s still good to have someone like you around.

He lowered her head a bit.

Ultra: Is something wrong?

Kurumu: Oh, no! It’s nothing!

Scene changes to Sonic and Yukari with Jinta

Yukari: I’m so gonna kick, you ass!

Sonic: Other way round, short stuff!

Yukari: You’re one to talk!

Jinta: Hey, knock it off you two!

Sonic: She started it!

Jinta: It doesn't matter how started it! If you guys are gonna beat Poseidon, you need to learn to work as a team!

Yukari: There’s no way I’m tolerating, ratboy!

Jinta: Sighs Anyway, you’re first trial is to collect as many flags as possible in the field. However, I’ve set traps around the place so be on your guard. And remember, this is not a race and/or competition. Do the best you can and try to work together!

Before he told them to go, Sonic dashed off. Yukari followed him while waving her wand. As Sonic ran, he came across many landmines, but his amazing speeds helped him move before getting caught in the explosions.

Sonic: This is a piece of cake!

A giant dish landed on his eyes with a ‘dong’!

Yukari: My magic wand is the best thing to have around!

She now had three flags, but Sonic zoomed by her and collected many more. The witch throw many bowling balls from above, but he dodged everyone.

After a few minutes, the two returned panting and beat up. Each carried many flags.

Jinta: I would save you guys passed, but your childish actions made things much worse.

Andre/Yukari: This is all your fault!

Jinta: It’s both your faults! If you just focused on yourself, things wouldn’t be so hard. I gave you this course so you two could try to work as a team, but it failed.

Both students growled and looked away from each other while hugging themselves.

Jinta: Oh, I have so much work to do!

Ends music

Scene is now with Wade, Ruby, and Tessai

Tessai: Your task from me is to block by attack. However, this is a requirement that you do alone and not in a pair.

Ruby: Sounds great!

Deadpool: You can go first if you want?

Ruby: Thanks, I think I will!

Ruby drew her staff and got in a stance.

Tessau: Hado Number Eighty Eight! Hiryu Gekizoku Shinten Raiho!

A large blast of blue energy was shot at Ruby. She braced herself but the force of the attack started pushing her back. After a minute, her staff was broek in two and sent flying.

Deadpool: Ruby!

He rushed over and held her up.

Wade: Are you okay?

Tessai: Don’t worry, she will be okay. I only put a fraction of my power into that attack and I’m a very well trained doctor. I can also repair her staff.

Ruby: I’m okay, Deadpool. Coughs It’s your turn.

Wade: Alright!

Alpha and Tessai made space between them and the witch before getting ready. Tessai shot the 88th Hado at him. Deadpool blocked it with his katanas. He was being pushed back, but he held his ground. His swords cracked, but he refused to stop there. He let out a roar as he redirected the attack to a nearby boulder.

Music stops

Tessai and Ruby saw Wade standing their panting, with his clothes torn up and his katanas destroyed.

Tessai: I see, you sacarfied you blades to save you from the attack because you knew you couldn’t stop in on your own.

Alpha: Pants Yeah, that’s exactly what I did.

He hit the ground exhausted.

Tessai: While you do did go a good job. Your current level of power is still far from being able to handle Poseidon. But if we keep this up and true new styles, you should make it.

Wade/Ruby: Thanks.

Tessai smiled before tossing both a bottle of water.

Now with Link, Mizore, and Ururu

Ururu: Okay, guys. Today we can gonna train on close quarters combat. Both of you don’t worry about holding back on me.

Link drew his sword and shield. However, Mizore wasn’t exactly getting ready.

She store as the young Hylian. The background was a rainbow while sparkles surrounded Link. Her eyes were completely captured by his pure handsomeness.

Mizore: Oh, Link……

She held her hands out ready to embrace him.

Ururu kicked the snow woman. Mizore was sending across the dirt, but flipped to get back on her feet.

Ururu: Never let your guard down!

Mizore: Right, sorry!

Link swung his blade, but she jumped over it. She threw threw a powerful kick at him. Nintendo Gamerguy put his shield up, but the force of the attack send him backwards.

Ururu: It’s also not a good idea to underestimate your opponents, especially when you’re not aware of their capabilities.

Link: Yeah, that kick was really strong.

Ururu: Oh did I kick to hard?! I’m so so sorry!

With her chance, Mizore shot many ice shard at her. She got cut by two, but hopped away before being impaled.

Ururu: Woops! Looks like I’m a hypocrite.

Link threw his boomerang at her, getting her caught in a mini tornado. He then leaped up high and swung his sword.

Link: HI-YAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!

He slashed her across the body before kicking her down. As she fell, Mizore fired a giant block of ice at her. It hit Ururu head on making her fly.

Ururu destroyed the ice with one punch before drawing the, Senren Bakusatsu Taiho(Tounsand Soul-Killing Cannon). She blasted Mizore, making her scream.

When the dust cleared, Mizore’s body was turned into shattered ice. This left Ururu in shock, allowing Link to throw multiple bombs at her.

She got back up, only to have Mizore slashed her from behind.

Ururu: Wow, you guys are very strong, and tciatal at the same time.

Link: Thanks!

Mizore: Were you impressed by how I outsmarted her with one of my ice clones?

She store at him with heart shaped eyes. Nintendo stepped back with an uncomfortable facial expression.

Link: Yes, that was very smart.

Mizore: Oh, Link!

She jumped on, making him shiver in fear.

Mizore: Hold me, and make my frozen heart mele with your love!

Ururu: You two pass for today!

Link: That’s, great!

*He said before pushing her off him.

Music stops

Now with Cush, Moka, and Starpunk

Kisuke: So, you two up for my challenge?

Cush: Of course!

Moka: Uh, I’ll try.

Kisuke: Oh, yeah. I almost forgot! Moka, do you mind explaining your power’s to Cush?

She nodded and turned to the soul reaper. She then pointed to the rosary around her neck.

Moka: You see, this rosary keeps me from using my full power.

Cush: Can’t you take it off?

Moka: No, I’ve tried.

Cush: Need help?

Moka: No, many have tired, and failed! Thank you though!

Kisuke: Anyway, I want you both to come at me and don’t hold back!

Cush: Alright!

He drew his Zanpakuto while making a cocky smirk.

Moka: A-are you sure that’s okay, Mr. Urahara?

Kisuke: Don’t worry! To be honest, I’d be impressed if you two could even tickle me?

Cush: Wow, I’m flattered!

Kisuke: Now, Eyes shine form under hat shall we we begin?

Kisuke made the first move by shooting a red spiritual blast at them. They dodged it, but that allowed him to get behind Cush and pick him at Moka. The two got back up and ran at him.

Cush: Getsuga Tenshou!!!!

He fired at him, but their teacher easily dodged it. They both got close, but Kisuke grabbed Moka and threw her on Cush.

Starpunk: It seems you two are still so naive!

Cush: What was that?

He swung his sword, but Kisuke quickly turned his staff into a sword and blocked him. Cush growled at him, but he just smirked back.

Kisuke: Running into combat, blinded with rage isn’t wise, my friend. You’d be dead in mere seconds!

Cush: Still the cocky prick you’ve always been.

He pushed against him, but Kisuke used flash step/Hoho to get behind him and blast Cush away.

Moka made her move as throwing a kick, but he vanished behind next to her. He then tripped her other leg and slammed her onto the ground.

Both heroes stood panting, covered in blood. With Starpunk, he was in top shape and smirking.

Kisuke: I gotta say, lasting six minutes and getting some dirt on me is quite impressive. For people of your level that is.

Cush: Why you!

They ran over, but he used flash step to get away. He then kicked Moka on top of Cush.

