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Monstrous Lust: The Tome of Monstrous Lust / The Forest Stud’s Ultimate Bundle: Thirty stories of sex and monsters

Deep in the forest there is a house full of dark desires. Its long history of carnal acts and dirty deeds has now been recorded in a hefty tome composed of 30 stories by famed dirty minded author E.M. Beastly. It contains over 500 pages of the most wild and exotic stories of lust you will ever find. These are not your average stories of steamy romance and hot passion. Inside these pages the men are always monsters. Even when they press their bodies up against there victims they remain furry, frightening and wild.

Here: have a short free sample from the short story:

So Many Wolves: My Feral Lover Part 3

Shani came into the glen that her sister Camille had taken her into so many times over the course of four years. It was her turn to be with the wolves, and with her mate Fen. He was a werewolf that Shani had watched mate with her sister many times over. She gained her sexual education by watching them have sex in every conceivable position and raunchy, taboo act of intercourse that could possibly be done between a man and a woman.

She wanted to join in and let Fen take her. They wouldn’t allow it, always telling her it wasn’t her time yet. She wasn’t old or educated enough. Shani really believed it had more to do with her sister enjoying her squirm as she sat on an old rotten log with only her own hands and fingers to pleasure herself. On those cool moonlit nights she wished that Fen with his dark warm coat of fur would smother her to keep her warm as his giant red cock filled her pussy, rocking against her insides all night long. She tried to simulate it with fingers, but they didn’t have the strength, girth, or force of his meaty wolf cock. Nor could her fists replicate the knot of wolf meat at his cocks base that rammed Camille’s clitoris night after night. Then there were the powerful orgasmic explosions of his white, thick cum. Four years ago it looked disgusting; she was the type of girl who didn’t like slimy, icky things. The savage monstrous viewings of her four year education changed that. She had received small tastes of Fen, and was allowed to feel the hot splashes of his essence from time to time. It had awakened some feral beast inside of herself, and now she wanted to be flooded inside and out by the hot sticky mess of her feral stepbrother.

That looked to be a greater reality than she could ever imagine on this night of her eighteenth birthday. Fen’s pack was all here in the glen she had gotten so familiar with. There were many of them, at least ten or so. They were all werewolves like her stepbrother; massive in body, covered in fluffy fur, with broad shoulders carrying wolf shaped heads set with dark eyes gleaming with either silver or golden irises. Their eyes glowed brightly in the night, even brighter than the full moon that always seemed to linger in this magical place.

This was her first time meeting any of Fen’s pack mates. He only let her and her sister know that one day they would all come here to share their flesh. Fen always said that this forest was full of secrets, and that those secrets would be revealed in time; for a werewolf shares his mate with all. Shani hungered for this night because her reward should make even her sister jealous. Camille may have got to fuck Fen first, but his pack was her virgin soil to explore.

Shani’s body shivered in excitement and anticipated fear. There were so many, all like Fen but also so different. Some had white fur, some black, there were even some reddish-brown wolves in the pack. Like their fur, so too did their cocks come in a variety of colors. Shani was used to seeing Fen’s bright red cock swollen with his hot crimson blood. She thought that was naturally the color of all werewolf meat, but apparently they could be blue, black and silver. Only their shape and impressive size remained consistent between the wolves waiting for her. Oh how they waited for her, proudly howling at the moon with massive meaty knots swelling at their bases.

“It is time…” Fen said in his gruff voice while his furry paws gripped her waist from behind. She could feel his throbbing cock poking her, and she could feel his heart beating like a wave out of his chest and into her.

“Are you nervous?” he continued with genuine concern. He was an intense person both in and out of wolf form, but he had always cared for both Shani and her sister in a quiet and stoic way. Shani was originally very scared of his intense stare and immense nature, but four years of getting to know him better let her fall back comfortably into his silver fur to await his meaty appendage.

“Not if you lead the pack.” she said smiling over her shoulder.

Without another word, as was his quiet and stoic nature, he spun her around and lifted her up to begin licking her warm pink flesh. She was already naked; all except her shoes, that is, for walking in the forest to this destination. Her young virgin pussy wanted the preparation of coitus first created with warm licks of Fen’s long tongue. She felt like her body was screaming with glee at his forbidden moist touch. He lifted her, spread her, and laid them both down in the flowers and weeds of the glen in one elegant and fluid motion of his body as he licked her kindly. Shani knew he would start this way, for he was a gentleman. He always tried to make sure she was comfortable and happy, even if all she was doing was watching him and her sister mate like animals. The other wolves of the pack would have to wait, but they panted with excitement. Shani knew it would get wild soon enough when she found herself in the middle of this mating frenzy.

