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Davide Lazzari
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Good Game Posts
Nintendo Switch Datamine leak shows new games yet to be announced for the system. This is literally a gold mine of what to expect from the system.

As shown in the image above, there is a database of various codes. The codes translate to different software which are due to be released for the Nintendo Switch. The codes themselves change from time to time. Supposedly, this is for the next two years for the system.

Please share this information as it this Nintendo Switch Datamine clearly includes a massive amount of third party support. Even Kingdom Hearts III, Final Fantasy XV and Resident Evil 2 Remake made the list!

Heck, even the unannounced Final Fantasy XVI is on the list! This is the only title in the list which makes me doubt it, along a few others.

The next Pokemon Switch game will be called Pokemon Nuclear and Pokemon Chemical.

Metroid Prime 4 is titled Metroid Prime 4 Stylux's Revenge which is in line with how the game was hinted at.

All of these names could simply be a work in progress too.

I hope to God that all of this information is not a troll attempt. It definitely looks real, as it has games like Ys VIII which was recently confirmed as a third party title for the Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo Switch Datamine was actually referenced last month before the most recent direct.

Despite that, it has games on the list that were announced at the most recent direct and show case. This includes Lumines Remastered and Sonic Mania Plus.

Either that means something or I have been trolled hard.

Either way, enjoy the Nintendo Switch Datamine list for the sake of it:



10 Second Run

1080 Snowboarding



6180 the moon

9 Monkeys of Shaolin

All-Star Fruit Racing

Amusement Park

Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival DX

Animal Crossing: Maple Village

Another World

Aperion Cyberstorm

ARK: Survival Evolved

Art Academy Masterpiece

Ash of Gods

At Sundown

Atari Flashback Classics

Attack of the Earthling

Attack On Titan 2

Baby Mario & Friends: Yoshi Circle

Bad North

Battle Chasers: Nightwar

Bayonetta 3

Beach Buggy Racing 2

Bear With Me

Bendy And The Ink Machine

Big Hero 6: Adventures of Baymax

Black Hole

BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

Bomb Chicken


Bravely Third

Bridge Constructor Portal

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Captain Rainbow HD

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker & World Explorer

Castle of Heart

Chibi-Robo: Power Droid

Chicken Wiggle: Rehatched

Claws Of Furry


Code Of Princess EX

Code of Princess EX

Coffin Dodgers

Crash Bandicoot: The N'Sane Trilogy

Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex HD


Danger Mouse: The Danger Games

Danmaku Unlimited 3

Dark Souls Remastered

De Blob

Death Road to Canada

Decay Of Logos


Devious Dungeon

Diablo III

Dillon’s Rolling Western 2

Disc Jam

Disney Afternoon Collection

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Donkey Kong: Banana Bonanza

Dora the City Explorer

Dr. Mario: Virus Meltdown

Dragon Ball Fighter Z

Dragon Quest Builders 2

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age

Dragon Sinker

Dreamworks Dragons Legacy

DuckTales: Wonders of the World

Earthbound Collection

Earthworm Jim 4


F Zero: Turbo Grand Prix


Fallen Legion: Rise to Glory

Fallen Legion: Rise to Glory

Fantasy Strike

Fear Effect Reinvented

FIFA ‘19

FIFA ‘20

Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XVI

Fire Emblem: Mutiny


Football Manager 2019

Football Manager 2020


FRAMED Collection


GalGun 2


Geriatric Kart Racing

Ghost Pilots


Guns, Gore & Cannoli 2


Hanna-Barbera All Stars Party

Happy Birthdays

Harvest Moon: Light of Hope

Hellmut: The Badass from Hell

Hello Kitty Kruisers

Hello Neighbor

Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?!

Holy Potatoes! We’re in Space?!

Holy Potatoes! What the Hell?!

