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Ladies Corner
Despite her brilliant comeback, as she managed to win from being 5-1 down in the decider, Caroline Wozniacki’s second round match against Jana Fett will be remembered for her feud with the official. She challenged Fett's shot after seeing her return go…

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حامد الزهراني
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film bajakan
The son of an American coffee importer forms an unlikely bond with his Colombia counterpart. This romantic comedy follows the pairing of two 20-somethings thrown together by a business feud that may result in an even more unlikely romance.

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Writers' Square
Young Love
Sienna Ditmore, Division 2, 12th grade

When you you think of young love you think of the most famous young lovers story, Romeo and Juliet. A famous play written by William Shakespeare in 1597. During that time, young love was viewed as a beautiful thing and even today society believes Romeo and Juliet is an amazing, beautiful, and inspiring play. What do you think about young love with teenage society today? When two teenagers fall in love with each other, do you think it’s a phase, they’re not thinking clearly, they haven’t had enough experience, or they’re too young? In today’s society usually you get married after you turn 19 or 20. Parents and society today think young love is bad/wrong. When a teenager is finally becoming an adult and leaving high school for some, that includes leaving a love one behind (breaking up) or they’re is too much drama in the relationship. That is why parents believe that when it comes to teenage relationships it’s “Puppy Love” and it’s not a serious relationship. Why is young love not serious in today’s society?

In the play Romeo and Juliet, two houses(Capulets and Montagues) feuded. They hated each other no matter what and their stubbornness and pride made things even worse. A son of the the Montague family and a daughter of the Capulet family met each other and fell in love at first sight, but were torn apart by their parents. Romeo and Juliet met in secret and passed along secret messages. One day in the street the cousin of Juliet (Tybalt) caused trouble for Romeo and Romeo’s friend (Mercutio). Tybalt was trying to kill Romeo, but killed Mercutio instead. In anger and grief Romeo kills Tybalt and then Romeo is banished. Juliet and Romeo met again at night at a church with the friar and got married. Juliet’s parents had made a separate plan for her and arranged a marriage between her and Paris. Juliet then decides to fake her death and run away with Romeo. The friar had given Juliet the serum to fake her death and he sent out word to Romeo. Before Romeo gets the message he hear wind of Juliet’s death. He returns to see Juliet. He sees her dead body laying there in a family tomb and he stabs himself because he could not bere life without her. Juliet soon wakes up to see Romeo dead beside her and she takes the dagger and stabs herself as well. After the truth came out about Romeo and Juliet the families had ended their feud.
This play is very famous and well known by many many people. Adults and teens love the story of the two young lovers who died to be together. So why would it be any different with other teenagers? Maybe because it’s a different time that this story came out? True that the ages to get married were younger during the time, but in society today parents or other things separate teenagers who love each other because they don’t believe it’s as real as what Romeo and Juliet had.

In the view of a parent when having a teen in love and wanting to be in a serious relationship they don’t usually approve. The reason for that is because the difference between teen age relationships and adult relationships. Teenage relationships may not last as long as an adult relationship and most parents think that is because of the drama all the teens go through, but what they don’t realize is that adult relationships are also like that. Everyone gets into fights now and then and some of those fights lead to the end of a relationship. Parents also believe that teenage relationships aren’t serious because they don’t have enough experience as an adult would. Yes, that is true that a teen wouldn’t have enough experience as an adult, but some people chose not get serious about a relationship until they are adults while some other people chose to be serious sooner rather than later. It’s different for everyone.

When teenagers are in love and want to take love seriously, they do. They may not do everything that adults would (though some might) and that’s their choice. Not a lot of people marry their high school sweetheart, but the numbers have grown over the years. There is 19% of people that marry their high school sweetheart compared to 70% of the general population.

“Depending on what person you are, it can start out that way, but it can change over time. I believe that it is faithful when you are in a young relationship and you get married after a certain amount of time. Don’t put yourself in a long distance relationship because it can deprive the couple in the relationship. I feel like young love can be taken seriously just depending on the perspective and the people. Be in a relationship where you can trust and you both want that relationship.” This was the view of a teenager (Shayna Sauls). She is a Senior in high school and she is 17 years old. She is in a long distance relationship with her boyfriend Ricci and he is 20 years old. Her and Ricci have been together for a year and three months and were friends before that for 8 years. Ricci lives in Washington while Shayna lives in Oregon. Ricci drives down to Oregon to see his family and Shayna. Is that not a real or serious relationship?

