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juan sebastian garcia rodriguez (Juan García)
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Anonymous ? Architect

Anonymous ? Architect:

If you don't fight for what you want, you'll get what you deserve!
Good people disobey bad rules.
Anonymous will never surrender, we are one, we are Legion, expect us.
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Fri, 23 Mar 2018 03:18:10 +0100
Dan Carroll

Dan Carroll:

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Geth Prime Minister Legion VII (“Father Legion”)
Of course Geth gets the fucking trashcan

Geth Prime Minister Legion VII (“Father Legion”):

>Gets on first run back from break

I am complete.
Fri, 23 Mar 2018 03:02:17 +0100
Marc Batista
Fri, 23 Mar 2018 02:29:46 +0100
мαятн ೋ·༻ 〖 нєяσ-ĸιиg 〗༺·ೃೀএ マルス(꧁ lσωєll ꧂)

ok, G'night probably-

мαятн ೋ·༻ 〖 нєяσ-ĸιиg 〗༺·ೃೀএ マルス(꧁ lσωєll ꧂):

Vote for Marth!


Cause he is smol. A smol Lord. One of the shortest

Strts put being one of the younger Lord’s and ages to one of the older ones

3000 year old grandpa confirmed

He is super protective of his friends especially Caeda cause he lost almost his entire family in one go

-Despite all odds takes back his home and makes friends along the way

-Finesse swordsman

-OG fire emblem Lord. He represents the franchise

-Despite being a feminine thing he wears his sister’s tiara on his head in honor of her when they were seperated. His tiara looks like a bread crust on his head in shadow dragon art

-Is really cute, shy and awkward. His goody fates laugh proves this. So pure

-His original design has no pants. This makes him like. Roman Legion soldier. How hardcore is that?!

-He is like top tier in every smash game and one of his idle animations he brushes his bangs out of his face

-Is proud and honored of Lucina’s work in Warriors and at the time time roasts Chrom. Needlessly he is a family man

-Holds his cape like a security blanket in his heroes art

-swol. Especially in his cipher art, Marth’s arms are shredded af. He lifts

-Round. Marth his very soft boi with feminine features. This makes him very cute.

-Marth would want to be your friend. Despite being awkward with his social skills he’d rather befriend his enemies than fight them. But he will rip you to shreds if he has to.

-Despite smash stereotypes, Marth is sassy. Especially in warriors

-Respects women. Especially his wife. So much so he wants to take her off the battlefield and treasure her. But she convinces him to say yes. He always bows to Caeda eventually. He even puts up with her fake flirting with the enemy in order to raise an army

-Marth is a good boy who deserves better vote 4 Marth!!!

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Legion Elite OKC
Our team is back from Dallas! Legion Elite OKC team loved this year's Regional Leadership Development Conference and we can't wait to apply all that we learned! We'll see you soon, Texas! 👋]]>
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Legion M
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App Marsh
The Lenovo Legion Y920T (T as in “Tower”) is the successor of the IdeaCentre Y900 desktop Gaming PC. The name change is a logical re-branding since Legion encompasses all gaming computers, while IdeaCentre will gradually become the Home Computer brand for…

Fri, 23 Mar 2018 01:47:28 +0100
The Wild Brit

The Pantoran Empire offers an ultimatum to the RVI. Surrender, and have their system under blockade and Pantoran and Federation of Polaris Enforced Martial Law, or keep fighting and be obliterated. A decision is required in the next 12 Basic Hours

With this, Pantoran Foreign Legion troops are ferried back to Pantoran space, but Battlefleet Calixis has been Reinforced by Battlefleet Solar, in preparation for this blockade]]>
Fri, 23 Mar 2018 01:38:29 +0100
Belle- Niko
{Sorry but before you read....Weaknesses should be added to the template}

❝Hm?.....what do you want❞

❝......❞ Stare


❝Quit poking me❞


(Character name here.)

-Silver Tank

-Snowball Don't call me that

"How old do you think I am...........16"

"....female obviously"


Black Legion


-Superhuman strength: Of course it's exactly what it sounds like. Unlike any ordinary human belle can lift things far surpassing any average humans limits. Her lifting limit is Class 25

-Superhuman striking strength: It's obvious that with Superhuman strength there is also the striking strenth. As of now belle's striking strength is roughly around City block class

-Durability: She isn't called the silver tank for nothing, she's capable enduring hits Wich would demolish a city block.....without dying

-Leaping: (getting kinda tired) *Likes any other Superhuman with enhanced muscle abilities, belle is also allowed to jump at least 16ft high

-Kick boxing

-A bit of martial arts

-Pervy (Towards girls)

"I'm a weapon myself...I don't need anything else"

Well......she doesn't have any goals as of now

Pictures down below. Although most don't show her fox ears and tail

Fri, 23 Mar 2018 01:33:49 +0100
Dark Blood Rose



Red Eyes

Wild Child




Black Legion/Government


Invisibility, dash and dance.

Likes: Music, dance, my job

dislikes: swimming and meat

A silent hidden pistol
My bookbag
Any other spy equipment for any specific mission

To find some clue about my past


Pic down below. Red eyes and red hair.

My past is blurry and records can't track much. Somehow, I think I was tested with a type of drug that got me powers to become invisible and to go fast. That's all I know for now. Not to mention, my father died in the war and my mother passed away. I don't know what school I went to, my friends, I don't even remember my own parents. I can't even remember how I learned to dance. I think I taught myself.]]>
Fri, 23 Mar 2018 01:05:25 +0100
Perverted Slaanesh Champion
They name me Sarrin

The Conquest of Ereemus

Lotara Sarrin...Lotara Sarrin. I rolled my own name over my tongue in wordless silence, around me, my dominion. And wordlessly did I consider what the name would mean, the legacy it would leave. Deep within my contemplations, my Dominon, my Bridge. And I knew what Lotara Sarrin would go down as, in their eyes I could see how they gazed upon me. It was a fear, an efficient fear. I cared not for heroics, merely the Galaxy. Reclining back into my ever familiar command throne, I gazed out into the equally familiar flash of hyperspace.