Hotel Transylvania

Hyper Light Drifter

Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition

I, Zombie


Incredibles 2: Hero Squads

Indie Pogo


Injustice 2: Legendary Edition

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure 2

Jurassic World Evolution

Just Dance 2019

Just Dance 2020

Just Dance Disney Party 3

Justsh Pes & Beats

Kaet Must Die!

Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition

Kid Icarus: Rise of the Underworld

Kingdom Hearts III

Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards HD

Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dus

Last Encounter

LEGO Descendants Trilogy

LEGO Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Legrand Legacy: Tale of the Fatebounds

Liar Princess and the Blind Prince

Light Fall

Little Nightmares

Lost Sphere

Luigi’s Mansion 3

Lumines Remastered


Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr.'s Journey

Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time + Baby Bowser’s Goonies

Mario & Sonic: Worlds Collide

Mario Kart 9

Mario Party 10 Deluxe

Mario Stroke Golf

Mario Tennis Aces

Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Cards Galore

Mark of the Ninja: Remastered

Mega Man 11

Mega Man Legacy Collection 1+2

Metroid Prime 4: Sylux's Revenge

Midnight Deluxe

Mii Fit Switch

Mii Mania

Mii Party Switch

Mii Sports Switch


Miles & Kilo


Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom

Monster Hunter World


Muse Dash

My Time is Portia

NAIRI: Tower of Shirin


Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Trilogy



New Super Mario Bros.: Back n Forth

Next Up Hero

Nintendo 8bit Ambassador All Stars

Nintendo Badge Arcade for Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Labo Robot Kit

Nintendo Labo Variety Kit

Nintendogs: Canine Experiences

Nippon Marathon

Octopath Travler

Oddworld: Soulstorm

Okami HD

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 Deluxe Edition

Outlast 2


Paper Mario: Sticky Terror

Paradise Lost: First Contact

Party Hard


Penguin Wars

Penny-Punching Princess

Phoenix Right: Ace Attorney - Guilty Until Innocent

Pikmin 4

Pirate Pop Plus


Pixel Noir

Planet Alpha


Plus Cursed Castilla


Point & Click Adventures

Pokemon Bank for Nintendo Switch

Pokemon Chemical

Pokemon IllusionDiamond

Pokemon Nuclear

Pokemon RadiantPearl

Pool Panic

Portal Knights

Punch Club

Punch-Out!! Meets MadWorld In Pato Box


Raging Justice

RAGING JUSTICE – Bats, Shotguns and Bears!

Rayman's 2D Legacy Collection

Real Bout Garou Densetsu (Real Bout Fatal Fury)

Real Bout Garou Densetsu Special (Real Bout Fatal Fury Special)

Reigns: Kings and Queens

Resident Evil 2 Remake

RIOT - Civil Unrest

Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Metro Ninjas

Roguelike Zombie Survival

RollerCoaster Tycoon Adventures


Runner 3



Samurai Spirits: Zankurou Musouken (Samurai Shodown III: Blades of Blood)

Secret of Sana: Remastered


Sengoku Denshou 2001 (Sengoku 3)

Shadow Of The Tomb Raider

Shape of the World

Shift Quantum

Shin Megami Tensei V

Shining Resonance: Refrain

Shovel Knight 2

Shovel Knight: House of Cards

Skylanders: Jet Warriors


Sling Ming

SNES Remix

SNK HEROINES ~Tag Team Frenzy~

Song of Memories

Sonic Heroes HD

Sonic Mania Plus

Sonic Racing Infinity

Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie: Hydro Atrocity

Sonic Wings 3 (Aero Fighters 3)

