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Nigerian rapper CDQ has set his feud aside to campaign for the return of former Big Brother Naija housemate, Ifu Ennada.

Nigerian rapper CDQ has set his feud aside to campaign for the return of former Big Brother Naija housemate, Ifu Ennada.
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Riot Housewives
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Andrew Strauss describes retired Kevin Pietersen as ‘best’ England player he has played with: Former England skipper Andrew Strauss has described Kevin Pietersen as the ‘best’ England player he has ever played with. The latter had called time on his professional career after his outing in the ongoing Pakistan Super League (PSL) last week. The pair, during their time in England colours, had a breakdown in relationship following Pietersen’s texts to South Africa players in the middle of a series in 2012. Strauss then effectively ended Pietersen’s England career three years into his elevation as the director of cricket for the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB). The two have recently buried the hatchet and Strauss has now paid glowing compliments to the South African-born batsman upon his retirement. “I think the first thing to say is we’ve had our differences over time and they’ve been well-documented. But thankfully they are very much in the past now,” the ECB director told the BBC. “It is definitely the time for us to appreciate what he did in an England shirt. He was a magnificent player and for me, he was the best England player that I played with. “(He was an) unbelievable talent and he deserves for us to remember those special days he had in an England shirt and he can go off into retirement feeling pretty happy and comfortable with what he’s achieved in the game.” In 2014, Strauss had cited a ‘breakdown in trust’ as the reason for Pietersen’s international banishment, following a 5-0 Ashes whitewash at the hands of Australia. The latter was on course to become England’s record run-scorer in Test cricket at the time, and never played again for the country, instead plying his trade in the numerous T20 leagues which have popped up across the globe. Boots up! Feet up! Family, animals, golf…! H O M E! https://t.co/3h4c3RvTxN — Kevin Pietersen (@KP24) March 17, 2018 Only recently, Pietersen had declared that his feud with his former team-mate was over following Strauss’ wife Ruth being diagnosed with cancer in December last year. “I’ve actually spoken to him quite a few times in the last couple of months. Cricket, and all the stuff that happened is gone, it’s insignificant because families are a lot more important,” Pietersen had said. “I’m good with Straussy. I just wish Ruth all the best and hopefully Ruth can pull through. She’s a fighter.” In 104 Tests for England, Pietersen scored 8, 181 runs at an impressive average of 47.28, registering 23 tons in the process.            

Former England skipper Andrew Strauss has described Kevin Pietersen as the ‘best’ England player he has ever played with. The latter had called time on
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The Miss Venezuela beauty pageant said on Wednesday it will investigate possible unethical conduct by its contestants following a vitriolic social media spat that saw former participants accusing each other of inappropriate behavior. A group of ex-Miss…

The Miss Venezuela beauty pageant said on Wednesday it will investigate possible unethical conduct by its contestants following a vitriolic social media spat that saw former participants accusing each...
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Sun-Young Jung

Sun-Young Jung:

some volatile highschool girls on street, haunting around me

* Mon. Oct. 2. 2017
Dear Mrs.Senator friedman,

The spy prosecutor at the Surpeme Prosecutor's Office has been still annoying me. These days, he seems to send a seniorium guy and policeman to my mother's house at midnight, making them pull the knob of the door at the herb room of my mother's house. The door is much pulled and bent.

It is scary. Because Robinson's robbing of Noh Mu Hyun's account was leaked, with my perception, this gorilla alien if in money motivation. He will murder me after taking me in such a way, steering some remote low level of social institutes.

Today again, he and the spy prosecutor and the diplomat sent a few girls at the bus Itook. They pretended as if they hade been clam and as if I lmade an insult on the street.

A few days ago, I described in detail, how the two volatile highschool girls pulled a trick right in front of me. Whiel passing by me, the thick dumb girl burst into laughing all of sudden, although she was not in any humorous chatting with the other girl. At around 13:30 when the re was classes at school, those two girls and the other girls more haunted around me, on that day. It was Friday, an ordinary weekday, They had to at class room, taking classes.

During my strict highschool years, it was impossible to get outside of school at the class time, like those volatile obscene girls. It is persistent of Lee Kyung Sook and her husbands, Robinson and the dilpomat and the spy prosecutor at the Supreme Prosecutor's Office to keep such an odd accusation and fraud on me still today.