Music stops and plays new theme

Cush looked up to see the beauty of Moka laying on top of him. Her blushing made him also blush. The background turned into bright colors of pink and orange.

Moka: Cush…..

Cush: Moka…..

She closed her eyes and leaded forward. He soon did the same as they got very close. He then hugged, her pushing her closer.

Music stops

To his surprised, Moka dodged his lips and bite his neck.


He threw her off him, making Moka hit the ground with a ‘thump’


Moka: I’M SO SORRY! Your blood just smelled so good, I couldn’t help it!

Cush: Wait, you mean to tell me that you’re a vampire?!

Moka: Yes.

Cush: Why didn’t you say something sooner?!

Moka: I thought you’d hate me for it!

Cush: Oh, you think you got problems! Take a good look, missy!

Moka: What was that?!

Both glared at each other while growling.

Kisuke: If you two love bugs are done arguing, I’d like to get back to training.

Both teens turned completely red as they looked at their teacher.

Cush/Moka: IT’S NOTHING LIKE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kisuke covered his mouth and nose with his fan.

Starpunk: Oh, really?

Music stops

7:00 pm

The ten students stood in front of the five teachers.

Kisuke: Occuring to your reports. Some of you did well, but others not so well. Since this is day one, we’ll let it pass, but remember. You must take this training seriously and learn to work as a team. Is that understood?

All trainees: Yes sir!

Kisuke: Now, who’s hungry?

They then all went for dinner.]]>
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Writers' Square
Personal Achievement
andrea sabonge, Division 2, 11th grade #ws18e-s3d2

I am a soon-to-be-senior at West Broward High school, one of the best schools academically and artistically in south Florida. Since I was very young I’ve been always fascinated with all Pixar animated movies, and all the 3d Animation movies DreamWorks has produced. This year, I got the opportunity to learn about digital drawing and animation, and I loved it. Every day I looked forward to being in that class and learn everything my teacher had to say. It was like I knew what I wanted to do for the future. I decided that my college major was going to be in computer animation, and the best part, I got an award and a certification at the end of the year.

In the beginning, the class wasn’t just teaching us how to animate objects and characters; we had to draw by hand in Adobe Photoshop, create sketches, and use a digital tablet to finish an object. Then we had to take those digital drawings and import them into Flash. Flash is a vector-based software that allows objects to be animated in 2d. I was a little familiar with Photoshop because my father used to assign me some of his social media client’s work, but Flash was new to me. I won’t lie, it was hard, and it took several classes to figure out how an object was going to move from one place to another, frame by frame in a timeline. I know right! What is all these? Well, since I only knew a few tricks to the software, I spent a lot of time in YouTube searching for tutorials, to self-teach how and what I was going to do with my objects, backgrounds and all the scenes that were part of my movie.

I soon figured out that our teacher was preparing us for the end of the year certification. He told us we need to know the software without even looking at the screen, including how to resize a canvas, editing the print position and adjusting the feather on an image—stuff I had never heard of. I was a bit nervous and scared, but my teacher was a great influence, he kept us motivated the entire year, doing a lot of projects, using different techniques on each one, and little by little I started grasping all the tools the software had to offer.

I studied daily with my dad, I read the lecture notes on the weekend, and I started following several YouTubers, which had produce movies created in Flash. I felt I was going in the right direction until I got my first test. During that test, my mind went blank for the first five minutes; I didn’t know where anything was. I started browsing around until I found the animation timeline, and everything came back.
The main task on the test was to create one object, and make it bounced until it left the screen. I started drawing something simple in Photoshop, I remember it was like 20 frames. I exported them as individual objects and import them into Flash. In order for the movie to look natural and real, the bouncing needed a trajectory and the motion needed to simulate a falling object at the right speed. Easier said than done.

Anyway, to reduce my stress level, I took the test a day earlier. I wanted to avoid any distraction from the group and not to be comparing screens with my classmates, which can be very stressful since some of them were very fast. Another thing against my stress level was time, I think my initial delay caused me to turn up my work late, so I figure the teacher was going to take points away from the test, but I left the class that day relieved I wouldn’t have to show up for the day of the classes for the final. At the end, I finish in the top 85 percent, so I was extremely happy.

During the school year, I had the chance of applying all that knowledge to help my dad. He told me that, all the work I handled was very professional, and his clients were very happy with him. He advised me to start putting a portfolio together, something like a resume, in order for me to showcase my work to future companies I may want to work for. Even though I am a little free spirit, more like the artistic type, I knew I was going to work for someone to start saving for my things, so this exercise of keeping all my things in one place kept me motivated to continue drawing on a daily. So, I started putting everything together. My dad created a page for me on his website and here you can find all my art work.

Back to my classes. Later on the year, another class I needed to pass was Photoshop Basics. It was very important to pass it because it was part of my AP classes towards college. The class itself had been easy until third and fourth quarter when we had to prepare for certification exam. I decided to take the Photoshop test first, because I didn’t know Flash at the time, I though with all the practice with my dad I would pass it. Ironically, I failed the Photoshop exam, but passed the Flash certification exam.

Well, the year ended and 3 days before vacation started, my teacher sent an invitation to my parents, so they could join me on that special day. To my surprise I also received an award for the animation I created together with my Flash certification. My parents were proud, and I was so happy.

Hopefully next year, I can tackle on the Photoshop exam. Thank you for your time.]]>
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Speedy Yogi - Google Plus & Youtube
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In case you haven't seen it.]]>
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Keli J
Man, what is with DC and their dark, broody, bloody, gritty take on anything superhero related!? Super heroes were always this whimsical, fantastical, over the top and enjoyable set of stories and Characters that I enjoyed as a Kid! That kid and my kids love that idea of Super Heroes as well. DC just feels overwhelmed with Antiheroes, not superheroes.

Teen Titans Go is one of my boys favorite shows and I quite enjoy the zany antics of that group myself. But this?! WTF? I just don't get it. I feel like it is the same difference between the games Nintendo creates and offers versus PS4/Xbox with their real life, gritty, killing and blood and realism everywhere...Maybe I am just in my own little camp here, weirdly clinging to cartoony, fun, and whimsical experiences from what I recall of my childhood, but honestly there is enough realism and grit in my everyday life. I don't need my leisure time consumed by too much seriousness. Again, maybe that's just me. Stoked for the Teen Titans Go movie (With my sons) this fall though :)
Thu, 19 Jul 2018 02:23:45 +0200
Ziad K. Abdelnour
There is internet chatter indicating that President Trump, during his private 2 hrs with Putin, a 160 TB Flash Drive was handed to him with damaging evidence to the "Deep State."

After reviewing a few YouTube videos of Trump's arrival at Helsinki, I need to point-out an irregularity that might clarify and substantiate the claim by Hal Turner's report.

"At the meeting in Helsinki, Finland, between Presidents Putin of Russia and Trump of the USA, the Russians gave to Trump at least 160 TERABYTES of Russian Intelligence Intercepts which expose horrifying activities of many, many, people to deliberately foment social, cultural, and political chaos, violent riots, demonstrations, media smears, phony scandals, and fake news." ---Hal Turner

I will venture to say.....the Flash Drive was NOT given to Trump during the 2hr meeting, but upon arrival at Helsinki in-order for Trump's people to review (in part) of what both Trump and Putin need to seriously discuss in private. Hence....the reason why certain Dems are now demanding Congress to subpoena the interpreter of that meeting, which he/she will be asked if anything was handed to the president during that 2hr meeting and the answer of course will be "no."