South Park: The Fractured But Whole


Spintires: MudRunner


SpongeBob SquarePants: The Story of Pearl

Spyro the Dragon: The Treasure Trilogy

Stakes Winner

Star Fox Zero + Star Fox Guard

Starlink: Battle for Atlas

SteamWorld Dig: A Fistful of Dir

Steins;Gate Elite

Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection

Street Fighter Collection

Suicide Guy

Super Chariot

Super Hydora

Super Mario Maker 2

Super Meat Boy Forever

Super Smash Bros. Royale

Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido


Swim Out

Syberia 3

Takamaru: Ninja Slayer

Teen Titan Heroes

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Smash Up HD

Tekken X Street Fighter


The Banner Saga

The Banner Saga 2

The Banner Saga 3

The Bunker

The Coma: Recut

The Division 2

The Final Station

The Forbidden Arts

The Forbidden Arts

The Last Day of June

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Across Islands

The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks HD

The LEGO Incredibles

The LEGO Movie 2

The Messenger

The Mystery of Woolley Mountain

The Seashore

The Simpsons: Hit & Run HD

The Snack World: Trejarers

The Town of Light

The Void Rains Upon Her Heart

The War Of Genesis 2 Remake

The Wardrobe

The Wonderful 101: Heroic Edition

The World Ends with You: Final Remix

This also includes upcoming Nintendo Switch software, which seems like successors to stuff that was on the 3DS and Wii U:

This is the Police 2

Those Who Remain

Timeless Adventures of Mickey Mouse: Remastered

Titan Quest

ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove

Tokyo Mirage Sessions
#FE: Definitive Edition



Touhou: Gensou Wanderer Reloaded

Toy Story 4


Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes


TurtlePop: Journey to Freedom

Twin Robots: Ultimate Edition

Typoman Revised

Ultra Arms


Urban Trial Playground

VA-11 Hall-A

Valkyria Chronicles 4

Victor Vran: Overkill Edition



V-Rally 4


Wario Land 5

WarioWare: Joy Lives

Warp Shift

Watch Dogs 3

West of Loathing


Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

World Heroes 2 JET

Wreck-It Ralph 2

Xenoblade Chronicles X

Xenoblade Warriors



Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles

Yoshi's Cardboard Flip Out

Your Four Knight Princesses Training Story

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana


It is important to note that this does NOT include virtual console software - whenever such a service may return to the Nintendo Switch.

Also, these are titles supposedly upcoming for the next two years. This Nintendo Switch datamine can be updated from time to time as well.


If any updates do happen regarding these Nintendo Switch datamine games, I'll keep you in the loop.

Thu, 22 Mar 2018 16:17:49 +0100
Popa Razvan
7 DAYS IN ENTEBBE Trailers, Clips, Featurettes, Images and Poster
Directed by José Padilha ( "Elite Squad" , "Narcos" ), the fact-based thriller "7 Days in Entebbe" chronicles the events surrounding the 1976 hijacking of an Air France flight en route from Tel Aviv to Paris, and the most daring rescue mission ever attempte...

Trailers, clips, featurettes, images and posters for the fact-based thriller 7 DAYS IN ENTEBBE starring Daniel Bruhl and Rosamund Pike.
Thu, 22 Mar 2018 15:41:58 +0100
Hui Zhao (Lambert)
Wed, 21 Mar 2018 17:12:21 +0100
Cordelia Brown
So this is a continue to my other top 2017 posts. The top ten Netflix Originals in 2017 are: 10 is Narcos, 9 is The get down, 8 is House of Cards, 7 is Dear White People, 6 is Jessica Jones, 5 is Stranger Things, 4 is Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, 3 is…

So this is a continue to my other top 2017 posts. The top ten Netflix Originals in 2017 are: 10 is Narcos, 9 is The get down, 8 is House of Cards, 7 is Dear White People, 6 is Jessica Jones, 5 is S…
Wed, 21 Mar 2018 16:00:00 +0100
Bizzy Est

