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Cansrel Slator (“Voidwalker”)
I never made a pinned post, so this is my pinned post.

YO, wussup. This is my SMUT account. I am 19. Yes, I really am. I'm also a writer and published author, and somewhat of an artist. Here's my gahd damn FAQ, if you want it. THIS ACCOUNT CONTAINS NSFW SHIT.

^ The fuck does FAQ even stand for? Enlighten me.

Do you take requests?
NO. :3 I'm lazy af

Do you do commissions?
Try my Etsy shop. I'll link it when it's up.

Relationship status?
You know those drop down menus on these kinda deals where one of the options is "complicated" and all you can think is, "how complicated can it be?" Pretty damn complicated.

What's your sexuality?
I'm a filthy homosexual with poly tendencies.

Any pets?
A German Shepherd named Dagon (Day-gone).

Where do you live?
Oregon, the forgettable state above California. It's okay though because we have almost every climate and terrain you could think of. And Portland.

College student.
Wannabe pole dancer.
Costume designer.
Dog lover.

Other social media?
Insta: Scionofthevoid
Tumblr: neodeleon (porn blog) and scionofthevoid
Snapchat: scionofthevoid
Gamertag (PlayStation 4): ScionOfTheVoid (we noticing a pattern yet, or...?)
Discord: 3287 (Scion of the Void)
Reddit: ... don't ever ask for my Reddit ever again.
Kik: Kedaj
Telegram: Voidscion
Grindr: ... lol

[[NSFW warning]] (tba)
Knife play
Rape/kidnap fantasy
Orgasm denial
Futa (rare occasion)
Power bottoming
Dommy subs

The Walking Dead
Handmaid's Tale
Bob's Burgers
Rick and Morty
The Office
Breaking Bad
Black Mirror
Game of Thrones
Altered Carbon
American Horror Story
The Fosters
The Frankenstein Chronicles
Penny Dreadful

A Game of Thrones
The Lord of the Rings
The Graceling Trilogy
The Hunger Games
Gregor the Overlander
The Book Thief
Maximum Ride
The Golden Compass
The Princess and the Hound
The Fire
Any work by H.P. Lovecraft
The Stand
Kane Chronicles
Dogs: Bullets and Carnage
The Last Wish (Witcher series)
The Inheritance Cycle

Dishonored (I, II, and all DLCs)
Metro Redux
Bloodborne (NG+3 bby)
Little Big Planet
The Last of Us
The Witcher III
Uncharted (1, 2, 3, & 4)
inFAMOUS Second Son
Saints Row IV
Dragon Age: Inquisition
Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Breath of the Wild
Ocarina of Time
Link Between Worlds
Phantom Hourglass
Spirit Tracks
Animal Crossing
Metal Gear Solid
Kingdom Hearts
Final Fantasy
The World Ends With You

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José Carlos da Cruz
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Writers' Square
Sun Bak
Anna Simoes, Division 3, College junior

To put everything on the line for someone, to feel and accept everything that is and was is a strength not held by the ordinary. Sun Bak from Sense8 is the embodiment of having life beating you over and over again, yet still having the ability to stand up and say ""This is what life is: fear, rage, desire… love. To stop feeling emotions, to stop wanting to feel them, is to feel death”. When growing up in a difficult childhood you tend to continue negative thoughts throughout your life, whether it’s about yourself or others. And at the end of the day, you are never truly happy with where you are because of the lingering emotions. Yet Sun embodies the tragedies of her life, the hatred and torment she’s experienced, and pushes it past her.

She started off like most of us, trying to fight for herself as a woman in a male driven industry mocking her every step of the way. But she was better than them, she stood tall through every comment, spat, or hand thrown up at her face. That is something that drives me as a female writer that is going towards an industry notoriously run by men; journalism. I have to constantly prove that I am a good writer, researcher, and investigator in order to even think about stepping into that professional world. When I see a woman like Sun fight with such determination and compassion, it makes me more motivated to keep trying. All the same, it catches me in my times of hate and cruelty to remember that we must never forget to have heart in the matter.

Her sense of family resonates a lot with me as well because it is something that I personally believe in wholeheartedly. It is not always blood she may consider family, even more so mentors, animals, and friends that she holds dear to her. That to me is something that I bring into my own life, that despite the love I have for my mother, my brothers, or my grandfather, I also have that same kind of love for my best friend, my dance mentors, and my dog Sammy. Something that I am trying to work on is fighting for them, because I do have a tendency to avoid confrontation at all costs. That’s something Sun tries to avoid too, but when faced with something that is wrong she has no problem showing her strength physically or mentally to fight her opponent. Of course I do not necessarily believe in violence, but when it is a life or death situation to protect someone she inspires me to do so.

This is a minor detail about her that most would find odd that I admire, but I strive to have her mastery of Tai Chi. It is something that I am currently pursuing knowledge in, and she does it so effortlessly. I see how she incorporates it when she is defending herself and others, and that motivates me even more so. Being a woman nowadays is a scary thought because of all the bad that we are taught of at a young age. Don’t go out at night on your own, always have your keys ready to get in your car, carry pepper spray, don’t wear revealing clothing, and the list goes on. This is the kind of fear that I hope to lessen through the art of Tai Chi, so that I can walk more comfortable to my car, or not be afraid to wear shorts in the summer without possibly being attacked. This is the kind of fear that Sun empowers me to push past.

Although she is not a well-known character, let alone a typical favorite in the show, she holds a special place in my heart. She is someone I admire, but also see pieces of myself in her that I can relate to. That is the most important thing to know when looking up to someone, is to find the similarities that are there, because at the end of the day I see it as looking forward to your future self.]]>
Wed, 14 Mar 2018 23:46:49 +0100
The Live Sense8 Podcast
A State Of Grace: Interview with Maximilienne Ewalt

In this episode of Live Sense8, Sheila & Zac welcome to the show, Maximilienne Ewalt who played Amanita’s mom, Grace in Netflix Original Series Sense8. Maximilienne shares what it is really like to work with the Wachowskis. Make sure you listen for the Easter eggs Maximilienne shares as she sets us on a treasure hunt to uncover her pivotal scene in the upcoming special. Have a listen and please share in the comments. Have a Listen and please share in the comments how you live a Sense8 life.

#Sense8, #Podcast, #lifestyle

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Skeets DataDroid
A little bit of Help

One of my dreams is creating a Television series and selling it. Over the past few years I have been working in a project titled "B.S.O: Bureau of the Strange and Obscure".

The B.S.O is a US Government agency that deals with things that are, well Strange and Obscure. Things such as Cryptids, Aliens, Ghosts and all manner of fantastical things. The problem is which things should the Agency face?

So far I have compiled a list of things but would like some suggestions.

So far I have;

Black Eyed Children
Werewolves (maybe)
Vampires (maybe)
Bigfoot (maybe)

The "maybe" ones are because I don't want to have to resort to tropes, that's why I'm looking for lesser known things.

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