Until then she was getting something she had waited a long time for. She could remember the very first time she watched Camille take a tongue licking. Fen stared at her with his glowing eyes the whole time he licked her sister’s wet pussy lips. His tongue may have skillfully lapped at Camille’s juices as it stroked her clitoris, but the whole time he did it his eyes were focused on her. He always wanted to mate with her, and it took him a great deal of control to restrain himself from taking her now like his bitch in heat. He was fighting his desires to spring up like the beast he was, and start savagely thrusting his cock deep inside her virgin body while clamping his maw down upon the back of her neck. She had seen him loose control on Camille so many times before. With the twitching of his anticipating body, even his usual long and delicate tongue strokes were wavy and sloppy, she knew he would soon give up this delicate foreplay and be the first amongst his pack to fill her with his seed.

It did not help his eagerness to see two of his wolfen brothers come to join in. A great white wolf came up and propped up her upper body so as another jet black beast could extend his ebony cock to her lips. Fen became wide eyed at the interruption, but was still able to do his licking without pause. He was trying very hard not to let the animal inside him take completely over as he muffled a quiet growl. “Did Fen really want to share this moment?” Shani had to wonder.

Now a more pressing issue was at hand. Her first werewolf cock wanted her to suck it. It was black as the beast’s fur who wielded it. If it wasn’t for its glistening wetness shining in the moonlight, or the pearl white pre-cum dribbling from its tip, it would have been hard to see in the dark night. Its pungent meaty odor was powerful and it made her recoil due to its strength and distinct uniqueness. Her new playmate would not be denied, holding her head firmly so she would not get away.

The black shaft disappeared quickly between her lips. It was moist and salty with a strong pungent flavor like licorice. Shani knew it would be something she would have to get used to. Even Fen’s pungent aroma was of such strength to overwhelm her senses even though his cock had been pleasing her sister. Now to have it in her mouth was a, “Wow!” experience. It did not gag her, but she did have to spit it out and re-ready herself to try again.

She took the second swig slower and much better, allowing her self to get accustomed to the flavor as she dapped and swirled the shaft with her tongue. It was difficult to focus; Fen’s tongue was working on her without the same timid carefulness she was trying to perform. The black wolf helped her find her rhythm with his paws holding her against him. He was a bit forceful but she did not protest. It allowed her to enjoy Fen’s tongue more. Without this new black mate, she would never find this perfect rhythm of union. She relaxed easily and began to release her garbled moans out between the black cock sliding around on her tongue and Fen’s tongue sliding around inside her.

Her moans were making the rest of the pack hungrier; she could see the other closing in with wolfen cocks raging harder than before. Even Fen was getting more excited, too excited perhaps. His licks were getting fast, irregular and sloppy. He was beginning to growl. “Was it at the others for getting too close? Shani wondered. Yet, one thing was for certain, Fen was letting his animal loose and soon he would go wild.

Before she could think or concern herself about it further he was done licking her. She felt him it enter her. Her virginity was now undone as she felt the pressure and power of Fen’s cock fill her body. He was anxious to be the first, and he growled and at the others as he made sure his cock was pushed deep inside. His knot was slamming against her. He was already trying to push it inside to claim her. The black wolf did not seem to protest to this, and held her head steady as Fen roared his way inside her body. She muffled her cries against the black cock in her mouth; it was all she could do against Fen’s rough abuse to mate with her. Her body stretched painfully to accommodate all of him, but she was more amazed at the feeling of fullness inside her.

God, the knot was punching against her clitoris in exactly the way she thought it would feel like. Oh, how right Shani was about never being able to replicate it herself. She wished she could savor it while taking it slowly, but Fen wouldn’t allow it. Like her sister so many times before, she was ravaged by him. He bucked and growled while making sure his red meat was sufficiently smothered and tingled by his new mate he had waited so long to claim. Fen’s enthusiasm wore off onto her other partner, and the black wolf also began to speed up and aggressively fuck her lips and tongue with his licorice dick. Shani could only lie beneath them and let them finish their assault upon her body.

It ended like a gunshot. Two guns firing their rounds. Shani tried to reflect and enjoy Fen’s hot seed burning her pleasurably from within, but the sticky, pungent load in her mouth forced her to focus there. She garbled out a moan and backwashed out a pungent load of werewolf cum out between her lips and back along the black shaft until it was no longer black. It dripped down in sloppy warm globs onto her breasts whose nipples were pointed up like towers to be struck by the white lightning. It took some time for them to both finish unloading; Shani could feel Fen’s cock wonderfully pulsate every last drop it could. When they pungent cream stopped pouring into her mouth and down her chin, her black wolfen mate retreated so that she could see Fen’s Red meat locked inside her. His knot made her vulva look swollen.