Coco 4K UHD
The Dark Crystal 4K UHD
Downsizing 4K UHD
Legend of Tarzan 4K UHD
Pan 4K UHD
Transformers 4K UHD
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen 4K UHD
Transformers: Dark of the Moon 4K UHD
Transformers: Age of Extinction 4K UHD
Fear The Walking Dead S3
Narcos: S2
Creepshow 2
Godzilla Vs. Destoroyah
Lady & The Tramp 2: Scamp's Adventure
Shin Godzilla
Son Of Godzilla
Steve Jobs
The Take
VUDU Credits ]]>
Wed, 21 Mar 2018 15:44:20 +0100
Nᴏᴠᴇʟʟᴀ Cʀᴜᴢ
❚⌈♚⌋→ Aвσυт Yσυя A∂мιи
❥⚬R͟e͟a͟l͟ N͟a͟m͟e͟: Confidential but call me Ray.
❥⚬A͟g͟e͟: 18
❥⚬G͟e͟n͟d͟e͟r͟: Female
❥⚬R͟a͟c͟e͟: Brown...?
❥⚬N͟a͟t͟i͟o͟n͟a͟l͟i͟t͟y͟: Indian
❥⚬R͟e͟l͟i͟g͟i͟o͟n͟: I'm not a terrorist, that's all you need to know.
❥⚬S͟t͟a͟t͟u͟s͟: Eh?
❥⚬B͟i͟r͟t͟h͟d͟a͟y͟: March 26th, in a week.
❥⚬Z͟o͟d͟i͟a͟c͟: Aries
❥⚬H͟a͟i͟r͟ C͟o͟l͟o͟r: Black or dark brown.
❥⚬E͟y͟e͟ C͟o͟l͟o͟r: Black
❥⚬H͟a͟v͟e͟ T͟a͟t͟t͟o͟o͟s͟?: Nah
❥⚬P͟i͟e͟r͟c͟i͟n͟g͟s͟?: My ears, if it counts.
❥⚬W͟e͟a͟r͟ G͟l͟a͟s͟s͟e͟s͟?: Yass.
❥⚬B͟r͟a͟c͟e͟s͟?: Nah.

❚⌈♛⌋→ Yσυя G+ A¢¢συит
❥⚬P͟e͟r͟s͟o͟n͟a͟l͟ o͟r͟ F͟a͟n͟d͟o͟m͟?: Personal.
❥⚬H͟o͟w͟ m͟a͟n͟y͟ a͟l͟t͟s͟?: Zero
❥⚬W͟h͟e͟n͟ d͟i͟d͟ y͟o͟u͟ j͟o͟i͟n͟ G͟+?: Somewhere in 2016.
❥⚬A͟e͟s͟t͟h͟e͟t͟i͟c͟ o͟r͟ T͟r͟a͟s͟h͟?: Neither...?
❥⚬S͟h͟i͟t͟p͟o͟s͟t͟s͟ o͟r͟ L͟e͟g͟i͟t͟ p͟o͟s͟t͟s͟?: Both.
❥⚬M͟a͟t͟c͟h͟i͟n͟g͟ w͟i͟t͟h͟ a͟n͟y͟o͟n͟e͟?: My name's matching with +Christopher Cruz
❥⚬N͟e͟w͟b͟i͟e͟ o͟r͟ E͟x͟p͟e͟r͟t͟?: Sorta intermediate considering I spend all my time.
❥⚬O͟r͟g͟a͟n͟i͟z͟e͟d͟ o͟r͟ M͟e͟s͟s͟y͟?: Mixed.

❚⌈♜⌋→ Dσ Yσυ. . .
❥⚬W͟r͟i͟t͟e͟?: Yes
❥⚬R͟o͟l͟e͟p͟l͟a͟y?: Yah.
❥⚬S͟i͟n͟g͟?: Kinda
❥⚬D͟r͟a͟w͟?: Nah.
❥⚬E͟d͟i͟t͟?: Sometimes.
❥⚬E͟x͟e͟r͟c͟i͟s͟e͟?: Yah.
❥⚬P͟l͟a͟y͟ S͟p͟o͟r͟t͟s͟?: Yah, Badminton.
❥⚬D͟a͟n͟c͟e͟?: Nah.
❥⚬R͟e͟a͟d͟?: Yah.
❥⚬W͟o͟r͟k͟?: Nah.
❥⚬B͟l͟o͟g͟?: Nope
❥⚬D͟r͟i͟n͟k͟?: Nope
❥⚬C͟o͟o͟k͟?: If I have to.
❥⚬B͟a͟k͟e͟?: Not really.
❥⚬P͟l͟a͟y͟ a͟n͟ I͟n͟s͟t͟r͟u͟m͟e͟n͟t͟? Yes, the Keyboard