Lotara the Mad, Darth Sarrin, Admiral, all names they used to describe me at one point or another. Be it in the open or among hushed words. Lotara Sarrin would be remembered as the madwoman, the mad woman who took the Kranz sector. The woman who gave a new lifeblood to the Order, that gave me satisfaction. Knowing I was entrusted with such things, command trusted me enough to take a Sector. They would not be disappointed, the sector would bow. Or they would burn...

Hyperspace could feel brutally long in these environments, I had learned that many times while serving under the Union. The only support for lightyears were merely my own ships. My own ships. Even thinking the words filled my mouth with the sweetness of power, so many doubted I could even take such a rank in command. Yet here I stood, paving the way through space unclaimed. Alone, numerous times did I consider this a ploy to get rid of me. A loose cannon in the eyes of those who lacked vision, who didn’t truly understand the joy of being able to decimate thousands. No, this wasn’t that. My own doubts meant nothing here, I was to lead. To conquer.

Ironic, considering the vessel I had sold myself too till I died in the fires of a reactor explosion was named Conqueror. My ship, my Conqueror. My hand traced gently over the arm of the command chair I let myself bask in it’s own glory, the Resurgent could be quite the awe-inspiring ship. I fathomed it all, at my disposal was a weapon able to effortless sunder worlds, tear apart fleets, my own extensive modifications yielding decks of boarding pods able to deploy small armies, my Droids inactive as they waited for the command to slaughter.

They would have, I had no expectations for the people of Ereemus to simply submit. A show of force would be needed.


Lotara’s fleet, or in better terms, Conqueror’s fleet. As almost everything revolved itself around the Resurgent she commanded soon bursted from hyperspace above the world of Ereemus, they deemed the place perfect for establishing an outside base for the Order, though of course, Ereemus had no interest in actually submitting down to these vessels. It was fine by Sarrin, she hungered for bloodshed. She wanted to make an example of the entire sector to know, to know the Order commanded them now. And as Lotara’s cold eyes gazed upon the rather pitiful fleet of the Ereemus Defense Force and a smile almost pierced her lips.

”Send a comm hail, override their systems.”

She enjoyed making those proper points. And the Comm system she had installed wouldn’t be having much trouble actually forcing it’s way through the primitive technology employed within the defense force.

”Ereemus Fleet, stand down immediately. The Order has claimed this world, if you refuse to submit you shall be obliterated.”

Lotara was cold, direct, and without any doubt she would live up to the order. Just to make a point, an Interdictor she brought with her activated it’s gravity wells. With the energy rolling off the Wells, the vessels were effectively trapped. Fight, submit, or die. They chose the latter.


I gazed out, the twitch of something made my arm jerk ever so slightly. I’d become used to those twitches and come to ignore them, a cold smile I had given far too many times pierced through my cold visage of command. I shouted with far too much excitement as I gave the order.

”All power to engines! Advance, we will tear these dissidents apart!”

The fleet-wide comms heard my call, I always preferred close quarters ship dueling rather than the long ranged attrition fighting of most. It was fast, brutal, and savage. In a way, almost like myself. The engines roared to life, and so did my fleet advance. Quickly were we closing the distance between our forces. I could feel the ever so slight shake as turbolaser fire harmless struck the shields of Conqueror.

”Slow! Divert power to main cannons, tear their escorts apart and prepare the torpedoes!”

I meant the Boarding Torpedoes of course, they knew the drill. A true example needed to be made, the droids were to be unleashed. The largest vessel was to be shown the wrath of the Order in the eyes of it’s crew. I was to introduce to them the meaning of slaughter.

To call it a fight would be an insult to the word, they were entirely outgunned. And Conqueror was a true icon of death as it’s gun batteries unload against the ships surrounding the old Heavy Cruiser that served as the Defense Force’s flagship. Vessels that had dueled and won with pirates countless times exploded into balls of flame, crews vaporized or pulled into the vacuum of space as lighter vessels cracked.

Conqueror decimated, the insane amount of gun batteries on a Resurgent was brought to bare against a foe totally unprepared for them. Slaughter, pure slaughter. And as the escorts evaporated into nothing under the cold ruthlessness of Lotara’s tactical mind. Soon Conqueror swung, it’s broadside of tubes brought to bare against the Cruiser. It was time for bloody murder, and a point to be established.

It was so exhilarating, the feeling of sundering so many under the guns of Conqueror was one of the few things I could truly enjoy now. And the thrill of combat was overtaking me, I could feel it in the pit of my stomach. With a sudden lurch the ship turned, good, didn’t even need to order that one. They were learning well, the drills seemed to work. I gave the order, I couldn’t hide the thrill behind my voice this time.

”Launch the war droids! Fire the Torpedoes! FIRE THE TORPEDOES!”

Lotara the mad,quite the name. The vessel churned, as a small army was launched for the enemy vessel.


Classification: A0671-E. Mission Objective-Confirmed:No mercy, destroy. For the Order.

With that, the custom made boarding pod slammed violently into the hull of the enemy ship. Right into a corridor, it’s massive bladed claws ramming out and latching itself onto the durasteel walls. The doors opened, and the red eyes of A06E glowed. The War Droids had been unleashed.


True slaughter commenced as droid and man marched, the droids always lead Lotara’s assault. They were icons of raw destruction, shunning the ranged weaponry of most for massive blades. A06E lumbered along, heavy metal feet slamming against the ground as it’s body rotated, bringing it’s massive bladed arm around in a slashing arc. Bisecting four men in a squall of gore unused to most, without mercy it advanced. A06E turned again, to men desperately retreating as they fired off shots. Blasters in his chest unloaded, raking the men with blaster fire. And he advanced. And advanced, a force of nature and slaughter. Ringing out the programmed war cries built into every droid, they were made to strike fear into the enemy.

”Dissidents! Feel the wrath of the Order!”

It roared out another one, swinging it’s blade and annihilating another man. It was a slaughter, as it usually was against weak foes such as these. Not like the droid cared, it was told to slaughter and so it did. It was nothing more than a weapon of Lotara’s bloodlust.