On the very night of Friday, the spy prosecutor ad the diplomat steered the grils and sent some seniorium person and police at midnight who pulled the knob of the door at my mother's house.

Please ask the Korean officiasl whom these intriguers are reaching for today. They already said a lot of farbicated lie to my mother abou that incident as if I were wrong.

My mother is upset to me, without saying abou what she heard from the customer and the other man in Kimje City. Or, YunSeong Jin utterred to her ears outside of her house through interent. I'm concerned about my mother. They will eventually murder my mother by slandering to her in such a way.

Please tell the rich village woman to say my mother that those girls did annoy me.

Please transmit this description to the current officials invisible in America and Europe and in Germany to whomRobinson and Lee Kyung Sook and the wife of Gerhardt and Wollek must slander.

Please help me. They are scary. They even sent the policeman lively right after sending those two girls who abruptly burst to laughing right in front of me. I did not speak to them. It is they that were faulty. I made my own monologue by myself.

The spy prosecutor of the supreme prosecutor's office sent the policeman haunting around me, livcely, in order to take me to police instantly if I did something wrong. He himself sent thoe two girls in collaboration with Lee Kyung Sook and the wife of Gerhardt and Robinson.

After it didn't work out, he reached for my mother and my second brother and made a lot of fabricated lie. Today again, those intriguers sent again some girls to the bus who are silent this time. They are persistent and would not stop. Please help me so that those lecherous graduate of middle school could not stalk me with the spy prosecutor at the Supreme Prosecutor whose favoite type seems to be teen age girls.

even to the PC Room in Kimje City, they sent a woman who might come from a mental seniorium. Such an ignorant but mature adultress woman will be complying to only professor and doctor like Lee Kyung Sook and the wife of Gerhardt. Although Wollek is diplom., he will pretend as if a doctor or professor. He is a mean psychopathic man.

Please help em so that the woman who got to PC Room and the shabby women at bus could not slander to my mother and my brothers They must be sent by the female official of Mankyung Myunsamuso who is now working at Shinpoong Dong officials with her husband whpo has been only staying at Kimje Police, without moving to any other region. They are spy officials who do not work for Korea neither the North. They are only the squad of the old queen of England and Robinson.

Please help me so that they could not send anyone to my mother's house neither pull the door knob at night. It is scary. They are treason motivated. They always said a lie to my mother, making her upset to me.

Sun-Young Jung

* Fri. Sept. 29. 2017 (About At 13:35)

Today is ordinary weekday in Korea. So, there are classess at highschool at around this time of 13: 30.

In my highschool years, it was most difficult to get outside of school if getting to school in the morning.

But the spy prosecutor of the supreme prosecutor's office and some policemen sent the two highschool girls right infront of me who burst into laughing all of sudden.

As soon as such volatile two highschool girls burst into laughing, aore a policeman was rushed into, around me, at the same time, lively.

I was loose only. I murmured by myself in monologue. The policeman was very much persistent and vindictive, in order to find fault with me. It didn't work out.

He even sent two highschool girls to me, bursting a laugh all of sudden near me, all of sudden, seemingly, in collaboration with the wife of Gerhardt and Wollek.

These two volatile girls just silently walked toward me as if by chance, in this hour of school class. Although there was no humor talk between the twos, they abruptly burst into laughing all of sudden, nearest to my ear.

The current policeman might love hers and will have her. That's why he sent her near to me at this time of class at school, making them bluff as if alluring toward someone else.

Please ask the outright officials to investigate if his sibling has been having those girl schools of Bu-an Girls highschools. These days, they were controversial due to harassment of the teenage girls.

He is such a type. Because those two girls made such a provocation deliberately approaching me, I murmurded by myself within my own voice, making a right evaluation on them. It is a fair thing like they did.

I did not speak to her but said in my monologue. But the police appeared all of sudden vindictively in full of expecting to provoke some disturbances between me and those intriguing girls.

Please help me so that Robinson and the Gerhardts and Lee Kyung Sook could not make fraud, with the very stalking policeman.

Obama and those police and the lecherous spy prosecutor force me to take shower. If it didn't work put, they try to sever my email. If it didn't work out, they send their ideal type of their own and ridicule me.

Then, they make more fraud and accusation on me more. Please ask the outright officials of Korea to send the very sender of tbe two girls and this policeman, to remote rural area of Ulsan. He will further annoy me.