So young love is okay, but not in some ways. A teenage relationship is just like an adult relationship. Adults and teens choose whether they want a serious relationship or not and that's okay. Parents can be protective of their child, but that doesn’t make their relationship “puppy love”. What is the difference between the story of Romeo and Juliet and the story of two young adults who love each other? The only difference is the time. Our age has grown and advanced to where two teens can’t have a serious relationship. Would you say that Shayna’s and Ricci’s relationship isn’t serious just because of their age? Some relationships we see today start out in your preteens and then 7-9 years later they are still together. Just because we are young does not mean that we can’t be serious about something. ]]>
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Damian Lillard
The Blake and CP3 is just like the Russ and KD beef. They act enemies on the court and sneak diss each other, but they probably secretly text each other every night before they go to bed. ]]>
Wed, 17 Jan 2018 07:42:58 +0100
Akpabio speaks on rift with Gov. Emmanuel
Senate Minority Leader, Godswill Akpabio has denied reports of
involvement in a rift with his successor, Governor of Akwa Ibom, Udom
Emmanuel. The former governor described such insinuations as political
propaganda, noting that he cannot be in a feud wit...

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Lucy Loud
Full name: Lucy L. Loud.
First episode: The Loud House
Voice: Jessica DiCicco
Inspiration: One of Chris Savino's two daughters
Character information:
Other names:
Queen of Darkness
Spooky (by Lincoln, Lynn, Luna, and Lola)
Luce (by Lincoln, Lynn, and Lola)
Duchess of Darkness (by Lynn)
Miss Gloom and Doom (by Lynn)
Creepy Sister who Spies on my Dates (by Lori)
Little Psychic Girl (by Flip)
Ray of Sunshine (by Lynn)
Luce Change (by Luna)
Kid (by Lincoln)
Prince Alarming (by Lola)
Age: 8
Occupation:Elementary school student
Goal: To be an undertaker in the day, and a vampire at night.
Home: 1216 Franklin Avenue, Royal Woods, Michigan

Rita Loud (mother)
Lynn Loud Sr. (father)
Lori Loud (oldest sister)
Leni Loud (older sister)
Luna Loud (older sister)
Luan Loud (older sister)
Lynn Loud (older sister)
Lincoln Loud (older brother)
Lana Loud (younger sister)
Lola Loud (younger sister)
Lisa Loud (younger sister)
Lily Loud (youngest sister)
Shirley (aunt)
Albert (maternal grandfather)
Harriet (great-grandmother)
Unnamed paternal grandfather
Unnamed paternal great-grandfather
Unnamed paternal grandmother
Unnamed maternal grandmother

Charles (dog)
Cliff (cat)
Geo (hamster)
Walt (canary)
Fangs (bat)
Goldie (deceased goldfish)
Luan Loud
Lincoln Loud
Lynn Loud (roommate)
Clyde McBride
Abraham Lincoln

Rocky Spokes (first love interest)
Her family and siblings
Morticians Club
Silas (second love interest)
The Manager
Park Ranger
Hawk and Hank

Gothic fiction
Black and white
Princess Pony
Suffering of others
Fortune telling
Conducting funerals
Her ghost friends
Blood pudding
Extra well-done eggs
Owning a crystal ball
Horror movies
Boyz Will Be Boyz
Death metal
Shark attacks
Burpin' Burger
Playing with her food
Food fights
Ouija boards
Aloha Beach
Dream Boat
Vampires of Melancholia
Playing corpsicle
Rocky (love interest)
R.I. Pete's Coffins & Urns
Blood oranges

The World
Being forgotten about
Lincoln being bullied
Broccoli being eaten
Hunting ghosts (sometimes)
Luan's puns and pranks
Being unnoticed by her family
Her family disturbing her activities
Someone touching/taking Edwin
Lynn placing her sports equipment in her coffin
Singing (sometimes)
People asking her questions
Powers and abilities
Writing poems
Amateur detective skills
Possibly teleportation
Scaring people
Digging holes
Communicating with spirits
Predicting the future
Playing dead
Driving Lola's car
Reading in noise
Bat taming
Creating the perfect Halloween
"Why would I want to hunt my friends?"