The cruiser fell, as did the entire fleet. It’s husk was scourged of crew and it’s engines overloaded. A broken husk of a vessel still visible in orbit above the planet, it was an icon of what would happen if they rebelled as well. And Ereeemus learned it’s lesson, it submitted and one of the forces Lotara faried with her. Not the usual Legion, they were too important for minor conflicts such as these, though Lotara revealed in her victory today. It was the first of many, and a new swath of the Galaxy that the Order could begin to call their own.


To say I felt pride in my victory would be a very blatant lie, there was no pride to be had in this. The battle was effortless, against a foe too weak to win and a people realizing what they truly faced. But, I knew this was a start of a new glorious career, and a glorious campaign of conquests. A promotion sounded nice as I scanned it over in my mind, more warships..better warships. More dissidents able to be smashed, maybe even do some proper brawls with the Republic.

And as I sat in the command throne, ever so familiar to me. My eyes gazing out over the wreckage of the fight. I knew, without any doubt, something grand had been done here.
Fri, 23 Mar 2018 00:48:22 +0100
Thєodorє Sallis • Mαη-Tнιηg


❝ Whate'er you fear is shadow mist! All worlds are dream and sleep. Become this truth, sweet fated child, and God is yours to keep. ❞

❝ Scratch your mossy butt! Pick your nose. If you've got one. ❞

❝ Reality is constantly changing on the other side of that door. I may no longer be my handsome self. Even if I find Oldfather, I may not be able to get back to this reality. ❞


『Personal Information』

【Real Name】
Dr. Theodore "Ted" Sallis

【Current Alias】

Vagornus Koth

The Swamp Walker

Mr. Salad

Walking Mulch Heap

K'ad-Mon of the Fallen Stars

The Man of Lineage

The Swamp God

The Keeper of Illusion

Ellen Brandt (Wife)

Job Burke (Son)

Adam K'ad-Mon (Parental Ancestor)

Cleito/Eve (Embodiment of Illusion, Maternal Ancestor)

The One Above All (Ancestor)

Howling Commandos (S.H.I.E.L.D.)



All-New Howling Commandos

Ancient Order of the Shield

Avengers of the Supernatural


Legion of Monsters

Midnight Sons


U.S. Army

Project: Gladiator

【Base Of Operations】
Man-Thing's Swamp

Citrusville, Florida

Omaha, Nebraska

Tthe Man-Thing's existence is publicly known, but widely disbelieved; very few people know that the Man-Thing was Ted Sallis

【Public Identity】
Dr. Theodore "Ted" Sallis

American, (Presumed dead)

【Marital Status】

Guardian of the Nexus of All Realities


Research Scientist

University Professor

PhD in Biochemistry


7' 0"

500 lbs (227 kg)


No Hair (Though hair-like green strands of vegetable matter cover much of his body)


【Unusual Features】
Man-Thing is made of plant matter and creatures that simulates a humanoid form.


【Place of Birth】
Omaha, Nebraska


『Powers & Abilities』

Man-Thing has displayed the ability to speak to others with his mind that sounds more clearer than language to show Danielle Moonstar on how to use her power. However this power is used less often as he's able to cause an individual's mind to relive a traumatic event, understand a man's desire, and make a man relieve his most horrific memory. His mind was stated to be unfathomable by Professor Charles Xavier, but let Xavier's mind come along because of his likeness for his clarity and lack of emotion.

Man-Thing can sense the emotions of others, and he feels them as if they were his own emotions, since he is practically incapable of emotion on his own. He can influence the emotions of others as well. His power guides him and occasionally gives him insights or information. His "brain" is no longer centrally located as when he was human: mutated analogs of his brain cells are unevenly distributed throughout the volume of his head and torso. Inhuman in its functions, his "brain" is incapable of reason, thought, or long-term memory. The Man-Thing does have a sensory apparatus, the location and nature of which is unknown, which is able to empathically sense the emotions of other organisms. Unless stimulated by external emotion, the Man-Thing remains inert. Sensing emotion, he will seek out its source, his pace determined by the intensity of the emotion. Mild emotions provoke "curiosity," causing him to draw near and "observe." Violent emotion will provoke him to seek out the source and attack it. He does not possess emotions himself. Violent emotions in others cause him some form of extreme discomfort, which produces a physical reaction on the surface of his body. In response to emotional provocation, The Man-Thing will only attack a being that emotionally provokes him

Man-Thing was able to sensed Franklin Richard's powers even as a mere child that he could manipulate reality, making sure the child survived.

Man-Thing is able to control the growth of his plants and uses this power to morph his body shape. Such as growing a pair of wings to fly fast enough with the Sliver Surfer.

Due to Man-Thing's connection to the Nexus of All Realities his able to teleport and open portals in the multiverse.

Man-Thing is virtually immortal as it's being that is neither truly alive and dead, neither a being of pure sorcery nor pure science, and and powered by the Nexus, Man-Thing has shown some a variety of resistances. And if he was to be completely destroyed the Nexus can even generates a new copy of him. He can regenerate from most wounds by drawing in matter from the ground or even the air around him. Or lets them ooze through him from his unique physiology, but he can sure take a fight head on without falling apart while able to breathe underwater.

【Fear Inducement】
Man-Thing can produce fear into beings, even Molecular Man who was terrified so much that he physically aged and withered in mere seconds.

【Fear Burn】
In response to emotional provocation, his body produces fuming sulfuric acid which take the appearance of fire which can cause severe burns when in contact with the of emoting beings, no matter if you, ice, gas, or energy they will burn from the touch of the Man-Thing. When the being ceases to radiate emotion, the Man-Thing's body ceases production of acid and secretes a mild, soapy mucus that tends to neutralize the acid. No matter what being it is if it know fear than they will burn from the touch of the Man-Thing.

Man-Thing's eyes are red orbs as his unable to generate needs, desire of his own, and his red orbs are mirrors for other individual's emotions as a being that has no soul.