Please help me.

Sun-Young Jung

*Fr. Sep. 29. 2017
eMail to America:

Yesterday, I told you how Robinson pulled a trick with the highschool girls and the Korean police, on the street.

To the last, this gorilla and his wife Lee Kyung Sook

made the diplomat intrigue so that two more teams of girls haunt around me. This time, they did not burst into laughing. The second girls passed by woth light laughing. I never made monologue neither spoke to.

The third girls just passed by. Right before these two girls passed by, two women sent germs to mu abdomen when I leaned against a wall at the bus stop. I only prayed and wished in my mind with pray, without speaking at all, so that the same germ could enter them. They even read my inner mind of pray and made accusation on my thinking, when I prayed toward the restaurant maid who was annoying and chanted for themselves.

Robinson and the spy prosecutor of the Supreme Prosecutor's Office were willing to capture me lively, after making those first team of girls laugh to death. Instantly, they sent the policemen near to me.

In the evening, a tv program show leader said a meaningful comment deliberately, 'We were doing Live show. See you".Then, all the pannels were laughing to death. Ordinarily, they do not laugh to death, neither emphasize in such an odd toning. Sometimes, the internet was reciprocal. Like they could peep at me, my say could be sent to them.

The spy prosecutor at the Supreme Prosecutor's Office is treason motivated. He was accusing me since I stayed in Germany. He liked to accuse me as if some ones' allowances disappeared due to me.

w much suffering I might have got through, getting over all those severe accusations and fraud? Although it is Wollek and this spy prosecutor who always made his surrogate took my cash away from my room whenever they rummaged my room, they make it in the opposite.

It was painful when they made my second nephew accuse me as if I took his allowances. They pull feud measure between my family members.

Tonight, the persistent Lee Kyung Sook and Robinson will try to send police and seniorium person, making the pull the door knob of my mother's house again. Please help me so that no one could be sent to my mother's house at night.
It is scary. Please help me.

Sun-Young Jung

* Fr. Oct 6 2017. at 2:21 PM
eMail to America:

The police of Kimje City made a traffic lamp out of order, at the cross, from the road of Seokyo to the entering road of Kimje City, under Seongsan mountain.

It is called Seongsan-cross (Seongsan-sageori).

A green raincoated police was standing at the cross with a bar although there was no traffuc jam.

There were few cars. But heade the traffic lamp out of order and waved his bar at random.

I could not know his signal. He waved his bar at random with the traffic signal twinkled in red.

I turned off the engine, in concern at a loss, right before the zebra before the cross where there was no car. There were no cars.

There was no car behind me neither infront of me.

He was after me. Then, he approached me and beat the window.

He must be send by Lee Kyung Sook and Obama and the Mirae Hospital and the brothel next door to the mad former postman.

Please help me so that the police could not make accusation on my mother's car.

Because there was no car and he already singnaled to pass by, I drovey mother's car in right way.

The current police will have me since having sent those highschool girls.

Please help me so that the lecherous greedy policeman attached by Obama and the spy prosecutor at Supreme Prosecutor's Office could not make any fraud and accusation with this odd incident right a few minutes ago.

Please help me.

The policeman in Kimje City and his wife stalking at Shinpoong Dong district office willaccuse me through the very policeman on the cross.

Please help me. They make my mother upset and myelder sister and my two brothers upset to me with all sorts of lie.

They will reach for my mother with the car number. Pleaae keep them from annoying my mother.

Robinson and Obama are treason motivated.

Sun-Young Jung

*Fr. Oct. 6. 2017
eMail to America:

Last afternoon, Mr. Michelle Obama and his wife Lee Kyung Sook sent the policeman at the cross in Kimje City, after sending those volatile girls who made abortion during the class time, last Friday. This alien couple will persistently send some seniorium guy at midnight, making them pull the knob of the door of my mother's house.

Please help me so that Robinson and his wife and this old woman's husbands like Hahm and the diplomat and the spy prosecutor could not send anyone at midnight to my mother's house. Please help me.

Sun-Young Jung

*Mon. Oct. 9. 2017 (13:11)
eMail to America:

I got to Kimje City because my mother got to the village hall so in a rush as soon as she ate Raymen alone only by herself.

It was scary. If she got outside, the spy prosecutor and Lee Kyung Sook and the wife of Gerhardt always tried to send some seniorium guy to send me to hospital with Hahm Chaibong and the other husband of Lee Kyung Sook, the diplomat and Robinson.