Lucy L. Loud is a main character in The Loud House.

At 8 years old, Lucy is the fifth-youngest child of the Loud family, and the oldest of Lincoln's five younger sisters. Her most annoying habit is popping up and scaring people, which is a running gag in the series. Along with Lincoln, she's the quietest out of all the Loud siblings.

Lucy is a gloomy, cynical, deadpan, and mysterious goth girl, who is almost always sporting a stoic frown. She is interested in occultism, poetry, and the works of Gothic authors, like Edgar Allen Poe and Lovecraft. She has an uncanny ability to seemingly teleport to different places, which often spooks her siblings, especially Lincoln. Some of her siblings refer her as a "spooky" girl. She frequently uses words to describe her actions, such as saying the word "Sigh" instead of actually sighing. The reason for her gloomy and miserable persona is because she feels left out that nobody listens to her and everyone thinks she's weird (despite their obvious quirks).

Though typically rather gloomy, she is shown to be happy on several occasions. She squeals and laughs in "Heavy Meddle", along with her sisters, after knowing about Lincoln's romantic situation. Also in some other episodes she can be seen smiling from time to time (as opposed to her usual smirking), like in "It's a Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud, House", where she is joyfully celebrating the money finding with her other siblings, and in "In Tents Debate", where she is happy that she gets the option to go to "Aloha Beach". She is also shown to be rather compassionate, as she shows sympathy for Lincoln's dilemmas, and always shows her appreciation for his kindness.

In "Sleuth or Consequences", it is revealed that she was responsible for clogging the toilet with her book Princess Pony, stating that even she needs "a break from the darkness" once in a while. Despite her depressed and cold attitude, she looks to enjoy being with her siblings, and sometimes depart from darkness to have fun with them.

Nick Description
"Lucy Loud loves all things spooky and dark. She can usually be found reciting her moody poetry, or sharing her morbid point of view. If you haven't seen Lucy in a while, don't worry... she has a knack of mysteriously appearing when you least expect it!".

Lucy has very pale, almost chalk-white skin, and her long black hair conceals her eyes. She's very thin, and a bit smaller than Lincoln. Lucy dresses in black and white, and she wears long striped arm sleeves, matching knee socks, a black dress worn over a striped shirt, and black shoes.

Her nightwear is a white t-shirt and striped pants. Her swimwear consists of a striped swimming dress, with black leggings.

Alternate Versions
Lars Loud

In the alternate dimension where the sisters are boys, Lucy's counterpart is a male goth named Lars. Like Lucy, he shares the same room with Lynn but also shares with Lincoln (as Lincoln's original bedroom is still a closet), and instead of a bed, he sleeps in a coffin. Unlike Lucy, however, Lars is disrespectful towards Lincoln, obnoxious and aggressive, as shown when the latter accidentally scratches his coffin bed after getting a rude awakening.

Eight of Spades
S2E11B Cards The Eight of Spades Cropped.png
In the minicomic Deuces Wild!, Lucy interprets the superheroine called The Eight of Spades, who is also one of Ace Savvy's sidekicks. She uses a shovel with a spade-shaped head. In the comic, she is summoned by Savvy (played by Lincoln) alongside the rest of Savvy's deck (played by the rest of her sisters) to help him and One-Eyed Jack (played by Clyde) to defeat the gas monster. After they defeat it, they prepared to fight against a garbage monster.

The Eight of Spades made another appearance in the comic Lincoln wrote in "Pulp Friction". In this appearance, she dug a hole in which two thugs were thrown into by The Night Club's music.