【Size Alteration】
Man-Thing can alter his size to become a giant when there's enough fear in the area.

Man-Thing has displayed different level's of strength from slicing a dragon's head off with a stop sign, matching blow for blow against hulk to eventually knocking down green juggernaut, and battling Thog a demon the embodiment of Fear.

Man-Thing is normally slow, but can be fast if needed on land or underwater which he displayed with a uncommon blend of grace and power.

Man-thing can absorb any being into his mass, becoming part of him.

【Reality Warping】
When in the presence of enough fear, Man-Thing grows powerful enough to take control of the Nexus and use it to warp reality. Which he used to turn, She-Hulk, Frankenstein, Howard the Duck, and Nighthawk into their monster counterparts from alternative universe.

Ted Sallis was a noted biochemist and university professor of the subject.

When Man-Thing was granted speech again he spoke the language of X'zelzi'ohr , the universal language. Everyone heard him in a way they were accustomed to, meaning he spoke "normal" to the likes of Satana and Moonstone, but was concise and to the point for Ghost, a lewd Englishman to Mr. Hyde, and a total thug to Boomerang.



Tends to wander using own feet. Hank Pym, as part of the Thunderbolts under Luke Cage, installed a device in Man-Thing that uses his connection to the Nexus of All Realities to allow the Thunderbolts to teleport anywhere in the world. Man-Thing does not control or steer the teleport (Pym's technology does), but he must travel with it.




【Early Life】
Dr. Ted Sallis was a biochemistry professor who worked at Empire State University. The United States Army recruited him into "Project Sulfur," which aimed to allow soldiers to survive bio-chemical warfare. With the army, Sallis developed "Serum SO-2," and gave its user immunity to all known toxic biochemicals. However, it became unusable when it was discovered a side-effect was to turn its users into monsters.

After Curt Conners lost his arm in battle, Ted met him in the hospital and the two began discussing nano-scaffolding and Ted’s attempts to create “Captain America 2.0”, aimed at re-creating the lost Super Soldier Serum that had created Captain America. Unable to afford to hire Curt once they returned state-side, Ted still aided him in his cell regeneration research, leading him towards using lizard DNA. Sallis fell in love with one of his students, Ellen Brandt. The two eloped following a secret affair. After their honeymoon, they visited the fortune teller Madame Swabada, who foretold a catastrophic change.

With his own research needing to be moved to somewhere more secluded, he discussed with Ellen the idea of moving to the Everglades to be closer to Curt. Sallis was then reassigned to "Project: Gladiator," a S.H.I.E.L.D. research program based in the Florida Everglades.

Sallis modified his SO-2 formula as the basis for a new Super-Soldier Serum. The subversive organization AIM wanted the serum and conspired with a bitter Ellen, whom Ted had neglected since their honeymoon. Upon completing his new serum, Ted committed its formula to memory and burnt his records. When Ellen led Ted into an AIM ambush, he fled, attempting to reach Curt Connors lab. While fleeing, he injected the only existing sample of the serum into himself just before his car crashed into the swamp. He should have died, but the magical energies of the swamp combined with the serum, and some of Curt Connors regeneration serum, transforming him into the hideous creature later known as the Man-Thing. His intelligence rapidly fading, he slew the AIM agents and horribly burned half of Ellen's face. Unknown to Sallis, Ellen had been pregnant.

【Early Adventures】
Man-Thing returned to his former laboratory after he stumbled across Project Gladiator's creator, Wilma Calvin. The locals assumed witch-craft and captured one of the project members, Barbara Morse, though the locals were being secretly lead by AIM. After threatening the entire project members, the locals were slain by Man-Thing. He returned to the swamp, not long after Wilma appeared to recognize him as Ted but was shot and went into a coma.

After wandering through the swamp for a time he stumbled onto the Writer's Mansion and Man-Thing and Sallis appeared to be separated and Sallis was looked after by the family that lived there. However, this turned out to be an illusion conjured by The Writer who was using Sallis to finish his book by bringing the characters to life.

With the transformation of Ted Sallis into Man-Thing virtually unknown to the world at large, two of his former colleague’s Barbara Morse and Paul Allen, brought in Ka-Zar to try and track him down. At the same time AIM again returned to try and obtain Sallis' formula. A.I.M. captured Man-Thing in a pit after Ka-Zar had begun to follow him. Confronting A.I.M, Ka-Zar fell into the pit and after a short fight which Man-Thing had the upper hand, Man-Thing is knocked out by AIM. Going in to kill the pair, they are saved by Zabu. Pulling the unconscious Man-Thing out of the pit they take him back to the lab where they discovered, Paul and Wilma have been captured by AIM. While Ka-Zar leaves, Man-Thing slipped through his bars and followed them to A.I.M.s secret base. After discovering the truth about Paul working for AIM, Man-Thing busted through the wall of the base and rescued Ka-Zar. After everyone gets out, Man-Thing blows up the base with him inside.

Meeting Ellen in the swamp, she removed the bandages to reveal her face is fully healed and no longer feels scarred of Man-Thing, who did not realize who she truly was. Showing no fear the two touch and Ellen was not burnt, sensing her sadness Man-Thing left.

【Fighting Against Demons】
It was during this time Man-Thing first met the young witch Jennifer Kale and her brother, Andrew Kale when they accidentally summoned Thog the Nether-Spawn using the Tome of Zhered-Na. Initially unaware they had done so, the Kale’s returned to their town of Citrusville, followed by Thog and Man-Thing. Confronting Thog, Man-Thing was initially able to destroy its original host before being summoned fully. Returning the fight to the swamp, Thog was thrown back into his home dimension of Sominus.

Thog returned to seek revenge by bringing Man-Thing to his home dimension and offered him the chance to return to being human again if he killed the Kale family. Refusing to do so, he was returned to being Man-Thing and Thog was apparently destroyed. The Kale’s realized they are still in the swamp and everything is an illusion that Man-Thing only breaks when he realized that his touch wasn’t burning someone who knew fear.