Hal Turner's intelligence sources (and they are good), suggests (as fact) that Trump received 160 Terabytes of intel (not 80 TB, not 100 TB) but an exact number of "160" which is enough to hold enormous amount of email communications and other documents.

Therefore...if this is accurate, we can easily assume, the "Deep State" operatives KNOW what's on that Flash Drive and is the REASON why the "Deep State" with CIA Brennan taking the lead, are calling for Trump's resignation, impeachment, including his death, because the SHTF is going down now.

Is This Why Putin Told Trump “The Ball Is In Your Court” Hal Turner Continues To Deliver! Tuesday, 17 July 2018 20:30 This may well be the point in time where Mark Taylor’s prophecy about Military Tribunals comes into play....
Wed, 18 Jul 2018 22:48:24 +0200
Vlado Simunovic

Vlado Simunovic:

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the flash Electrical diamond squad
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Ryaki Kronos The Hedgehog/Ichigo/Infinite
【 × YES | × NO 】

【× YES 】

Loading Information
[][] 20%
[][][][] 40%
[][][][][][] 60%
[][][][][][][][] 80%
[][][][][][][][][][] 100%
|●▬▬▬▬▬๑|Nєω Cнαяαcтєя|๑▬▬▬▬▬●

☆ Quotes ☆
"I'm sooo gonna enjoy this..."

"Let the butt kicking begin"

"Who wants a piece of me?"

"Then I'll go down fighting"

"That's the way it's done!"

"Heh maybe next time you won't get in my way"

"Farewell Silver shadow rouge blaze I do this for you and yes even for you... Kronos..."

"No! You may have invaded my mind and my body...but there's one thing a royal being always keeps! HIS PRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDE!!!!!"

"You'll regret this"

"Your weakness Disgusts me!"

"You have no idea who your up against"

"Play time's over time to step it up"

"Here I come you creep!"

"I'm your worst nightmare Kronos. Now it's time for you to suffer!"

"I warned you didn't I? I'm the world's prince of chaos, Flair The Hedgehog!"

"Are you ready to admit your own foolishness?"

"You mistook me for that guy?'ll pay for this!"

"That smugness...I'll make you regret it!"

"I have no interest in introducing myself to small-time fools."

"Well it wasn't a waste of time. I commend you for that."

"Ridiculous. The looser must disappear! Those are the rules!"

"What's the matter, huh? Those high spirits you had. Where did they go?"

"Stupid, to lose to someone like you!"

"Don't be so arrogant! Next time I'll destroy you!"

"All right who's next?"

"What can I say? I wasn't born to loose."

"If it involves smacking I'm gonna win!"

"All Hail the prince."

"I am a hedgehog of royal blood! The last of my kind! In my fingertips I hold the power to destroy entire world's...and on my shoulders rest the glory of an extinct warrior race!"

☆ Name ☆
Flair The Hedgehog
☆ Aliases ☆
Prince Of Chaos / Prince Of All Hedgehogs / The Hedgehog God
☆ Eye Color ☆
☆ Hair Color ☆
☆ Gender ☆
☆ Age ☆
☆ Race/Species ☆
☆ Sexuality ☆
☆ Origin ☆
Flair is a Anti Hero but he is also someone who goes on his own way, he does whatever is necessary to get what he wants or feels is right.
☆ Identity ☆
☆ Likes ☆
Fighting with Kronos
His Pride
Blaze(Best Friend)
Cream The Rabbit (Step Sister)
Ms Vanilla (Step Mother)
Vegeta (His Mentor)
Future Trunks (His Other Mentor)
Nazo (His Master)
Freedom Fighters
Lien Da
Mina Mongoose
Shade The Echidna
Maria Robotnik
Syris Clarke (Student)
Eva Wesley (Sister)
Kusari (Son)
Ferna (Wife)
Getting Stronger
Miles Tails Prower
Espio The Chameleon
Vector The Crocodile
Charmy Bee
Bunnie Rabbot
Sally Acorn
Antoine D'Coolette
Marine The Raccoon
Fiona Fox
His Family
Batrix The Hedgewolf (Grand Father)
Dark Dash
King Flair (His Father)
Spicy Food
☆ Dislikes ☆
Someone who's stronger than him
People Who disrespect him
Kronos (Depending on his goal)
Dark Storm
Eggman and his empire
Metal Doppelgangers
Dark Legion
Lien Da
Shade The Echidna
Metal Sonic
Goku Black
Bass Exe
Babylon Rogues
Black Doom
Eclipse The Darkling
Mecha Sonic
Mecha Shadow
Kronos Black
Venice God Walker
Copy Flair
People who annoy him
Bad Guys
☆ Personality ☆
Flair is known to be arrogant defiant ruthless and aggressive through most of his life and becomes even more cold hearted through his time with mephiles serving as his right hand apprentice, Flair's hatred towards him grows when mephiles black mailed him into working for him so he wouldn't be able to harm cream and Ms vanilla which was the only way to be assured of their safety. He resents weakness and requiring anyone's help. His goal is to defeat Kronos and surpass him. There's often times where he smiles but he denies it when someone calls him out on it. Though after spending time with cream and Ms vanilla he softens a bit. Although he does have a strong sense of justice, he explains that if any villains oppose a threat to him or his family he will deal with them with his own power rather than accept any help which he claimed would be boring if he were to do so. Another part of Flair's original personality is found to be vicious, heartless, and blood thirsty as he made an attempt to attack Ms Vanilla upon meeting him for the first time when she expressed concern for his well being. Flair pushed her to discard her 'useless Sympathy' but eventually complied to let her help him. He will stay on any of his goals for as long as it takes to get it finished, or until more important matters show up. When addressing someone he usually uses the phrase "Maggots" or those he considers below him as "inferiors".

☆ Appearance ☆
Flair is a red and purple hedgehog who looks exactly like his brother Kronos, save for the clothes a black purple cloak blue boots white gloves and his red eyes.
▌│█║▌║▌║ Powers & Abilities ║▌║▌║█│
Chaos Energy
Super Speed
High Bission

High willpower: Flair's willpower, is filed by him being the Prince/God of All Hedgehogs, therefore allowing him to withstand great physical pain and psychological trauma and refusing to surrender no matter how the odds are stacked against him, and pushing himself past his own limitations.

Omega Dark Sphere: Flair pushing his hands forward, channeling Dark Energy through his hands. Purple streams of it fly out and start to form a purple dark energy sphere as it expands many times its original size. Flair condenses the sphere to about the size of his body and launches it at the opponent, inflicting a huge amount of damage.

Chaos Final Shine: This move is where Flair mixes Final Shine with Chaos Energy but this one is filled with power to destroy a entire city.

Dark Implode: Flair gathers a large amount of dark energy and release it. This attack can result in destroying a large area's and large structures that cause great damage.

Galick Flash

Chaos Shot

Chaos Regeneration


Perfect Susanoo



Chaos Energy Sphere: A powered Up version of chaos spear

Hyper Chaos Flare

Big Bang Crash

Time Stop

Super Black Kame Hame Ha

Chaos Torrent: A powerful and large energy blast fired from both hands. He tends to use it on the ground because of recoil.

Chaos Flare: A beam of chaos energy

Chaos Erruption: An attack that generates a ball of energy capable of causing a large explosion and can be charged to cause massive damage.

Perfect Torrent: A stronger and larger energy blast fired from both hands. It is more powerful than chaos torrent.

Master Breaker: By far one of his most powerful attacks, he stretches his arms forward up into the air and forms a gigantic purple energy sphere. He was charging up the attack from very high in the air, and it still started to dissolve the ground just from merely being charged up. It very well had the potential to easily destroy a planet.

Chaos Punch: He powers his fist with chaos energy and punches the enemy.