❚⌈♝⌋→ Fανσяιтє . . .
❥⚬C͟o͟l͟o͟r͟?: Black, Blue, Stormy Grey.
❥⚬A͟n͟i͟m͟a͟l͟?: _Wolf
❥⚬B͟o͟o͟k͟?: A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini.
❥⚬M͟o͟v͟i͟e͟?: Black Panther and Harry Potter, and The Half-Blood Prince.
❥⚬A͟n͟i͟m͟e͟?: None.
❥⚬T͟V͟ S͟h͟o͟w͟?: Pretty Little Liars, Narcos, GoT, Sherlock BBC.
❥⚬C͟h͟a͟r͟a͟c͟t͟e͟r͟?: _Severus Snape, Draco Malfoy, and Doctor Strange.
❥⚬A͟r͟t͟i͟s͟t͟?: None...?
❥⚬S͟o͟n͟g͟?: Flicker by Niall Horan and Pray For Me by Kendrick Lamar, The Weekend.
❥⚬S͟i͟n͟g͟e͟r͟?: Niall Horan
❥⚬B͟a͟n͟d͟?: Imagine Dragons.
❥⚬M͟a͟n͟g͟a͟?: None.
❥⚬A͟c͟t͟o͟r͟?: Benedict Cumberbatch, Chadwick Boseman, Andrew Scott, Tom Felton, Alan Rickman, Michael Fassbender, Eddie Redmayne, Lara Pulver, Charlize Theron, and Jason Statham.
❥⚬S͟u͟b͟j͟e͟c͟t͟?: Math, History, Biology, and Literature.
❥⚬S͟c͟e͟n͟t͟?: Forest, Fire, and Apple. Do not ask me why.
❥⚬F͟o͟o͟d͟?: Pizza.
❥⚬D͟r͟i͟n͟k͟?: Apple Juice.
❥⚬Q͟u͟o͟t͟e͟?: I'm not heartless, I just learned to use my heart less.

❚⌈♞⌋→ G+ Fαмιℓу
❥⚬B͟e͟s͟t͟ G͟i͟r͟l͟ F͟r͟i͟e͟n͟d͟(s͟): +Ashanti Smith +Emily Dyer +Queen Liza
❥⚬B͟e͟s͟t͟ G͟u͟y͟ F͟r͟i͟e͟n͟d͟(s͟): +Christopher Cruz +Nick Bateman +Michaél 🈷️ +Starbucks +Everett K. Ross
❥⚬F͟i͟r͟s͟t͟ F͟o͟l͟l͟o͟w͟e͟r͟: I don't remember.
❥⚬T͟h͟r͟e͟e͟ P͟e͟o͟p͟l͟e͟ Y͟o͟u͟ L͟o͟o͟k͟ U͟p͟ T͟o͟:
+Christopher Cruz
+Nick Bateman
+Michaél 🈷️
❥⚬B͟e͟s͟t͟ R͟P͟ P͟a͟r͟t͟n͟e͟r͟: +Christopher Cruz Sibling Roleplay +Everett K. Ross Casual Business Talks

❚⌈♟⌋→ Rσмαи¢є~
❥⚬S͟e͟x͟u͟a͟l͟i͟t͟y͟: Bisexual.
❥⚬S͟i͟n͟g͟l͟e͟?: Nah.
❥⚬C͟r͟u͟s͟h͟i͟n͟g͟?: Only on Tom Felton and Eddie Redmayne.
❥⚬I͟n͟ L͟o͟v͟e͟?: Yes
❥⚬B͟f͟/ G͟f͟: Stetson +Eric HagBerg
❥⚬E͟v͟e͟r͟ G͟e͟t͟ M͟a͟r͟r͟i͟e͟d͟?: Maybe.
❥⚬H͟a͟v͟e͟ K͟i͟d͟s͟?: Depends.
❥⚬D͟i͟v͟o͟r͟c͟e͟?: Nah, if they mine, they always mine, Imma fight for them.
❥⚬I͟r͟l͟ o͟r͟ O͟n͟l͟i͟n͟e͟?: Confidential.