The Kale’s observed strange outbreaks of violence due to the takeover of human minds and souls by demons of the underworld. Deciding to assemble the cult, they prepare a ritual that they hope will block the demons' entry to the Earth realm. Jennifer Kale and the Man-Thing disappeared and re-appeared in chains in an other-worldly dimension. Here they met Dakimh the Enchanter, who needed to recover the Tome of Zhered-Na, the tome used to originally summon Thog. Dakimh was aware of the demonic invasion of Earth and told Jennifer that the Man-Thing is the guardian of the Nexus of All Realities. As the guardian, Man-Thing can prevent the doorways between worlds from being opened but must survive a trial by combat. The Man-Thing is forced to fight a barbarian Mongu. Mongu's battle-axe was ineffective against the Man-Thing, and the swamp monster fought back with his burning touch, winning the fight. Dakimh returned Jennifer and the Man-Thing to the swamp.

For unknown reasons, Man-Thing ran amok in the city. Man-Thing seemingly dropped dead and was taken the Kale home, Joshua Kale told everyone the origins of the Tome of Zhered-Na, which has its origins stemming from Ancient Atlantis. Dahkim appeared and takes Jennifer and Man-Thing to an extra-dimensional nexus to try and recover the Tome, battling various forces of the demons of Sominus in the process. When the cult members are captured, Jennifer and Man-Thing worked together to secure the book and restore reality to normal, freeing the captured cultists. All are transported back to Earth, including a demon Man-Thing was fighting. Once back in the swamp Man-Thing is easily able to overpower the demon. With everything restored to normal, the Tome vanished, and Man-Thing returned to the swamp, his bond with Jennifer seemingly severed.

Many of Man-Thing's early activities involved meeting many of its residents and aiding those who had been wronged, usually by causing fear and scarring those were causing strife to others, including an abusive husband, a racist cop, a corrupt businessman who wanted to build an airport on Native American Land and a crashed bus.

【Meeting the Super-Hero Community】
His first interaction with a super-powered being was by awakening Wundarr, an alien who had been sent to earth to escape his dying world as a baby. Some time passed before his discovery and grew to adulthood without any education. Assuming each was being attacked by the other, Man-Thing and Wundarr fought until Man-Thing left and rejected Wundarr's desire for Man-Thing to be his mother.

Man-Thing was one of the many heroes involved in defending the earth from the hordes of the Dark Dimension when Dormammu attempted to invade the Earth.

Man-Thing then teamed up with The Thing to take down the Molecule Man's "son" after he appeared in his swamp. The Thing had initially arrived due to him feeling that Man-Thing had stolen his name. During the initial confrontation Molecule Man turned both Thing and Man-Thing back into their human form, before attempting to teleport but couldn't teleport past the swamp due to the Nexus. Ted was unable to remember anything past the accident and the pair traveled to Citrusville, where they fought the Molecule Man. Turning the pair back to their monstrous form, Man-Thing attacked the Thing and using the Man Thing's swamp mud, the Molecule Man was defeated.

【Attack On The Nexus of All-Realities】
Man-Thing found himself on a strange world below a floating castle where he was picked up by Jennifer Kale, with the savage Korrek following from behind. Korrek caught up with Kale and the Man-Thing and attacked the two of them. However, this appeared to be all a dream of Jennifer Kale. Korrek was transported to Earth's dimension through a jar of peanut butter and resumed his attack on Jennifer. However, when Joshua and Andy burst into the room, Korrek believed himself surrounded and fleed into the swamp. The Kales were soon visited by Dakimh the Enchanter who has come to tell the Kales about the disruption in the Nexus of All Realities caused by the construction being done in the swamp. He has also come to train Jennifer in his mystical knowledge and reveals the dream world is just a different place and people are teleported there. While in the swamp, Korrek met the Man-Thing. Attacking the creature in a fury, he once again saw that no matter what he did, he could not harm the Man-Thing and so he stopped fighting. While lamenting over his plight, Korrek was visited by Howard the Duck, who had also found himself transported to Earth's dimension as well. Howard and Korrek teamed up to find a way back to their respective realities. Traveling through the swamp with Man-Thing in tow, Korrek was compelled to go to the F.A. Schist construction site after hearing a blood-curdling scream. Spotting Demons attacking the site, the Demons soon turned their attention towards Man-Thing, Korrek, and Howard and closed in for the kill.[19] Man-Thing, Korrek, and Howard were attacked by the demons that are followers of the "Overmaster", who seeks to take over all of existence. Fighting a losing battle against the neigh indestructible demons, the trio was saved by a last-minute intervention by Dakimh, who asked them to join him in stopping the Overmaster. Their first task was to rescue Jennifer who had been captured by the Overmaster's followers. Explaining that they needed to realign the Nexus of All Realities, the foursome began to hop across dimensions, losing Howard on the Journey. When the trio arrived at the center of the nexus, they succeed in realigning it, however it also gave the Overmaster and his Congress of Realities access to the realm of Therea, where they hoped to kill the Gods that resided there and take over. There the Overmaster unmasked himself, revealing him to be the demon Thog. The Man-Thing battled Thog and his minions, burning those who fear him, and when Thog became afraid of plunging into the moat of Therean water, Man-Thing grabbed him and began to burn as well. With his hands melting, Thog tried to break free, and ended up falling in the moat of pure water, which seemingly killed him. With their master defeated, the Congress and its armies retreated back from whence they came. The God's of this realm were revealed to be two dogs under the care of two farmers. When the Man-Thing touched one of the dogs, they were all shown the full of reality before all being sent to their respective homes.