The village stalker Koh Yu Woong's wife made the nartowest allay very much in hindrance by parking the bike take more charges on the allay. It was patked with its back mpre protruded to the narrowest allay in tricky way.

Then, Lee Kyung Sook says as if I ran too fast. This lecherous old woman and the spy prosecuttor of the Supreme Prosecutor's office sent again a thick thick stupid highschool or middle school girl once more to me while I talked on my cell phone. If I talk on my cell phone of my own number, the new officials could hear my description.

I was talking about the villager's odd parking pf the bike. Then, the thick stupid highschool girl was approaching me with a pig's ugly face in extreme rude expression. Right at the m0ment pf passing by me, she abruptly was making a humming loudly, while scattering her stupid dark dark stupid hairs with her two arms and hands, in bluffing way.

Because I was talking on the cell phone, I told that Choi Geum Sook should not send any more such volatile teen age girl to me.I told on my cell phone that it should be tested if the girl also made abortion.

I talked to the new officials, not to her. But this guile thick stupid girl sent a gentleman instantly right in front of me who was blocki g my mother's car.

His car number is 19로 5526

Please ask the outright officials of Korea to watch the womb pf the very lecherous stupid gorl as attached in the photo if she made an abortion or has a lagged hole.

Please ask them to investigate the wife of the very man who instantly got bear to me right after this lecherous thich stupid girl passed by. Please ask them if his wife made a prostitution job in Japan or in Korea.

Such a deceptive lecherous man must habe a prostitute as his wife.
The basement prostitute must have sent him and the stupid girl.

Please help me so that this stalking humming girl and the greedy man pf the car number could not make any fraud on me.

I was talking on my cell phone. But heinstany approached to me with the girl who made an abrupt humming after approaching me with blunt pig's manner.

They must be sent by Robinson and Park Keun Hye's husband. At least, the stupid girl might have a lagged hole after having many men. Such a girl like the restaurant maid must have become a comfort woman if born in the Colonial era, without standing the excitement for men. The restaurant maid liked men sice her highschool yeats lime those highschool girls following me and humming or bursting into laughing.

They like men since much young. But they say that they are learned and diligent.

Please help me so that Lee Kyung Sook and the wife of Gerhardt and the male man Robinson Michelle Obama could not humiliate me.

It is persistent and vindictive of the wife of Gerhardt and Lee Kyung Sook and Robinson that they have been sending those stupid highshool girls to me since two weeks and made fraud, everyday.

Sun-Young Jung

*Wed. Mar. 7. 2018

Dear Mrs. Senator Friedman,

This morning at around 10 o'clock, the very old old stalker on street was persistently watching me and watung for me at a big post, without moving as if a fixed nail.

So, I stood at a ahadiw of a parked car, without showing myself.

She seemed to think as if I further poceed toward her, while slowly walking to thecorner of allay.

After I stopped, she was abruptly stopping and waiting fir me, with her eyes slanted and obsessed in
my futher walking. She did so for almost more than ten minutes. There was no one whom she waited.

But there was another middle aged woman who got off her older car. Because this youner woman was sent by Choi Keum Sook, the old old woman in this photo was bluffing with her arma folded at her back.

She was a a stalker who was after me. Like the restaurant maid will see through me, this old woman will get through her cell phone wave before me, in order to watch my fore side and more inner.

It was abhorrible. So, I got back to the opposite way, saying in more loyd monologue, "Why will she persistently waiting and would not move?"

I was stamping my feet on my way, because there was no one.

Although I explained all to the dynamic officials on 0000, Wollek and Choi Geum Sook and the polican sent the strange man who was asking the price and moving to the restaurant maid this afternoon.

Wollek and Lee Kyung Sook and Choi Geum Sook must have atirred up my family members and my elder sister, through Lee Yeong Doh.

So, my elder sister does not take my call again, as Lee Yeong Doo seemingly steers.

Because my sisters and my elder two brothers and my mother believe as if all the others might be correct and as if all positioned guys are more correct, they will comply to Choi Geum Sook and Lee Kyung Sook and Seo Geo Seok's slandering.

It is most painful if my mother believed them only and felt suffering.

I should have got back silently. But if not at least yelling alone, I would have got more bitter.