"My name is Romulus,” said the black wolf as he bent down beside her, and then without further word he began to clean her face and breasts with his tongue. He did it so suddenly and passionately that Shani thought this was now a romance story. That is except he was sharing his white wolf spunk he had drowned her with. He licked her and she opened her mouth to let his tongue inside her mouth and they shared his taste together.

“Don’t clean her too much,” said Fen as he grunted to pull his cock from her deflowered hole, “I want to dirty it next.”

Romulus had to pause while Shani grunted and gasped as Fen worked to get himself free. His efforts seemed intentional at making her feel his hard knot strain against her vaginal walls. It hurt a little, but she had seen him do this before with her sister, and it was oddly more fascinating to experience the sensation firsthand. It would take some time for them to separate, but there were many hungry wolves wanting a turn.

With a pop and a squirt Fen’s knotty cock finally let go. Shani watched in delighted horror while her swollen vulva churn about and deflate from the searing wolf semen oozed out from her uncorked body.

“Wow, just wow!” her voice applauded.

“Don’t celebrate yet, my sister, we haven’t even got you to cum with us yet. We have plans for you. Your body will taste things not even your sister has tried.” Fen said as he, with Romulus’s aid, helped her to her feet.

“What do you have planned now?” she asked, but was only directed to get down and work his sopping wet cock dripping from their union. He didn’t say much, he never had to. His eyes always spoke the words he needed to speak. Fen had always been a strong, silent type who spoke with his powerful presence. His language now told her not to ask questions. Her time of education was over. This was the time for her to embrace the pack. Fen’s cock was hot, sticky and just as pungent as Romulus’s, but Fen had a different flavor. It was more bitter and intoxicating like a red wine, the very type you serve with red meat.

While busy, another pack mate came to join in. This was the one with reddish-brown fur, and he introduced his name as Marten. Fen allowed him to come up and take Shani from behind while she busied herself with Fen’s meat. He was gentler than Fen, taking himself slow, easy, and without forcing his knot inside. Perhaps, because he did not want to offend Fen in some way for his generosity in letting him be second to mate with her. Most definitely, a pecking order was in place, and Fen being the son to Luke must be second in command. Of course, Fen never told her these things, everything was always a mystery with him. He seemed to enjoy making it that way.

One day she and her sister would get to know more. It was an adventure, and today it was just the grand beginning for her. Fen’s cock was first and Marten was second, there was still so many more to go and she hadn’t even came yet. Fen bred her furiously too fast, and she knew he did it because he simply couldn’t resist his urges any longer. He had waited so long to do that to her. Now he could be calm and let the others have a go. He would have another turn soon. Until then his cock wanted sucking and Marten would massage her pussy with his shaft until round three.

Marten came too soon, just as she was getting to feel the heat of her body rise to a warm climax. He made a mess of her as he whined and apologized about his sudden finish. “It’s alright,” Fen said to him, “I wanted to be the first to make her cum anyway.”

He placed a claw under Shani’s chin and lifted her up. “That is sufficient. I think I want to really hear you squeal like our rabbit.” He said with his intense eyes staring with a deep hungry lust. “Even your sister will be envious.”

With that he lifted her up into the air by her waist, twirled her around and stuck her messy pussy with his meat. He pulled her down firmly until he plugged her with knotty cock. The lubrication made it easier this time. Afterwards, he did something surprising and lay down on his back, allowing her to rest on top of him. Rarely did he take a submissive position when she watched him fuck Camille. However, it was also not the first time he let her lay on him, and he had always been a soft and fluffy bed for her to rest upon.

“Are you comfortable?” he asked.

“Yes,” was her obvious reply.

“Good, because now we are really going to work hard.”

He wrapped one paw around a thigh, and with the other he reached over her stomach and between her legs to grab his cock and her vulva. Spreading her legs and bending his for leverage and power he began to buck roughly. He was squeezing and yanking on his knot until it popped out so then he would plunge it back in again with great force. It was rough and a little painful.

“What are you doing!’ she cried out through gritted teeth.

"Hold on, it will get better.” He replied grunting. He held her tightly against himself with the one arm that also helped to push out his enormous love bead he was so intent on jamming her with.

It did get easier. He was cautious, careful, and experienced with this. Camille and Fen must have done this before. He soothed her with his warm fluffy body and soothing words until she relaxed and let her body swallow him over and over. Her clitoris and other sensitive areas began to sort out the pleasure from the pain that was relaxed out of her loins. Yes, her climax was cumming at last. Her body became more limp and spastic in Fen’s arms.