Main article: Character appearances
Season 1
"Toads and Tiaras"
"Save the Date"
"The Waiting Game"
Season 2
"Intern for the Worse"
"The Old and the Restless"
"Patching Things Up"
"Frog Wild" (mentioned)
"Shell Shock"
"The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos"
"Back Out There"
"ARGGH! You For Real?"
"Friend or Faux?"
"Not a Loud" (cameo as a baby, mentioned)
"Snow Way Down"

Episodes where Lucy is the main focus
Season 1
"Space Invader" (w/ Lynn & Lincoln)
"Sleuth or Consequences" (w/ Lincoln)
Season 2
"Back in Black"
"Spell It Out"
"Tricked!" (w/ Lincoln and Clyde)

Her name can be taken to mean "light", which is ironic because she likes the darkness. It can also mean "of light complexion", which she certainly has.[3]
Lucy is right-handed, as shown in "Roughin' It".
Lucy and Lynn are roommates with the biggest age gap, five years apart.
This is because they are the only roommates which aren't consecutive children, respectively the seventh and the fifth, with Lincoln being the sixth.
Lori, Leni, Lucy, Lisa, and Lily are the only siblings who don't have grayish-purple eyelids. In Lucy's case, however, it's because we have yet to see her eyes.
According to Rita and Lynn Sr. in the episode, "The Crying Dame", the reason why Lucy's hair conceals her eyes is because they were uncomfortable with her staring at them mindlessly, and let her grow her hair out, under the assumption that she won't stare at them anymore. According to Lucy, she can still see perfectly fine through her hair, which petrifies her parents.
Before that, her parents said that she is the only Loud who didn't cry at all when she was a baby.
She and Lincoln are the only siblings whose hair color is neither blonde nor brown.
In Lucy's case, it is possible that she dyed her hair black.
However, in "Back in Black", it is shown that Lucy has blonde hair, but it's later confirmed that it may have been a wig the girls gave her as part of her makeover.
In "The Whole Picture", when she was a baby, her hair is black, meaning that's actually her hair color.
In the pilot and "Left in the Dark", Lucy's hair was shaped differently than it is in the series. She was also given black gloves in development, but they were removed in the final production.
Lucy, Lynn, Luan, and Lincoln are the only characters who are known to wear socks with their regular clothes.
Lucy's name comes from Chris Savino's wife's plans for names in case they had more daughters, but it was never used as they later had three sons.
A running gag of the series is that Lucy always appears suddenly, scaring her siblings or other people.
Lucy believes that broccoli has feelings.
Lincoln, Luna, and Lynn sometimes refer to her as "spooky".
S1E01B Lincoln and Lucy in the vents.png
She scares Lincoln more often than her sisters.
As shown in "Left in the Dark" and "Changing the Baby", she can scare her sisters and other people out of their wits just by saying "boo" to them. She's done this to Leni, Lynn, and Lisa.
She sits in the vents to think for writing her poems.
As shown in "It's a Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud, House", the back corner in the attic used to be her "secret dark place", but now it's the basement.
Lucy's ideal superpower is to be immortal.
She is the only member of the Loud family to never have her eyes shown.
Lucy, along with Lynn, Luna, Lori, and Lincoln, are the only siblings shown as babies.
In "Making the Case", Lucy is one of five sisters with no trophy in the case. The other four being Lori, Leni, Luan, and Lana.