【Back in the Swamp】
Back on Earth, Man-Thing met Richard Rory when he rescued the man from an alligator attack. When the Man-Thing finished killing the gator, Richard tried to get the Man-Thing to administer first aid to his injuries but he blacked out due to blood loss and Man-Thing leaves. Richard meanwhile meets a woman named Ruth Hart. Meanwhile, F.A. Schist returned and wanted to destroy the Man-Thing so hires Professor Slaughter, an M.I.T. graduate offers to deal with the Man-Thing. While back at the swamp, Ruth, and Richard are silently watched by the Man-Thing, the muck-monster eventually left the two to some privacy and wandered the swamp. Here, he ran into the Skull-Crushers, the biker gang which Ruth used to be a part of. When they saw the creature, they attacked it and found nothing works. Their leader Snake attacked the creature with a chain, the Man-Thing grabbed him and his momentary fear causes him to be burned by the muck monster. When the Man-Thing finally departed, Snake vows to get the creature. Meanwhile, the Man-Thing found itself drawn to the Slaughter Room, a device designed to kill the Man-Thing, which emanated sonic vibrations from inside it. However, the creature managed to destroy the device by throwing chains at its controls. At that moment, Ruth arrived followed shortly by Snake and Richard. Both end up at blows, but when the Man-Thing indifferently threw away the chains it used to free itself, they strike Snake killing him. Both Schist and Hargood fled the scene.

Schist's wife Vivian hired Dr. Dane Gavin to capture or kill the Man-Thing; he chose the former, placing Man-Thing on display in the New York Museum of Natural History, where visitors' fears sent the Man-Thing on a berserk rampage through the city until Dr. Gavin and Schist's daughter, Carolyn, took him back to the swamp. Man-Thing later faced the manifested hate of Maybelle Tork, the Demons of Liberation (embittered scarred war veterans), and the reality-altering Brian Lazarus.

Wandering into the Port Everglades, the Man-Thing was trapped on the Marietta cargo ship and caught up in a two-century-old curse involving the satyr Khordes, the immortal crew of the pirate Captain Fate, and oceanographer Dr. Maura Spinner. Maura was a reincarnation of the former captain of Fate's crew, whom Fate had traded to Khordes in exchange for his treasure. Mistaking the satyr's benevolent intent, Maura had slain Khordes, who cursed them all. After helping convince Spinner to accept her destiny by the resurrected satyr's side, Man-Thing returned to the Everglades.

The bog beast then joined old allies Korrek, Dakimh, and Jennifer Kale against the extradimensional sorcerer Klonus and warrior Mortak. In a weird twist of fate, a Man-Thing-shaped candle (created after his New York rampage) was drugged and given to Ted Sallis' former love interest Sainte-Cloud by her jilted lover Chuck, causing her to see Man-Thing hallucinations; exposed to the drug himself, a terrified Chuck badly burnt his face on the candle.

After surviving an assault from his one-time victim Jackson Hunter, the Man-Thing halted the Mad Viking's rampage. He then heeded the tortured spirit of student Edmond Winshed, taking vengeance on Edmond's former tormentors. Captured by townspeople and thrown into a sewage treatment plant, Man-Thing escaped and slew the Mad Viking, ending a violent book-burning crusade by the Viking and Olivia Selby.

Now able to survive longer away from the swamp, the Man-Thing was brought by Richard Rory to Georgia, where he escaped. He fought the demon Ehrthold, the soul-stealing Scavenger and his demonic creator Thog, whose Nightmare Boxes threatened to plunge all reality into madness until the positive wills of Ted Sallis and Steve Gerber contaminated the boxes, foiling Thog, whom Man-Thing incinerated. Alongside Ghost Rider, Morbius, and the Werewolf as the Legion of Monsters Man-Thing helped destroy the enigmatic Starseed, actually a would-be savior of humanity.

After again fighting the Molecule Man alongside Iron Man, the Man-Thing was captured along with the Glob by the Collector, who pitted them against the Hulk before they rebelled and escaped. Man-Thing later helped psychic Andrea Rodgers restore her fragmented personality, helped thwart the inane cosmic menace Bzzk'Joh, drove off D'Spayre, destroyed Jude the Entropic Man and Victorius, allied with the Cult of Entropy (narrowly missing a chance to regain his humanity), and encountered the extradimensional Micronauts.

Sallis' mind was nearly restored by Dr. Karl Oheimer's cerebral regeneration therapy for a CIA project; but the army suspected enemy involvement and tried to protect Sallis' serum by attempting to rescue Oheimer, who was slain in the process. The sentient Man-Thing slaughtered all others involved, but once back in the swamp his mind faded. Another experimental project briefly transported him to the Himalayas, where he encountered a Yeti race descended from Cro-Magnons.

The sorcerer Baron Mordo returned him to the swamp, restored Sallis' mind and used him as a pawn against Dr. Strange in a plot to destroy Earth, but Jennifer Kale helped the Man-Thing throw off Mordo's control and foil the plot, though Sallis' mind again faded.

After aiding Howard the Duck against the mad monopoly of Kong Lomerate, the Man-Thing befriended Sheriff John Daltry and Barbara Bannister, alongside whom he again met Captain Fate and opposed yet another Thog plot. This time, Sallis was cured and writer Chris Claremont took his place as the Man-Thing, destroying Thog. Dr. Strange restored Claremont, but Sallis' curse returned and proved irreversible. The Man-Thing was possessed by Unnthinnk, one of the demon coven called the Six Fingered Hand, who battled the Defenders in a massive plot to take over Earth; the Six-Fingered Hand turned out to be pawns of the Hell-Lords in a scheme to use the Nexus in an aborted attempt to merge Hell and Earth.

Alongside Thor he opposed the Man-Beast and the Bi-Beast, then briefly served as a pawn of the mad sorcerer Ian Fate, leading to another rampage through New York. Back in the swamps, Sallis refused an offer from the demon Eblis to become human in exchange for his mortal soul. The government's Project Glamor developed a version of Sallis's formula, planning to attack Russia with super-soldiers, but these warriors were destroyed by the Man-Thing and others. Another Sallis serum derivation, SS-8, was used by Daemian Wainscroft, mutating his son Deke into a powerful form until being functionally lobotomized by the Punisher.