He growled softly in content as he whispered to her, “Yes, relax, let your body accept all of it.”

Shani had been waiting for this for so long. Fen’s cock was wonderful in every way, and she was satisfied that she had finally got to feel it for herself. It was this climax of melting in his arms and on his cock she had dreamed about so long. Even better, he was playing her insides with that taboo bestial part of him. His knot made her feel so naughty, and now it was his tool of making her squeal like his little rabbit prey.

Her mind began to melt into warmth and pleasure. Her body was on a drug, her sense of touch through her body began to shift and her vision began to blur. It was intoxicating.

Fen held her closer into his silver fur. Then he began to breed faster and faster. He did not need his knot anymore. He just slid his hot, slick shaft as fast as it could to rev up her engines further. He had got her climax, but now it seemed he wanted to keep her in this intoxicated state. Her body was twitching and her pussy throbbed but his dick only went faster and faster.

Fen was growling and howling with her. He was trying to cum again, but without stopping his furious motions. He had her fire burning and he did not want to give it even a single moment to cool down. Yet, he had to, his own body quaked and his cock pulsed and squirmed to release his wolf cum. She felt him pull out and his spray was hot and thick. Fen was trying to push his white filth out of his balls as hard as he could so that he could plunge his meat back into her and keep up his furious pace. He must have left a mess all over her, but she neither had the time nor the mindset to find out as Fen roared out, “Now! Share her with me now and break her so that our union makes her desire want no other but our own!”

Shani was in a trance, but she was still well aware enough to see another werewolf come and place himself over top of her and Fen. It must have been Romulus again, god he was trying to fit his dick into her already plugged hole!

“Quickly! Fen roared, "While her body is still loose!”

Though neither Fen’s nor Romulus’s knots penetrated her, having both of their meaty shafts inside worked much the same way as Fen’s whole knot. Only now twice the meaty girth could go deeper, pounding against her belly at twice the revolutions. Romulus was doing most the work. Fen spent his load twice now, so only gave the occasional heavy thrust. That didn’t mean Shani was exempt; her orgasm was still going and climbing higher into ecstasy. The fur and strong features of her two mates rubbing against her front and back made it the best thing ever. Romulus was more than happy to cuddle with her while his cock beat her senseless. He licked and nuzzled her whenever he could while Fen’s arms groped and stroked her as the held her tight. She was their cute pet now, and they were loving her with all their fury.

On and on it went. Romulus let loose his white wolfen seed from his black as sin cock. Only to have it replaced by Marten’s, who now pounded her with excitement, and almost managing to pop his smaller knot in to her during the process. When he was done in would come another, and then another, for as long as the night would continue. Shani mind began to blur her surrounding into one indescribable hallucinatory dream. She screamed and struggled. It was like laughing uncontrollably hard; she loved it but begged them to stop so that she could recollect herself. They wouldn’t let her, and so further down the rabbit hole she went.]]>
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  Hex death, also called “voodoo death” is caused by placing a hex or cursed on a person either by black magic, or by breaking a taboo. Belief is the critical factor in a hex death. If a person, or victim, believes that a witch doctor or a Vodoun priest…

Hex death, also called “voodoo death” is caused by placing a hex or cursed on a person either by black magic, or by breaking a taboo. Belief is the critical factor in a hex death. If a person, or victim, believes that a witch doctor or a Vodoun priest has laid a hex or curse on him to cause his …
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The courts seem to think that some subjects are just simply taboo – but the public at large may feel differently, what with Meechan’s thousands of YouTube subscribers. Source: Beware you don’t become criminal for being offensive like ‘Nazi pug’ owner Mark…

The courts seem to think that some subjects are just simply taboo – but the public at large may feel differently, what with Meechan’s thousands of YouTube subscribers. Source: Beware yo…
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taboo is so underrated tbh i may actually like it more than Cyprus so it would actually be in my top 10 hehe]]>
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Famous Saints' Prophecies About the Future of Russia
"The Church will remain unshaken to the end of the age, and a Monarch of Russia, if he remains faithful to the Orthodox Church, will be established on the Throne of Russia until the end of the age ' - St. John of Kronstadt, a few years before the Russian revolution.

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Putin Should Have Taken All of Pro-Russian Ukraine in 2014 When He Had the Chance
Reality check: the nationalist, post-Maidan Ukraine is battered but alive and viable. And becoming less and less Russian. Anti-Russian Ukrainian nationalists are winning in Ukraine. Putin's half-baked intervention in 2014 was a huge boon for them, and their project of de-Russifying the east. Soon it may be lost forever

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Boris Johnson: 'Putin's 2018 World Cup Just Like Hitler's 1936 Olympics'

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