❚⌈♔⌋→ Tнιѕ Oя Tнαт
❥⚬T͟e͟a͟ o͟r͟ C͟o͟f͟f͟e͟e͟?: Neither
❥⚬W͟i͟i͟ o͟r͟ X͟b͟o͟x͟?: XBox.
❥⚬H͟a͟r͟r͟y͟ P͟o͟t͟t͟e͟r͟ o͟r͟ P͟e͟r͟c͟y͟ J͟a͟c͟k͟s͟o͟n͟?: Harry Potter.
❥⚬F͟l͟o͟w͟e͟r͟s͟ o͟r͟ C͟h͟o͟c͟o͟l͟a͟t͟e͟s͟?: Don't matter.
❥⚬M͟o͟n͟e͟y͟ o͟r͟ P͟r͟e͟s͟e͟n͟t͟s͟?: Presents.
❥⚬G͟a͟m͟e͟ B͟o͟y͟ o͟r͟ D͟S͟?: Eh?
❥⚬D͟e͟s͟k͟t͟o͟p͟ o͟r͟ L͟a͟p͟t͟o͟p͟?: Laptop.
❥⚬P͟o͟p͟ o͟r͟ M͟e͟t͟a͟l͟?: Both.
❥⚬C͟o͟u͟n͟t͟r͟y͟ o͟r͟ J͟a͟z͟z͟?: Jazz.
❥⚬A͟l͟t͟e͟r͟n͟a͟t͟i͟v͟e͟ o͟r͟ R͟&B͟?: She rolls her eyes.
❥⚬E͟a͟r͟b͟u͟d͟s͟ o͟r͟ H͟e͟a͟d͟p͟h͟o͟n͟e͟s͟?: Earbuds.
❥⚬T͟r͟u͟m͟p͟ o͟r͟ H͟i͟l͟l͟a͟r͟y͟?: Barack Obama.
❥⚬D͟o͟g͟ o͟r͟ C͟a͟t͟?: Both.
❥⚬S͟o͟d͟a͟ o͟r͟ J͟u͟i͟c͟e͟?: Both.
❥⚬H͟o͟t͟ T͟o͟p͟i͟c͟ o͟r͟ A͟e͟r͟o͟p͟o͟s͟t͟a͟l͟e͟?: Neither...?
❥⚬P͟u͟b͟l͟i͟c͟ o͟r͟ P͟r͟i͟v͟a͟t͟e͟ S͟c͟h͟o͟o͟l͟?: Private School.
❥⚬B͟a͟c͟o͟n͟ o͟r͟ S͟a͟u͟s͟a͟g͟e͟?: Sausage.
❥⚬W͟a͟f͟f͟l͟e͟s͟ o͟r͟ P͟a͟n͟c͟a͟k͟e͟s͟?: Waffles.
❥⚬M͟u͟f͟f͟i͟n͟ o͟r͟ S͟c͟o͟n͟e͟?: Muffins boi.
❥⚬S͟l͟e͟e͟p͟ o͟r͟ N͟e͟x͟t͟ E͟p͟i͟s͟o͟d͟e͟?: Next Episode

⎾ⓇⒶⓉⒺ ⓉⒽⒾⓈ ⓆⓊⒾⓏ⏌*100/10.