I never insulted to this shabby old woman who darely believes as if something more though.

I got back although tiring.

It is absurd of Choi Geum Sook and Wollek that they reach fory family memvers through police, forcing my mother and my elder brothers to send me to hospital.

Althroughout this morning, they made accusation a lot. After it didn't work out, they inform my mother and my elder sister andy elder brother.

If police made exaggeration, my families would not listen to me.

It is painful to me.

Please ask the high officials who asked about the pet animals to tell my eldest brother and my mother and my elder sister that the ver old woman was really after me and annoyed me. She further followed me as I got back. Sge was persistent. Then, she sent the very autobiker who pretended as if mediayor of real estate.

He was willing to rob my house by sending me to hospital.The garbage taker and the former 119 oldman seem to have taken the others' property in such a way.

They are vicious scary senders of other stalkers on street.

Lee Kyung Sook and Wollek and Reiter and Park Kyung Gwa have been repeatey doing so for many years.

Please ask those high officials who asked about pet animals to tell so my mother and my eldest brother and my elder sister.

↳ Although she was going to the other direction, she was following me again now, after I got back to the other direction. She was persistently waiting for my proceeding toward her. If I stopped, she was peeping at me, without moving at the post. She would not move for ten minutes until I walked further toward her, at turning point to the corner of the allay. She was after me. Such a woman was laway sent by th garbage taker of my district and Choi Myung Sook and Wollek.

*Thu. Mar.8. 2018
eMail to America

Since a few hours, the restaurant maid and her daughter have been saying a lot of lie to the strange
man who was about selling my house last afternoon, after sending the old shabby stalking woman.

She seemed to belong to the disability line of institute.

After stalking md on the street in such a way, they, sent a stout big ugly man who might be her sibling to
the small restaurant at buffet corner of Hwakok Mart.

He was obsessed with linking of his cell phone, without taking his lunch, watching me, in much tension. They made the other shop of patron not sell any stew, in order to draw me to there. They expectedas if I would help myself much with the favorite of me, seaweed stew.

I had a thirst due to their inputting poison into my running water. How much would they have expected as if I would take more or gaggle.

I got outside after taking the other side dishes. All through last morning and afternoon, they made big scale of accusation with that stalking oldwoman who was sent by the garbage taker and Koh Yeong Ki's son-in-law.

If those repeated accusations didn't work put, they reached for another police again and again.

Last night, they sent again the strange man to upstairs.

I was taking Raymen at the shop running around the clock.

A lot of street stalkers laughed to death, due to the strange man upstairs. The dynamic officials on 0000 proved that his wife did make prostitution job.

It is not certain if the current listener of the restaurant maid's lie is the same man.

Please help me so that this persistent stalker man could not be steered by Lee Yeong Doh and the stalking judge in SeoDarmun District abd Obama and Mun Jai-in.

They already annoyed my sister and my eldest brother and my mother yesterday. So I asked you to help me and them so that they could not manipulate on them.

The strange man is making collaboration with the longtime annoyer upstairs right now.

Please keep him from being steered by the restaurant maid and Lee Kyung Sook and Koh Yeong Ki's son-in-law.

They have been sending harmful rays to my mother and my elder sister-in-law.

Please help Hers.

Sun-Young Jung

Fri, 23 Mar 2018 06:59:23 +0100
Sun-Young Jung

Sun-Young Jung:

*Tue. Sep. 12. 2017

eMail to America:

I'm reading the memoir of Chun Du Hwan. He described his young years and childhood years, during the destitute years of Korea.

He seems to be an inborn innocent man. He described how the former presidents of Korea trusted on him.

I'dike to attach two photos of him which was seldom open to the public. The photo showing him with Park Chunghee presents how he was so much in reliable cpmposure. Such a face of man means that he is most trustfil and relaible, in Korea. The atmosphere is trustful without any fleck of untransparency.

He did only national defence throughout his young lives.The president Choi Kyu Ha is said to have asked him and told him that he might be a right man for leading our country. The reticent Choi Kyu Ha is said to have considered more men who might be proper.

He seems to make the othets get relaxed without any defensive mind. The two former presidents put most trust on him, in full composure and reliability. In such a way, he became a president gradually. He made Korea affluent, making seven times of GNP. He did make our economy much better.

He seems to have some loyal advisors like Min Jeong Ki.