She is strong enough to carry Lincoln, as shown in "Get the Message".
She can read in noise as her sisters' antics don't bother her when she's reading her poems.
She runs a funeral service called "Lucy's Lament", which is revealed in "Along Came a Sister".
She is the quietest of the Loud siblings, along with Lincoln.
Lucy, Lynn, Luna, Lori, and Lincoln are the only siblings shown as babies on screen.
Her winter outfit and costume of "Eight of Spades" make her resemble Raven from
Teen Titans.
Along with Leni and Lana, their names mean something related to light.
She has a pet bat named Fangs, which makes her the third Loud sibling after Lana and Luan to have her own pet.
In "Spell It Out", it's revealed that they go on nightly walks together.
Lucy's favorite food is blood pudding.
When Lucy grows up, she wants to be an "undertaker by day, vampire by night".
Lucy and Lola aren't close to each other, like how Lynn and Lana are.
The main reason could be because even though it's revealed by Lincoln in "Room with a Feud", that Lucy and Lola both have a flare for the dramatic, Lucy is gothic, gloomy, spooky, dark, moody, depressed, cynical, deadpan, mysterious, and dislikes the color pink, whereas Lola is girly, spoiled, arrogant, conceited, bratty, sassy, smart-mouthed, prim and perfect, and dislikes ghosts, thus making them both too different to be close to each other.
In addition, there hasn't been an episode were Lucy and Lola are shown getting along with each other. It could be possible it happens in a future episode, but for right now, we're not going to get that.
According to episode 20 of the Nick Animation podcast, Lucy's favorite movie is
Edward Scissorhands.
In "The Whole Picture", Lucy is shown in her goth attire which means that she has been goth for most of her life, and she is not just going through a phase.
She is often mistaken for a ten year old, due to her close height with Lincoln, and her cynical preteen attitude.
Whenever she teleports to spook her siblings, either a crow caws, or an organ pipe plays.
In "Out of the Picture", it is revealed that she's in the school's Morticians Club.
It is revealed in "Room with a Feud", that Lucy's least favorite century is the 21st century (which is, in other words, now).
Lucy is the only sister who didn't have a SMOOCH outfit in the promo of "Yes Man".
Dub Facts:
Lucy's voice actress, Jessica DiCicco, also voices Lynn.
Lynn and Lucy also share the same voice actress in the Spanish dub of the series, like their younger sisters, Lana and Lola.
She also voiced their male counterparts from the episode, "One of the Boys".
Jessica also voices Lincoln's friend Zach, and also voices Luan's crush/love interest Benny, who was introduced in the episode "L is for Love".
Coincidentally, Jessica DiCicco also voiced another character named Lucy, along with Miele, Zing, and Selina, from the Winx Club Franchise.
Her Polish name is Hermina, with the nickname "Hercia."
Lucy's Russian dubber, Larisa Brokhman, also voices Lana, Lisa, and Clyde.
She is known as Lusia in the Finnish dub.
Lucy's Finnish dubber, Karolina Blom, also voices Clyde.
In "L is for Love", it's revealed Lucy has a crush on a boy named Silas, who like Lucy herself, is gothic, gloomy, and dark, but sometimes smiles for the best times.
According to some information from The Loud House on Instagram and Facebook:
In her past life, she was a wombat, and that explains why Lucy wears gothic attire.
Lucy hates people asking her questions.
Lucy wishes to first go to
, and second to the