Chaos Blast: Flair has a chaos Power and a variation of Chaos Control that, so far, Only Shadow The Hedgehog and Sir Lancelot have been seen using. It is a great explosion of chaos energy that damages anything and anyone caught within its radius.

Dark Blast: A large purple energy beam fired from one hand.

Chaos Erruption Barrage: Multiple Chaos Eruptions fired from both hands.

Bros Chaos Blast: Flair and Shadow releases and combines their chaos blast resulting in a powerful explosion of chaos energy at the opponent.

Chaos Dragon Roar: After Coating his hands in chaos energy, Flair will make his hand into a fist faced at his enemy and charges at them after hitting them with a massive force and will cause a dragon made out of chaos energy to erupt then finally collides into the target for a finishing move.

Chaos Energy Sphere Barrage: Flair brings his arms to his sides, charges up chaos energy, and then he throws his hands forward as he rapidly fires many chaos energy spheres. It is effective for quick widespread, and a massive amounts of damage.

Super Chaos Control: Used for warping time and space. It can be used to slow down or stop time. More often, it used to instantaneously teleport from one place to another or increase or slow down the speed of time in specific areas. (Exclusive to him)

Heavenly Chaos: A combination of both Kronos's perfect chaos control and Flair's Super Chaos Control, when being used it is capable of creating a powerful blast of chaos energy and strong enough to overwhelm an enemy. (Requires Kronos)

Galick Gun

Super Galick Gun

Final Flash

Big Bang Attack

Galick Blazer

Galick Beam

Final Burst Cannon

Galick Cannon

Final Galick Cannon

Double Galick Cannon

Gamma Burst Flash

Final Crash

Final Kame Hame Ha (Requires Kronos)

Final Impact

Dirty Fireworks

Exploding Wave

Shine Shot

Final Explosion

Genocide Breaker

Galick Impact

Final Shine Attack

Double Big Bang Attack

Big Bang Flash (Wave Version)

Fusion Dance

Solar Flare

Ki Blade

Dark Spirit Bomb

One Darkness Attack: Flair absorbs dark energy into his fist, which covers his fist in darkness. Then proceeds to deliver a punch to the gut. Sends them flying away with a shockwave dealing x10 the damage.


Chidori Stream

Chidori True sphere

Continuous Thunder Clap: He aims his hands at his opponents and claps his hands repeatedly at them as a dragon created of lightning forms from it and strikes them from above damaging them repeatedly.

Lightning Storm: Flair Throws sharpened lightning bolts at the opponent.

Thunder Ball: A ball made out of lightning capable of shocking an opponents body if they make contact with it.

Shock Ball: Shock Ball is an advanced and more powerful version of the thunder ball.

Lions Barrage

Light Speed Attack: The Light Speed Attack has barely changed from game to another. When using it, the user charges at different opponents at the speed of light with midair Homing Attacks and destroying every lesser enemy in the vicinity including those far away or above the player , weather in direct or circular succession. Since this move allows the player to attack and destroy multiple enemies in rapid succession, the Light Speed Attack is particularly useful when the player is outnumbered.

Reis: Flair creates a small purple and black gravitational well that fires from his hand. Targets struck by this attack are rendered completely immobile.

Gravirei: Flair creates a small gravitational well that forces the opponent's body to the ground, immobilizing them and preventing them from counterattacking.

Gigano Reis: An enhanced version of Reis, it creates a large, compressed gravitational well that fires from his hands.

Ion Gravirei: An Enhanced version of Gravirei, it creates a powerful gravitational field in the form of a beam, capable of effortlessly leveling trees to the ground. Flair can control this attack with his arm, spreading the field around him wherever he moves it.

Dioga Gravidon: An enhanced version of Gigano Reis, it creates a massive, purple and black gravitational well with multicolor beams swirling around it that fires from his hands.

Bidom Gravirei: An Enhanced version of Gravirei, Flair creates a gravitational field with a large range, capable of bringing airborne enemies down to the ground.

Rior Reis: Fires a green energy beams from both hands.

Oruga Reis: An enhanced version of Reis, it creates a large, twisting column of gravitational energy which moves like a laser towards its target.

Baberuga Gurabidon: A enhanced version of Gravirei, it creates a massive gravitational field around a fixed area capable of leveling a multi story building and covering a massive range. The crushing power of this spell is shown to be capable of extending several miles beneath the planet's surface.

Shin Baberuga Gurabidon: Is the strongest form of Flair's attack spells. It is tall enough to level a skyscraper, and wide enough to level a palace. Flair explains that this spell taps into the planet's magnetic fields, and utilizes only a mere fraction of the whole. If the spell's power is increased, it will cause severe damage to his body, but it is implied that this spell at full strength is capable of stopping the planet's rotation completely.

Zaker: A sporadic bolt of lightning that is shot at the opponent, giving them an electric shock. When casted by Flair, it comes from his hand and is bluish-white.

Zakeruga: An enhanced version of Zaker, it allows Flair to fire a concentrated beam of lightning with the power to pierce armor. When used by Flair, it comes from his hand and is bluish-white.

Teo Zakeruga: This technique creates a powerful thunderbolt from Flair's hand. A powered Up version of Zaker.

Jauro Zakeruga: Flair shoots an enormous ring of electricity with many Zakeruga's around it.

Bargirdo Zakeruga: Tremendous burst of lightning from above that fries the enemy.

Jigadirasu Uru Zakeruga: Flair's strongest spell which summons a winged entity nicknamed the thunder god of destruction. Said entity fires five thunderbolts from the holes/cannons on its body which merge into one tremendous Zakeruga blast.

Zeo Zakeruga: Flair summons and attacks with an electrical white dragon from his hand that resembles Bao Zakeruga.

Chaos Impact: Turns chaos energy into an energy beam that can rip through anything.

Chaos Bolts: Flair's variation of chaos spear that fires from his fingers. It is more effective in his angered state, Flair delivers a soft but incredibly strong blow to the opponent's front, or firing from a distance, Flair aims only for his opponent's vital spots.

Chaos Heart: Flair is able to call down lightning he delivers a soft but incredibly strong blow to the opponent's front, or firing from a distance, inflicting a huge amount of damage.

Chaos Comet: Flair is able to create a massive ball of chaos energy.

Chaos Finale: Flair can use his chaos energy to perform a massive beam of chaos energy that is strong enough to even decimate his opponents if he wanted to.

Lightning Slash: Slashes made of lightning.

Dark Dome: A barrier that is formed around himself to protect him from attacks and can be used against enemies, similar to megamans leaf shield in super smash bros.

Holy Thunder Clap: Flair covers his hands in lightning as he claps at an enemy making a very big thunder bolt.

Gravity Sphere: Like planetary devastation, Flair shoots a small dark sphere in the air where it pulls in the rocks, boulders and such to create a literal meteor.

Shadow Vortex: A vortex that can travel through and can be used for attacks, which creates a gravity field that draws in enemies similar to how merged Zamasu used it in the dragon ball super manga.

Mangekyo Sharingan

Spike Burst: A move he learned from Dark Alex, Flair can create and project needles/spikes of matter/energy to impale targets. These spikes can be projected in mid-air or generated from the ground; potentially creating a trail of needles.