❚→ ✰ тσσк тσσ ℓσиg

✚ T͟͟A͟͟G͟͟ A͟͟T͟͟ L͟͟E͟͟A͟͟S͟͟T͟͟ 6 P͟͟E͟͟O͟͟P͟͟L͟͟E͟͟ T͟͟O͟͟ D͟͟O͟͟ T͟͟H͟͟I͟͟S͟͟ Q͟͟U͟͟I͟͟Z͟͟✚
+Christopher Cruz
+Eric HagBerg
+Nick Bateman
+Michaél 🈷️

*Anybody else who wanna do it.]]>
Wed, 21 Mar 2018 03:03:40 +0100
Sean Donovan
Blue Nexus #82 - Micro Narcos Pt. 1
Previously on "Blue Nexus": Kyle and Kevin Miles AKA the Sentinel, a former mercenary turned vigilante turned superhero, have teamed up in the past to conquer incredible foes, as well as aid fallen cities in relief efforts. The two discovered Rafael in the ...

Previously on "Blue Nexus": Kyle and Kevin Miles AKA the Sentinel, a former mercenary turned vigilante turned superhero, have teamed up in the past to conquer incredible foes, as well as aid fallen cities in relief efforts. T...
Wed, 21 Mar 2018 02:19:14 +0100
Jordan Folsom
Updated 3-20-18 New codes added! Will accept PayPal Friends and Family or Google Wallet. I also have an ISO list at the bottom of the post that I will trade for.

Jumanji (original) $old

iTunes UHD (redeem directly on iTunes)
Monster Trucks $3
The Hunger Games $3
Transformers Age of Extinction $2 x2

TV Series
Game of Thrones Season 2 HD iTunes $4 x2
Game of Thrones Season 2 HD Google Play $3 x2
Narcos Season 1 UV HD $6
Orange is the New Black Season 1 UV SD $2 x2
Orange is the New Black Season 2 UV SD $2

Disney HD (Full codes, not sure if points are good)
Frozen $old
Thor Ragnarok $7

UV HD (redeem directly on VUDU, not MA)
Admission $2
Anchorman 2 (Theatrical) $2
Frankenstein $5
Saban’s Power Rangers $3
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles $2
The Hunger Games $1

MA/UV/iTunes HD (Single Redeem)
Alvin and the Chipmunks the Road Chip $3 (4k if redeemed on iTunes)
Assassin’s Creed $4 (4k if redeemed on iTunes)
Rise of the Planet of the Apes $4 (4k I’d redeemed on iTunes)
Snatched $4 (4k if redeemed on iTunes)
The Peanuts Movie $4 (4k if redeemed on iTunes)
X-Men Days Of Future Past $4 (4k I’d redeemed on iTunes)

3 Days to Kill $3
42 the Jackie Robinson Story $3
A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas $2
After Earth $3
Aloha $3
Annie (2014) $3
Dolphin Tale 2 $3
Drive $3
Fist Fight $5
Ghostbusters: Answer the Call $2
Grudge Match $2
Justice League Dark $5
Kevin Hart What Now? $4
Killer Klowns From Outer Space $6
Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV $6
Knock Knock $4
Legends of the Fall/Les Miserables $6 x2
Magic Mike $3
Necessary Evil: Super-Villains Of DC Comics $5
No Good Deed $2
Parental Guidance $2
Prometheus $3
Requiem for a Dream $4
San Andreas $4
Storks $4 x2
The Angry Birds Movie $4
The Hateful Eight $4
The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia $2
The Sessions $3
T2: Trainspotting $4
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey $2
The November Man $2
The Woman in Black $3
Transcendence $4
Trouble with the Curve $2
Tyler Perry’s Madea on the Run $5
Unforgettable $5
War Dogs $5

iTunes HD
Anchorman 2 (Theatrical) $2
Sinister $2

Kevin Hart Let Me Explain $2
Mud $2

Due Date $1
Ice Age $1
Parental Guidance $1 x2
Safe Haven $1
The Jackal $1
X-Men $1
X-Men the Last Stand $1

ISO HD iTunes, MA, or UV (not selling, looking for)
Ice Age the Meltdown
The Star
Greatest Showman]]>
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