She doesn't know why people call her spooky.
She dresses black because it matches her heart and soul.
Edwin is her number one love, and Rocky and Silas are tied for second.
Her best friend is Haiku, and it's also her favorite type of poem.
She got the coffin that she wanted, the "The Freilich 2000".
This coffin appears in the episode "Back in Black".
She is the only one of Lincoln's sisters who will hunt ghosts with him.
In "Fool's Paradise", Lucy has a bad reaction to bleach.
In "Potty Mouth", Lucy and Luan are the only Louds that didn't cuss onscreen.
In "Spell It Out", it is revealed that Lucy's favorite seat on the couch is the left armrest.
In "Yes Man", it is revealed that Lucy dislikes singing.
However, she is shown singing in "Out on a Limo", "11 Louds a Leapin'", and "The Crying Dame".
It's possible it means Lucy sometimes doesn't like emotional singing.
She is the only other character aside from Lincoln, who appears on social media videos of the show through Instagram and Facebook.

ႩმოiႶ ოႩiႶ ႩეეტႮႶႠ:
Bellatrix Black​]]>
Wed, 17 Jan 2018 07:28:05 +0100
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Dave East & Don Q – Family Feud Mp3 Download(Remix) Much like Lil Wayne and Drake, Dave East and Don Q join forces to serve up a fresh take on …
Wed, 17 Jan 2018 05:31:55 +0100
Sheev Palpatine (DARK EMPEROR)
((I actually am really eager to see what the Han Solo spin off offers, I think it could surprise us all and be a great Star Wars movie even if it’s unnecessary, it’s directed by Ron Howard and he’s a good director, the main actor doesn’t look totally terrible for a young Harrison Ford and Donald Glover resembles Billy Dee Williams. I have a feeling this movie is going to feel like an adventure movie mixed with a space western and if it does that right I think I’ll be pleased, and if the cast does well as their characters of course, I’m also really hoping Boba Fett will be this spin offs Darth Vader. I’m also happy because it’s coming out on my birthday.]]>
Wed, 17 Jan 2018 05:18:35 +0100
CJ Johnson
OK, this is just a little theory I wanted to share on G+. So me and +Deano Facking Ambrosay​ were talking about Ambrose's return last night and we still feel like Ambrose is gonna make an early return sometime before WM34. So then I said that I hope that he at least makes it back in time for his feud with Rollins to get a proper buildup instead of it being some disappointing, half assed rushed bs. So then it suddenly came to me... What if.. and it's a BIG what if, WWE decided to scrap Ambrose vs Rollins to save it for maybe SummerSlam or whatever and instead book a 6 Man Tag Match with Ambrollins & Jason Jordan vs Bálor Club at Mania? I don't know about you guys, but I'd be beyond pissed off if that happens.]]>
Wed, 17 Jan 2018 03:56:33 +0100
Chochilino Stream
The thought of engaging in a public Twitter feud may scare some, but for Jimmy Kimmel, he embraces it. “I live for moments like that,” the Jimmy Kimmel Live! host said in his February cover interview for GQ. “When I got in a Twitter battle with Kanye, I…

The thought of engaging in a public Twitter feud may scare some, but for Jimmy Kimmel, he embraces it. “I live for moments like that,” the Jimmy Kimmel Live! host said in his February cover interview for GQ. “When I got in a Twitter battle with Kanye, I was so happy. My wife makes fun…
Wed, 17 Jan 2018 03:47:23 +0100
Roger Hansen
LOVELY EVENING, NICE TUESDAY, HOW WAS YOUR MONDAY, IT'S 5* FOR TEMP & FEELS LIKE -6* & HUM IS 89% PARTLY CLOUDY HERE IN CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA, JESUS LOVE YOU, PLEASE DRIVE SAFE, STAY WARM, WHAT'S UP WITH YOU, Got off the computer at 8:10pm last night because my hip and low back was hurting, Went to bed at 11:30pm, Got up at 8am, Turn off my fan, Turn on the coffee maker, Made my bed, Turn on the tv to channel 92 TBN on Mediacom, Took my shower, Got the library stuff ready to take back, Watched Jerry Springer on channel 107 CW 7.2 on Mediacom, Put away the dishes, Watched Dr. Phil on channel 203 OWN on Mediacom, At 11:15am Lucy from Ani-Meals bring cat food for the month of January, At 11:20am had my new scl worker Marissa went to Unity Center Church to get a food box, Cedar Rapids Bank & Trust, Drop DVD Movies off at Family Video, Hiawatha Library, Came back home, Put away the food, Lay down for a nap, Got up at 5:10pm, Watched Family Feud on channel 8 KFXA on Mediacom, Got the mail and no cards or letters from my family or friends, Watched KCRG TV9 News at 6pm ABC on Mediacom, Put away the dishes, Watched Wheel of Fortune on channel 7 KWWL,NBC on Mediacom, At 6:36pm called my friend Ann Rouse from Rope North Caroline we talk for 20 minutes, Watching "WWE" Smackdown Wrestling on channel 31 USA-E on Mediacom, At 7:05pm my blood sugar was 105, Had Beef and Chicken Flavor Ramen Noodle Soup for Supper, Filled empty bottles with water, Got done with Facebook, Girls have more taste buds than boys, Hummingbirds can't walk.]]>
Wed, 17 Jan 2018 03:45:40 +0100
Brandon Boyer (The Suburban Prince)
Well just buried the hatchet with someone of mine that I was in a feud with for over a year. Feels better to know that we could both come to an agreement that it was childish and pointless +M.X. Bangalter (Can't tag for some reason bc google+'s shitty tagging system lol)]]>
Wed, 17 Jan 2018 03:30:31 +0100
Daniel-senpais Waifu
I’m leaving for idk how long bye :(]]>
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