[]Favorite Moves[]
Final Flash

Big Bang Attack

Galick Gun

Super Galick Gun

Chaos Torrent

Master Breaker

Dark Blast


Light Speed Attack



Gigano Reis

Ion Gravirei

Dioga Gravidon

Bidom Gravirei

Rior Reis

Oruga Reis

Baberuga Gurabidon

Shin Baberuga Gurabidon

Chaos Blast

Chidori Stream

Chaos Energy Sphere

Chaos Energy Sphere Barrage

Chaos Flare

Chaos Punch

Chaos Eruption

Chaos Eruption Barrage


Planetary Devastation

Dirty Fireworks

Super Flair
Super Flair 2nd Grade
Super Flair 2
Super Flair 3
Super Flair 4
Super Flair God
Super Flair Blue
Fleetway Flair Locked but can't control the transformation
Dark Flair
Super Flair White
Polar Mode Exclusive to him and Kronos Locked
Super Flair Rose
Super Flair Blue Evolution
☆ Weakness(es) || Limitations ☆


Kronos's deadly one inch chaos punch

Flair can be quite cocky and overconfident

Being Arrogant

Flair Letting his pride take over during battles.
☆ Equipment || Weapons ☆
God Killer Sword
Bo Staff
Ninja Weapons
Thermal Blaster
Scissor Blade
Ki Blade

★★★ Biography ★★★
Flair is the older Brother and Rival of Kronos. He's the Prince/God of The Hedgehog race born thousands of years ago. He and his wife Ferna were in charge in creating all life across Mobius following up to the creation of Planet Earth itself including the entire multiverse. Flair was mysteriously killed and reborn with Sonic The Hedgehog's DNA and Cells. This explains how he he's Kronos's brother. His Father, King Flair is the king of all Hedgehogs. King Flair and his race of mighty warriors were under the rule of the interplanetary warlord Mephiles The Dark. Mephiles had threatened to kill King Flair if he didn't give Flair to Mephiles. While working for Mephiles he pressured Flair into doing his bidding or else he would kill Flair's father. A group of Hedgehogs decided to revolt against Mephiles to free Flair while Flair was away on another planet, planet Flair was destroyed. As a result, most of the Hedgehogs are killed but a few remain. Flair does not refer to himself as the "King Of All Hedgehogs", out of respect for his father. His brothers are also shadow the hedgehog and silver the hedgehog. They have the same blood type. He's also a member of the rabbit family of cream and Ms vanilla who had asked him if he wanted to join the family so he agree with it. Which explains why he is often calling her mother. Flair had joined up with mephiles in the first place so that cream and Ms vanilla wouldn't be in any danger due to a deal he had made with mephiles who had agreed that he won't hurt them unless he joined him. The second time he was forced to join him.


Fusions: Florinos (Requires Kronos) Kronovair (Requires Kronos)

Face Claims: Raph, Shadic, Zero(Megaman), Sasuke, Renji Abarai, Deathstroke/Slade, Brago,

☆ Goals/Motivations/Dreams ☆
keeping peace to Mobius and The Multiverse.

Becoming The Strongest.
[]Wins and Loses []
Flair Vs Kronos (Tie)

Flair Vs Mystery Kroff (Flair Win)

Flair Vs Kronos Round 2 (Flair Win)

Flair Vs Mephiles (Flair Win)

Flair Vs Metal Sonic (Flair Lost)

Flair Vs Nazo (Flair Lost)

Flair Vs Ultra Instinct Kronos (Flair Lost)

Flair Vs Emerl (Flair Win)

Flair Vs Silver (Flair Win)

Flair Vs Mecha Shadow (Flair Lost)

Flair Vs Mira (Flair Win)

Flair Vs Towa (Flair Win)

Flair Vs Demigra (Flair Win)

Flair Vs Vegeta (Tie)

Flair Vs Mecha Sonic (Flair Lost)

[]Feats: Was successfully able to defeat a army of Kaiju, Defeated Demigra Mira and Towa, Killed Thanos -With infinity gauntlet-with some help from his team, Stopped a alien invasion.[]

1.-- Main Theme
2.-- Super Flair Theme
3.-- Super Flair 2 Theme
4. Super Flair 3 Theme
5. Super Flair 4 Theme
6. Super Flair Blue
7. Curse Mark Theme
8. Dark Flair Theme
9. Super Flair White Theme
10. Super Flair God Theme
11. Super Flair 2nd Grade Theme
12. Fleetway Flair Theme
13. Super Flair White 2nd Theme
14. Super Flair Rose Theme
15.https: Super Flair Blue Evolution Theme]]>
Tue, 17 Jul 2018 18:31:58 +0200
Lisa Tully
The EVENT 7/17 Aluna Ash Clairvoyant- 9D
Published on Jul 17, 2018
This is 1000000% happening in my opinion...
Lisa Tully
1 second ago
The pulse I have heard is coming from Alyson, Our Real Central Sun in the Milky Way Galaxy, Mankind is Rising...This aligns with The Yellow Rose from Texas, YRFT and Adam 1414, It aligns with Allison Coe, Lisa M Harrison, One Harmony just came out with a vid yesterday awesome...The SHIFT & EVENT Update! One Harmony Published on Jul 16, 2018 and so many others are picking up on the Massive Event thats at our front door. After your meditation tape I could only do a little last night for my 3 yr old granddaughter Rose, she sleeps with me and I had to put her to bed, she is my love and joy, such a bright wise little one/ spirit while we are here on the earth plane, she keeps me going and keeps hope alive... I got all kinds of messages last night, early this morning around 4 am, 5 that nothing matters now and the Event is soon, healings, clearings, chakra none matters now for All will be corrected after the Event and no one escapes this Grand Event of Mankind rising or should want to, that all will experience this no matter where your conscientiousness is or what level of awakening you are at, that this is the Liberation for Mankind from the prison camp we endured until this Great time of Change, nothing to fear and there is no time for Event is soon!!! The Gathering, Thank you Aluna for sharing for this message of yours correlates so well what messages I was getting and Event being soon, the Flash of light...I am looking forward to this beautiful thing for Mankind it is well over due...And your vid popped up on my screen as soon as I signed into youtube this morning..I look forward to seeing you All at the gathering and Happy Event that awaits Us.. Gratitude, respect and love to you Aluna, you've been a shinning Star for me since I started to watch your vids before you got such a grand following.. And thank you to the lovely Friends and beings who follow your vids also who share knowledge and experience, Love and Peace to you All..💛💜💙💗]]>
Tue, 17 Jul 2018 04:39:16 +0200
The Flash Season 5 Ep. 1 Leaked BTS Pictures Breakdown/Speculation #TheFlash #TheFlashSeason5 #DCTV]]>
Mon, 16 Jul 2018 20:43:11 +0200
Ryaki Kronos The Hedgehog/Ichigo/Infinite

Ryaki Kronos The Hedgehog/Ichigo/Infinite:

[]Update Version 2[]

【 × YES | × NO 】

【× YES 】

Loading Information
[][] 20%
[][][][] 40%
[][][][][][] 60%
[][][][][][][][] 80%
[][][][][][][][][][] 100%
|●▬▬▬▬▬๑|Nєω Cнαяαcтєя|๑▬▬▬▬▬●

☆ Quotes ☆


"It's Over."

"You never had a chance to win."

"Didn't even break a sweat"

"You should thank me for letting you live"

"You'll get no sympathy from me."

"You can try, but the result will always be the same."

"Prepare yourself."

"Come at me with everything you've got!"

"Omya wa mo shindiu."

"Hmph. Not even a challenge."

"It's easy to give up to give in when things get tough but that's not the way to win. I won't quit no matter how hopeless it seems that's not the way to get ahead especially not in life."

"No matter how strong you are without heart your strength is meaningless."

"True Strength. Strength can be used for many things. Strength can be meant that you have the power to subjugate others beneath you or that you have the free will to do whatever you desire with said strength. However, I firmly believe that true strength is the strength coming from my fist, to protect the hopes and dreams of my friends, my universe, and carry it far, to grant them victory and enable me the strength to protect those I care about along with the innocent as I am now."