Alongside the Hulk, the Man-Thing encountered a new Glob, and was later nearly destroyed by the Deviant Ereshkigal when she used the Star Brand to access the Nexus in an effort to rule all reality. Another writer with reality-warping powers used the Man-Thing to complete his final story in the last seconds of his life. Shortly thereafter, the Man-Thing was one of the Daydreamers joining Franklin Richards on a surreal journey to accept Onslaught's seeming destruction of Franklin's parents, who had actually survived in the Counter-Earth of a pocket realm created by Franklin; however, Ashema the Listener, a Celestial who would help Franklin retrieve Onslaught's victims and establish Counter-Earth as a real planet orbiting opposite Earth, obliterated the Man-Thing in order to stop him from blocking access to the pocket realm.

Re-created via the combined energies of an Asgardian Norn Stone and the recent breaching of the dimensional barriers, the Man-Thing's form was briefly usurped by mailroom employee Carl Shuffler, who was removed by Spider-Man using instructions from the virtually omniscient Authority.

Recent dimensional travel had shattered the Nexus of Realities, and Dr. Strange recruited Ellen Brandt to help Man-Thing restore it. In the process, the Man-Thing was possessed by K'ad-Mon, the history of the Men of Lineage was revealed, and Sallis learned that his relation with Ellen was predestined to restore his hereditary mission. Ellen, the Man-Thing, and K'ad-Mon recovered Nexus fragments from within the maddened Devil-Slayer, from Howard the Duck (despite the opposition of Mahapralaya and a revived Cult of Entropy), from Cleito herself in ancient Atlantis, and from a Nexus-created planet that Ellen had to destroy to save reality.

Their efforts to restore the Nexus were opposed by the Fallen Star Mr. Termineus, the embodiment of finality, who had visited the young Ted Sallis over the years. Termineus had captured Ellen's long-lost son Job Burke and trained him as his disciple in a plot to destroy all existence. Devil-Slayer united the remaining Fallen Stars, including K'ad-Mon and Sorrow, to stop Termineus. Using the power of the final Nexus fragment, Termineus succeeded in shattering the healing Nexus, wiping out all reality.

However, Sallis' nature as the Man of Lineage (combined with his love of Ellen) allowed him to briefly maintain the dream of existence; he joined forces with Job, who rebelled against his mentor, to re-imagine the creator's dream that had formed reality. All existence was restored, with Ted and Ellen inhabiting the Nexus itself, while K'ad-Mon retained control of the Man-Thing. Job returned home with his adoptive parents to live his life and prepare for his future destiny. Termineus began to plot anew to bring about the endgame, but as it was he who had involved K'ad-Mon in this struggle, he had to deal with bringing about his own failure, due to his inability to relinquish the love in his heart for his former wife, Sorrow.

Shortly thereafter, the ancient Scrier mutated one of his cabal members into the Outrider to seize the Nexus. Spider-Man helped foil this plot, and Ted and Ellen drew the consciousness of the Nexus down into the Man-Thing, merging into a powerful collective being. This merged being left the earthly sphere, becoming the new Nexus, and the magic of the swamp re-formed the Man-Thing's original form, apparently instilling it with the residual memory of Sallis' consciousness. Continuing its subconscious mission to defend the swamp and Nexus, it incinerated botanist Owen Candler, creator of the Salvation Seed and the Union, which had threatened to replace humanity with plant simuloids; slew a mad scientist who tried to use the Man-Thing in experimental emotion therapy; and even opposed a universe-menacing, virtually omnipotent Thanos enhanced by the Heart of the Infinite. Eternally cursed with a monstrous form, barely aware of its past or surroundings, the Man-Thing remains the most startling slime creature of all.

The Man-Thing was recently slashed in half by Ares of the Dark Avengers and "bagged and tagged" since then, however he was seen protecting the Moloids who are collecting and spiriting away the Punisher's body parts, after he is dismembered and decapitated by Daken, acting on the orders of Norman Osborn.

After Norman Osborn was deposed during the events of Siege, Man-Thing was moved to the Raft. There, Hank Pym studied it and created a device which used Man-Thing's connection to the Nexus of All Realities to enable Luke Cage's Thunderbolts to teleport anywhere in the world. He was inscribed with the 'World Song' by Satana.

Using the Nexus of All Realities, Man-Thing was able to escape the Raft and run amok around New York City. Howard the Duck, along with She-Hulk, Nighthawk, and Frankenstein's Monster went in search of him in an attempt to stop him

Returning to the Thunderbolts, he helped during an invasion of Chicago by absorbing the hordes of monsters sent to destroy it. This caused him to become giant-sized. Satana extracted a bulb from his old, burnt out body.

【Fearsome Four】
During the Fear Itself event, Howard the Duck formed a team called the Fearsome Four with She-Hulk, Frankenstein's Monster and Nighthawk to stop the Man-Thing who found himself driven to an uncontrollable rage, caused by the immense levels of fear generated by the Serpent's hammer-wielders across the world. Facing various alternate universe heroes and the Psycho-Man, brought to Earth by the Man-Thing's connection to the Nexus of All Realities. The Four were eventually able to confront their own fears and calm the Man-Thing, bringing an end to his rampage and saving the world, before going their separate ways.

【The Howling Commandos of S.H.I.E.L.D】
After his escape from the Thunderbolts and handling by the Fearsome Four, the Man-Thing was captured and entered into S.H.I.E.L.D.'s S.T.A.K.E. sub-division. While on their inaugural mission, the Howling Commandos were in combat with a viral plant infection. Multiple of these infected individuals joined together to form a larger being. This was cause for Dum Dum Dugan to call in for Man-Thing to be dropped into the fight. He then proceeded to fight off the enlarged being and defeat it using his burning touch. Sadly due to this the idol they were sent to retrieve was destroyed and their first mission was both success and failure.

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The Forgotten Hero
Covering lore: Debunking the Stormcloak Bible
Part four.

Entirety of Stormcloak Bible found at:
Fourth part:

The author of the ‘’Bible’’ did not do his homework, and assumes that the red lines on the UESP link provided on the ‘’Bible’’ refer to developer notes to the meaning of the dialogue. This is wrong. I again refer to the UESP admin from part one, who aided me in solving this problem. The red italics are not canon, but are in fact, and I quote: ‘’A comment field that is not included in the export. Rarely used.’’ What does this mean? It means that whatever is written there is not part of the official material, hence why it was not included in the export.