"Pathetic. I expected more from you."

☆ Name ☆
☆ Aliases ☆
The Ultimate Being
Project Shindo
Shadow Reincarnation
The Second Coming Of The Ultimate Life Form
The Ultimate Mobian
☆ Eye Color ☆
☆ Hair Color ☆
Crimson And Black
☆ Gender ☆
☆ Age ☆
☆ Race/Species ☆
Hedgehog Entity
☆ Sexuality ☆
☆ Identity ☆
☆ Likes ☆
Getting Stronger
Shadow The Hedgehog
Rouge The Bat
E-123 Omega
Improving his abilities
Most Of Shadow's Friends
Relic The Pika
Sometimes Being Alone
Doing Missions
Having New Friends
Winning Fights
Having a mission
Team Chaotix
Sticks The Badger
Metal Sonic
Metal Shadow
Shard The Metal Sonic
Secret Freedom Fighters
Nicole Toress
Sarah Toress
☆ Dislikes ☆
Dark Dash (Sometimes) (Because he's his Friend/Rival)
Being Insulted
Being Defeated
When someone gets in his way
Anyone who can rival him
Failing Missions
Trouble Makers
People interrupting him
Suffering Of Others
Any of his friends to be killed or hurt badly
Doesn't like killing people unless he has to
Dr. Finitevus
Black Doom
Metal Knuckles
Metal Tails
Metal Sally
Eclipse The Darkling
Black Death
Artificial Chaos
Tails Doll
Dark Oak
Mammoth Mogul
☆ Personality ☆
Shindo has a personality slightly similar to Shadows. He's smug and stubborn. Unlike shadow he's not as arrogant and is not without compassion and has shown concern for others at certain times. He usually prefers to remain silent but can be selfless. Not to mention sometimes insane. His personality is the same between Yami Yugi and Jiren The Gray because sometimes he is insightful and serious about most matters, due to this it has made him quite intelligent. Shindo is very confident but mostly cool headed no matter how grim the situation is or gets.
☆ Appearance ☆
He is practically identical to the "Ultimate Life Form" better known as shadow. The only noticeable differences would be Crimson marks on each of its spikes, along with upon its arms and legs. He's equipped with a long sleeved jump suit with Black long-sleeves that covers the whole back from neck down, along with gray gloves and gray yellow tipped air shoes with two yellow straps in the shoulder area.
▌│█║▌║▌║ Powers & Abilities ║▌║▌║█│

Immortality: Like Shadow the hedgehog, He can Die but His Age will be Different but he can't die by Age

Chaos Control: Like most users in chaos energy, Shindo can use chaos control to teleport and stop time, but he doesn't need the emeralds to do so.

Mastered Chaos Control: Able to use the full extent of Chaos Control without the support of a Chaos Emerald. This variant of Chaos Control last longer and slows down the flow of time, thus slowing down everything around him and giving the user more time to react.

Chaos Lance: The Chaos Lance is similar to the Chaos Spear, but pack much great power. When performing it, Shindo brings his right arm in midair and fires a long red energy bolt at his opponents that explodes upon impact.

Chaos Snap: The Chaos Snap is an enhanced version of chaos attack, his kicks and punches being multiplied in power and speed due to Chaos Energy. When performing this move, Shindo enters his chaos boost state and uses chaos control to warp between opponent where he lands several fierce hits on them.

Chaos Boost: Like Sonic and Shadow, He can Go Twice the Speed and Power and Strength and Skills.

Spear Of Light: When performing this move, Shindo charges up red chaos energy in his hands. Once he has gathered enough, Shindo simultaneously releases nine red destructive energy projectiles more powerful than Chaos Lances in a circular pattern.

Chaos Rift: When performing Chaos Rift, Shindo slowly walks up to the front of his target. Once facing his target, Shindo envelopes himself in a purple, circular area, by performing a outward movement with his body. Shortly after that, Shindo channels his aura into his hands and forms a rift in time and space, which takes the shape of an orb almost twice the size of himself and is colored black and purple with small white stars inside. Once formed, Shindo flungs the rift at his target in an attempt to banish the opponent to outside time and space.

Ultimate Chaos Blast: A bigger and larger version of the chaos blast.

Chaos Blast: Chaos Blast is a Chaos Power and variation of Chaos Control that, so far, only Shadow the Hedgehog and Sir Lancelot have been seen using. It is a great explosion of chaos energy that damages anything and anyone caught within its radius.

Chaos Light Bomb: Shindo uses the absorbed Chaos Energy and releases an explosion like chaos energy around him.

Chaos Ball: The user creates a small orb of chaos energy that will instantly home in on any nearby opponent making them lose their balance as well as temporary stunning them.

Chaos Control Sphere: The user will use chaos control in order to trap their opponents in a sphere of chaos energy.

Chaos Burst: When performing Chaos Burst, Shindo spins around and uses chaos control to hide away in an area of distorted space, disappearing from sight. When emerging from the distorted space, shindo briefly creates a small white and purple bubble around himself that damages any opponents that makes contact with it, as well as launching them for multiple hits.

Chaos Magic: When performing Chaos Magic, Shindo snaps his fingers, invoking Chaos Control. This creates an area of distorted space in front of him in the form of a violet, purple and white spacial rift that knocks the opponents into the air.

Chaos Nightmare: When performing Chaos Nightmare, Shindo grinds both his fists at his side while briefly ascending into the air. While grinding his fists, he invokes Chaos Control and distorts space around both his fists, creating small violet and purple pulsating spheres around each fist that repels his enemies.

Chaos Upper: When performing Chaos Upper, he turns away from the opponent and grinds his fist, invoking Chaos Control to distort the space around his fist, creating a small violet and purple pulsating sphere around it (in a similar fashion to Chaos Nightmare). He then backhands the opponent with his space-distorted fist, knocking the opponent into the air.

Roaming Chaos: When performing Roaming Chaos, he invokes chaos control, creating a spot of distorted space in the shape of a purple and white orb, before throwing the orb away in a horizontal swing. The orb of distorted space will then float in midair and try to get back to him until either an opponent makes contact with it, which will knock the opponent into midair, or he performs Roaming Chaos again, thus neutralizing the first orb.

Chaos Punishment: Shindo can Perform Chaos Punishment by using chaos control to warp infront of an enemy and either deliver a quick strike, launch a powerful kick, or accelerate at top speed.

Chaos Attacks: Shindo can release/use chaos/chaotic forces for attacks of various shapes and or/intensities,eitheir projected, used as a part of melee attacks, etc.

Shadow Heal: When performing shadow heal, he stands firmly in one spot and closes his eyes. He then invokes Chaos Control using it to power a procedure that heals any physical damage he may have received.

Shadow Jump: When performing shadow jump, he sends himself into the air. While ascending during the jump, he does a back flip in midair, before falling back down.

Shadow Kick: When Performing shadow kick, he attacks the opponent with a small- hopping High Spin Kick by swinging their foot in front of them from ground level to head level at maximum height, via swinging their leg inward.

Shadow Rocket: When Performing Shadow Rocket, he rolls around horizontally in mid-air and ascends a little higher into the air. Shindo then launches a Downward Kick by first stretching out their leg and tilting his foot on the stretched leg slightly inward, while aiming it at the opponent below.

Shadow Eagle: When performing Shadow Eagle, he jumps towards a knocked-away opponent in midair. While moving at speeds where the user cannot be seen, the user approaches and attacks the opponent with a diving kick via an out-stretched leg where the foot is slightly tilted inward, pushing the opponent in a straight slope into the ground.

Shadow Dash: When performing the Shadow Dash, the user utilizes the shoes to launch himself forward with a quick dash at high speed. While dashing the user invokes Chaos Control to warp himself forward across space, before appearing again at a certain distance ahead of where the warp began, while still retaining a bit of momentum, enough to continue moving from it without his breaking animation.

Shadow Chop: When performing the shadow chop, the user attacks the opponent with a chop by swinging the side of their hand horizontally in front of them into the opponent, with excessive force while leaning forward.

Shadow Guard: When performing Shadow Guard, the user crosses both of his arms to brace from oncoming attacks while using chaos control to power the guard. This briefly forms a spherical field, which is signified by a purple pulse emerging from and moving around the user that can block any incoming attacks.

Shadow Run: When performing Shadow Run, the user adapts Shadow's running style while utilizing the Air Shoes to run at greater speeds greater than supersonic speed and sonic the hedgehog's signature speed. However, the user's ability to break and turn around becomes severely compromised, for they suffer from a slight loss of traction.

Shadow Slide: When performing Shadow Slider, the user, while in dash/leap, puts his feet down and plants them against the ground, sliding along it as he comes to a stop. While sliding, the user aims the Air Shoes thrusters at the opponent and unleashes fire at high temperatures from them, burning the opponent.

Regenerative Healing Factor: Shindo can heal from any wound and injury quickly.

Flight: Shindo has shown the ability to fly and hover similar to those within a Super State, like Super Sonic for example.

Speed: Infinite has been shown to move quite fast, enough so he that he could side step a point blank attack from shadow.

Cubes: Infinite's first ability was the creation of cubes. It's quite possible he could make infinite amounts. These cubes can harm enemies, and if Infinite wishes subject them to his will. It is described being hit by a cube as "being placed within a dream where reality changes. Taking damage within this this dream equals taking damage in the real world. Infinite can also use the cubes to manifest creations such as torrents.

Bullets: Aside from cubes, Shindo has shown the ability to fire bullets of energy from his hands.

Laser Beams: Shindo was capable of producing highly destructive beams of energy from his hands.

Shock Wave: Infinite has also shown the ability to charge up a powerful shockwave. It shows the same effect from when one touches the cubes, and then more effect from when one touches the cubes, and then more effects, such as gravity manipulation, the creation of large monstrosities baring Infinite's appearance. The greatest known alteration was when Infinite brought down the sun towards the planet, ready to drop it on shadow despite how it would effect the planet.

Strength: Infinite has shown been shown to be quite strong, kicking Sonic the Hedgehog hard enough to break the wall he has slammed into, cratering walls twice.

Agility: Shindo has shown great agility, even before gaining the phantom ruby.

Teleportation: Shindo can teleport in a manner that makes it seems as if his body is being deconstructed into cuboid objects.

Null-Space: Infinite's deadliest attack, he throws forth an orb of Null-Energy created by the phantom Ruby, and can attack it, creating a black hole into an alternate world with almost no escape. It took the extreme speed of Sonic and the Avatar Characters's Double-Boost to make it out, barely at that.

Chaos Deadly Cut: Shindo Swipes with his hands to form a giant power cut at his opponent with Chaos Energy.

Chaos Lightning: Shindo holds his hands at his sides and strikes them with a chaos beam with the force of a lightning bolt.

Chaos Buster: First, Shindo raises his hands into the sky and charges a large energy sphere of chaos energy. Then he swings his hands down and fires it at the opponent, inflicting a huge amount of damage.

One Handed Chaos Blast: Shindo Charges Chaos Energy into his hand then fires an great explosion of Chaos Energy at the opponent.

Chaos Bullet: The user fires small, tightly compacted orbs of Chaos Energy at their opponent. The attack leaves the foe stunned and dazed long enough for the user to deal a significant amount of damage.

Blow Of Chaos: The Blow of chaos is formed by Shindo gathering a ginormous amount of chaos energy. As it begins to form on his hands and around his body. Finally, Shindo with palms thrusted discharges a massive beam of chaos energy towards his opponent.

Chaos Blast Barrage: A barrage of chaos blast.

Chaos Spear Bergade: Allows him to form 1 or 5 deadly chaos spears and can kick them at the opponent.

Chaos Spear Barrage: A barrage of chaos spears.

Sand Coffin

Sand Burial

Sand Armor

Sand Shadow Clone

Cocoon Of Sand

Wind Style Sandstorm Devastation

Sand Shuriken

Play Possum Jutsu

Sand Shower

Sand Tsunami

Giant Sand Burial

Sand Lightning Needles

Sand Prison

Enhanced Combat: Shindo is unbelievably skilled in most known forms of fighting. He can be exceptionally proficient in the fighting traditions of a variety of cultures and become advanced with their own individual methods of close quarter combat, including martial arts (from all over the world), boxing, and wrestling.They can also become superhumanly skilled in their use of weaponry.

Super Shindo
Chaos Shindo
Chaos Mode Exclusive to him.
Hyper Shindo
☆ Weakness(es) || Limitations ☆
Using too much energy
Leaving him in a paralyzed state
But sometimes He gets outsmarted by being tricked.
☆ Equipment || Weapons ☆
Twin Katanas
Twin Pistols
Smoke Bombs
Throwing Knives
Sniper Rifle
Cloaking Device

★★★ Biography ★★★
Shindo, is a reincarnation of Shadow the hedgehog. Within, his prime "Shindo" was one of the supposed "Elite" line of the Shadow Androids with a more advanced type of sentience than was used within the E-100 series. After the entire black comet accident with Black Doom, The line of production was discontinued, and the Hedgehog Entity found himself set free within the world before him. The only differences is he was Reincarnated and born with the DNA of shadow the hedgehog and Infinite by G.U.N. Then he joins G.U.N. with Shadow The Hedgehog Rouge and E-123 Omega.

Fusions: Shidash (Requires Dark Dash)

Face Claims: Sanctum The Hedgehog, Jin Kazama, Green Arrow, Yami Yugi His main Face Claim,

☆ Goals/Motivations/Dreams ☆

He has infinite stamina. He does not have infinite energy.

He has beaten Kronos in his ultra instinct Kronos transformation.

He was able to take on a full powered Final Flash from Flair without any damaged.

Shindo is an incarnation of the force of chaos, the creature chaos and Mephiles the Dark are also incarnations of chaos but Shindo is different from them he is capable of handling beings who are able to use the super transformation and hyper transformation.

He has once transformed into his Chaos Mode when it is in use it covers his body into chaos energy and absorbs it giving him a unlimited supply of energy while in the form he gets a increase amount of power making himself ten times stronger than before.

He has defeated Mecha Sonic (SMBZ) in base form.

He teamed up with some people but then him and his other team defeated Black Lantern Superman he was very lucky to survive with some other people on his team that was with him.

He then proceeded to defeat Bizarro.