Now, on to Ulfric’s desire for power at hand. Yes, the man is power hungry, and yes, he is in it for power alone. One only has to look at his past to see this. The man joined the Legion, then deserted them after gaining combat experience. The man then abused the Voice for his own gain, clear abuse of the power granted by the Greybeards. The man collaborated with the Thalmor, until they dispatched of him. He then starts a civil war in an attempt to take the throne. And now, instead of asking Torygg to declare independence, he decides to murder him. He then makes clear that he is putting the throne above the safety of his people, so yes, all the signs of a man being power hungry.

Thalmor Dossier: Ulfric Stormcloak
Dialogue with Kibell
Dialogue with Igmund
Dialogue with Sybille Stentor
Dialogue with Ulfric Stormcloak during Season Unending
Dialogue with Windhelm Guards during Blood on the Ice

And then the ‘’Bible’’ moves on to a pretty speech, because speeches are clearly not meant to inspire the people who are in the throne room. Jorleif, the Windhelm guard, the Windhelm Stormcloak Officer? Clearly Ulfric is raising his voice for no reason at all. No, Ulfric is spreading lies. One only has to listen to his actual speech to even find it. ‘’impoverished to pay the debts of an Empire too weak to rule them, yet brands them criminals for wanting to rule themselves!’’
Simply false. They branded Ulfric a criminal because he broke his oath to the Legion, murdered the High King, and started a civil war. That’s what he was branded a criminal for, nothing more.

Moving on to Sybille. The ‘’Bible’’ makes this claim that Torygg should have declared independence because one Jarl implied he wanted it. Torygg is High King of Skyrim, he rules over 9 Holds, and only one of those Holds wanted independence at the time. If Ulfric wanted independence so badly, he should have asked the King. Torygg is not Ulfric’s lapdog, he’s his King. If Ulfric wanted a change, it was his job to stand up and ask. Ulfric was, and still is, in a minority for Skyrim’s independence, Torygg can’t declare independence out of the blue without the Jarls loyal to the Empire becoming upset.

And then we arrive at the classic old duel argument. Nord tradition dictates that two Jarls fight until one of the two is made to fall down in a non-lethal manner, then the victor banishes the beaten from their newly acquired lands. Death is not part of these duels. By Ulfric killing Torygg, Voice or sword, he broke tradition, making it an unlawful kill, thus murder. The rest of the whole ‘’duel’’ argument in the ‘’Bible’’ continue on the false argument that it’s Nord tradition to kill your opponent in such a duel, so the rest of that argument is rendered void.

Dialogue with Jorunn the Skald-King
The Brother’s War
The Crown of Freydis

Next up. The word ‘’might’’ does not mean that Torygg would not have declared independence at all. Sybille Stentor says Torygg might have declared independence, but that he also might not have, we don't know which Torygg would have done, because he was never asked. Ulfric proved himself power hungry by not asking.

And now, the good old Markarth Incident. Yes, this was Thalmor intervention, if one reads that Thalmor Dossier on Ulfric, one will find out that after the Great War, direct and cooperative contact was established between the Thalmor and Ulfric, with Ulfric even proving his worth as an asset to the Thalmor. Indeed, the Markarth Incident was considered particularly valuable from the point of view of the Thalmor’s goals in Skyrim. Hrolfdir offered Talos worship in return for Ulfric retaking the Reach, because Ulfric demanded Talos worship. Hrolfdir wouldn't offer something illegal if he didn't know the other party wants it. What is most noticeable here is that the Talos ban was not enforced until Ulfric started agitating about it, and then there is even the Justiciars who state they are in Skyrim to ensure the ‘’Emperor wasn’t lying’’ to give up Talos worship, why would they have to ensure it? Because the Legion broke the Concordat’s terms at the Markarth Incident. As for Braig, as much as a touching story it might be, he has been stuck in a mine for a solid 20 years. Does the ‘’Bible’’ really suggest he knows for a fact how long he has been in there? There isn’t a sun for him to see, nor a moon, he can’t see days pass, so how would he know? 25 years is a long time, and it’s quite easy to forget how long you’re in jail if you never see the sun. Also, the Bear of Markarth is true regarding anyone who did not stand with Ulfric being put to the sword, Nepos the Nose confirms it by stating that anyone who did not run from Ulfric was executed, excluding himself and a handful of others. As far as the executions are concerned, not really a solid point. Ulfric’s militia was the force that held the city, the Jarl was a puppet, had no power. Markarth’s garrison was gone until the Legions returned.

Thalmor Dossier: Ulfric Stormcloak
The Bear of Markarth
Dialogue with Alvor
Dialogue with Thalmor Justiciars
Dialogue with Nepos the Nose

Then we finally arrive to the Voice. Ulfric did misuse the Voice. The Voice was taught to the Nords to combat Alduin’s tyranny, not for personal gain. Also, since when is one forced to join the Greybeards? Even if Ulfric were forced, weren’t the Stormcloaks the ones obsessed with ‘’Nord culture’’? The Greybeards are the truest form of Nord culture of the Voice, unless if the ‘’Bible’’ wants to say the Nords should be like the Dragon Cult, who were the only people who used the Voice for personal gain. Kyne gave the Voice to combat Alduin, not to become more powerful as a person. That’s why Paarthurnax, the first one to teach the Voice to the rebels in the Dragon War, is the head of the Greybeards. Ulfric did misuse the Thu’um, as he used it for personal gain. Neither the Great War nor the Markarth Incident were true need. Ulfric chose to be in that situation, he brought those on himself, just like how an officer is only allowed to kill someone in true need. The ‘’Bible’’ confuses personal gain for true need.

Etched Tablet Emblem IV
Varieties of Faith in the Empire
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Spanish Eagle and Mr Orange XD
I feel really proud to present a new drawing i just invented. Its called Blak & White. I know that black is bad written, but it makes it more interesting. Ill feel really happy if someone of u could make an animation or something about this. The only condition is that u MUST mencion me. See ya legion ;P]]>
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