Hit The Assassin / Yami Yugi

1. (Main Theme)

2. (Super Shindo Theme)

3. (Chaos Shindo Theme)

4. (Chaos Mode Theme)

5. (His 2nd Main Theme)

6. (His 3rd Main Theme)
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Arc Anda Aresha
No one but the pure in heart
May find the golden grail

Arc Anda Aresha:

Flash Gordon in Jewish Gematria equals: 356
Amun Re in Jewish Gematria equals: 356
Baphe Meteos in Jewish Gematria equals: 356
In The Heart in Jewish Gematria equals: 356
Dragon Knight in Jewish Gematria equals: 356
The Commander in Jewish Gematria equals: 356
Master Kalki in Jewish Gematria equals: 356

Brighter Than The Sun

The Energies From Sirius are Striking My Core!! RejoySeeIn and very Moved for all the Support eye am receiving. Our Spiritual ancestors Use The Bridge the One we called The Ladder, DNA to communicate and download information, when eye went to bed eye heard the word, "Sirius" from a man speaking in a documentary or something.... since eye never before got shaken after hearing the the word Sirius eye uttered it just to see because my reaction was.... Oh no!!!! eye know how hurtful it can be when some words frequencies strike the core... eye have been there.. so eye said "Sirius" and eye got shook again and got a headache because it stroke me hard, eye was almost sleeping and it woke me harshly :Ö: and today all eye heard is Sirius and if eye say it or think about it, it happens with images or words and never happened with the energy of Sirius until now... Eye can't think consciously about it because it strikes me to the point of giving me headache.
Oh No!!! :)
it hurts.

all these days have been magnificent days.
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LUCIFER STAR Jul 13, 2018

Corey Goode said that he was shown a coming full halo CME [Coronal Mass Ejection] blast wave hitting planet Earth. First, the entire electrical grid and all electronics would be fried, then central Europe would be destroyed followed by a mile-high tsunami accompanied by Mach - 1 gales, originating in the Atlantic ocean sweeping over planet Earth, resulting in devastating human and animal die-offs! However, Corey added that was a worst case scenario that he was shown which was the result of the far reaching effects of humanity's unregenerated residue of primate genetics of service-to-self aggression and selfishness. But on the hopeful side, he added that the predicted Solar ELE [Extinction Level Event] could be not only mitigated but changed over to a more favorable "Mandala-Effect" timeline if only a small percentage of informed humanity were to have a positive change of heart. Remarkably, a peaceful, non lethal Solar Flash Event could occur if that same minority of service-to-others were to engage upon a unified group meditation outpicturing a more desirable result! Think about that asymmetrical potential of relatively few people dramatically influencing our massive sun thereby making an incredible difference in the outcome of the Solar Flash! It is to that end that I am slowly building my case by endeavoring to facilitate awareness of the tremendous unrealized potential of humanity's effect of inspired imagination manifested on a cosmic scale!


MAN-MADE artificial boundaries have miscreated

a world of multiplicity and divisive barriers that

keep man separate from each other and


all the while

THE ETHERS pulsate with a scintillating vitality

and rhythm of unity with the one all pervading



WHEN ONE has fully consecrated the energies of

their heart and will to the lord, they are filled

with a radiant presence, and there can be







Fearlessness should connote absence of all kinds of fear of

death, fear of bodily injury, fear of hunger, fear of insults, fear

of public disapprobation, fear of ghosts and evil spirits, fear of

anyone's anger. Freedom from all these and such other fears

constitutes fearlessness.


Roy Batty dying on the roof [from BLADERUNNER]

I've seen things you people wouldn't believe.

Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion.

I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the

Tannhäuser Gate. All those moments will be lost

in time like tears in the rain. Time to die.

Quite an experience to live in fear, isn't it?

That's what it is to be a slave.


Dune Quote

"I will not fear. Fear is the mind killer. Fear is the little death

that brings total oblivion. I will face my fear; let it pass over

me, through me. And when it is gone I will turn my inner eye to

the path it has taken and there will be nothing. Only I will






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Skin Flash
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Zachary Yaro
The first teaser trailer for S11 is here. It does not show much, but it is something to hold us over. IIRC, only about 2 months to go until S11!]]>
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Sylvain Saurel

Sylvain Saurel:

Use Emergency mode on Samsung smartphones for help in difficult situations

Samsung smartphones come with a very useful feature that you rely on in difficult situations for help. It’s aptly called Emergency mode and lets you access important emergency features and helps conserve the handset’s battery power to extend its standby time for as long as possible. It also limits the device’s functionality in order to conserve battery life.

The home screen is changed to a simple black theme and simplified when the Emergency mode is enabled. The brightness and frame rate are lowered while the CPU speed is limited. It restricts app usage to the essential apps that you select and turns off mobile data when the screen is off. Other connectivity features such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are disabled as well. The location settings remain as they were in the Emergency mode once it’s turned off.

It’s basically the ultra power saving mode with the ability to send a distress signal from your phone. Once the Emergency mode is enabled, you can turn on the flash to use it as a torch, send your location to a contact through text message, sound an emergency alarm on your phone, browse the internet and make/receive phone calls.

How to use Emergency mode on Samsung smartphones

Step 1: Press and hold the power button for a few seconds and then tap on Emergency mode.

Step 2: Read and agree to the terms and conditions, then select Turn on in the popup window that shows up to enable emergency mode.

Step 3: Use the “+” button to add one additional app to the simplified home screen if you need. Only select apps work in this mode.

That’s it. Emergency mode is very easy to enable and use and will certainly come in handy if you ever find yourself in a difficult situation. Tap on the relevant options to activate the emergency alarm and torch or to share your location and make a phone call.

Samsung has made it very simple to understand and use. The emergency alarm is a particularly good option as it loudly beeps when enabled. To turn off the Emergency mode, just tap on the hamburger menu (the three-dot icon) in the top right corner and tap on the relevant option. You can also manage your emergency contacts by tapping the Manage emergency contacts option in the hamburger menu.

#Samsung #Emergency #Mode #Android #SOS #Alerts #GalaxyS9 #GalaxyS9Plus #S8 #S7 #Note9 #GalaxyNote9 #Indiedev
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Mуѕтєɾιoυѕ Mo
•• 👓 ••

Hello, and welcome to this page! It's the bro Mo, you already know so go ahead and give me a follow, I'd appreciate it for sho'. XD I'm sorry that just came into my mind.

I'm gonna quickly run through some things here, so read them if you fell like it, don't if you don't! Hope you enjoy your... Stay? I don't know. XD

•• 👓 ••

𝕻𝖊𝖗𝖘𝖔𝖓𝖆𝖑 𝕿𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖌𝖘


Something I will never disclose, because I'm paranoid as fruit. You can call me Mo, though.


Also something I'll never publicly disclose. You can probably guess the range simply from the way I talk. Maybe not. Either's fine with me.




Smart enough to know that's not how you spell "male", in case you were wondering.

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𝕷𝖎𝖐𝖊𝖘 𝖆𝖓𝖉 𝕯𝖎𝖘𝖑𝖎𝖐𝖊𝖘


Nearly anything DC or Marvel related. TV Shows, Comics, Video Games, Movies, etc.

A whole bunch of shows (listed below)

Video Games in general



The Internet as a whole

тν ѕнσωѕ:

The Flash


DC's Legends of Tomorrow


Black Lightnig



Luke Cage

Jessica Jones

Iron Fist

The Defenders

The Punisher

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (still on season 3)

Marvel's Runaways

Cloak and Dagger

Fresh Off The Boat





LeGBiTe as a whole and anything related to it.

Rude people

Bad decisions


more things I just can't think of right now. XD



+Bruce Wayne [ CC ]

+Nicholas Monroe [ OC ]

+Peter Parker • тнє ѕαναgє ѕριdєɾ-мαn [ CC ]

тнιηgѕ уσυ ѕнσυℓ∂ кηoω αвoυт мє

I use "XD" a LOT. So bare with me. XD

I try to be as nice as I can to everyone, and though it hasn't ever happened (and I know it probably never will), if I ever get mad to the point that I'm insulting you, you must've done something really angering.

•• 👓 ••

I would tag people here you all know who you are, but I won't mainly because I over think a few things.

Aaaanyway, feel free to just ask / talk to me about something we may have a shared interest in, or anything you want! I just ask you do it in a nice manner, please. Thanks!
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