Because the movie 'Taxi Driver' is popular, Korean plebeians might have some negative view on Chun Du Hwan. The younger generation does not know about him well. His memoir is banned.

Although faction is faction in movie, most of the movie goers might believe the content as if true. It is very popular movie.

If watching the movie, his team could wisely make more added explanation and information for the public.

I'm not sire if his advisor watched the movie describing 5.18 Kwangju revolt.

Please ask Chun Du Hwan to watch 'Taxi Driver' with Min Jeong Ki and his team and make more right information for the public in easy way. Movies are easy for Korean plebeians. If only saying simy that it is remote from facts, it does not make any appeal to Koreans.

Ha Ha. The movie is interesting so draw many people. So, the false image on him would be more augmented.

Like the old queen of Enhland and her American line tried to shatter Xi Xingping, he seems to have been the target of those treasonous traitors on our planet.

If some patriotic leaders are outright, those traitors tend to exaggerate some flaws and make more fabrication.

While I read his memoir, it occurred to me.

You might have asked him if the ver brave Bae is Bae Deok Kwang's sibling.

You could make more adbice to this former Korean leader who took pain so much for our country.

Some flatterers might have blurred some more wise work as they tended to.

Sun-Young Jung

* Thu. Sep. 14. 2017
eMail to America:

Herewith, I'd like to add some more and proofread last email of description of 5.18 Kwangju revolt.

He wrote three thick books of memoir. he send book is a description on his state works. The third and first books draw my attention.

I'm still reading his memoir. If he described about his father, it made me get tears.

He is a typical Korean man during his youth years. He said about his first lady. During their date years, he was a pure man. He is a typical Korean pure minded man. If reading his description, it made us know what type of man he is. Ha Ha. He was not any greedy man but exerted himself for right things to do.

Due to such a simplicity, he might have got trust from Park Chunghee and the next President Choi Kyu Ha. In many ways, Choi Kyu Ha seems to have put trust on him from his heart. It seems so.

During the 5.18 Kwangju revolt, a wise Commander named Chin Jong Chae made a sincere decision. He is said to be on the position most responsible for ordering system of the Army as a commander of the Second Army which is directly linked to the Headquarter of the Korean Army. Under the Martial Law, the role of army played the main role. He seems to be a man of sincerity, without moving his army in volatile sentiment. He even ordered to stop with using any gun toward the rioters even during the worsened chaotic moment, in his sincerity, at 23:20 on May 20th.

It is said that the military system was in line up, from Headquarters of the Korean Army through the Second Headquarter and the Headquarter of Education of Battle and 31st Squad which orders to the Airborne Corps.

At the very troops of education of battle, Yun Heung Jong and Chung Woong were their leading commander who seem to have been most treasonous.

There was an weird order of invocation of self-defence power, a 04:30 through 05:45 on May 21. It was before the official order was done, from the headquarter of the Korean Military Army.

The revolters already announced that they would stir up all over the country. Because the rioters rushed into, with trucks and buses, toward some military men who took a rest, after safeguarding, some commanders distributed real bullets and guns. It was not yet ordered to use them, from the right ordering system, by May 22.

If there were some shots from the part of Korean military army, it was in such a situation as above. Or, Yun Heung Jong and Chung Woong must have been in haste, even before Chin Jong Chae ordered to use guns toward rioters.

Before spreading of Martial Law was ordered all over the country of Korea, the military men sent to Kwangju amounted 643 only in two squads of the7th sky corps. The safeguarding was concentrated in Seoul, for keeping national security because of such a fearful disturbance expected. Because those rioters announced to be willing to stir up all over the country, Seoul was more defended with many squads, by May 21.

After the Commander Chin Jong Chae ordered to stop using any guns at midnight on May 20th, he got to Kwangju directly and watched the situation next day. Yun Heung Jong and Chung Woong persistently emphasized that the self autonomical use of ammunition magazine should be allowed. Yun reported to him.

So, Chin Jong Chae got back to Seoul and made a discussion, gathering all the generals and defence minister and the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Commander of Martial Law, Lee Heu Seong.

Only around 16:35 on May 21st, it was decided. So, Chin Jong Chae got to the President Choi Kyu Ha and reported for two hours and got allowance of the Invocation of Self-defensive power, because President was the ultimate orderer of Martial Law. It might mean the allowance of use of ammunition magazine to the revolters in Kwangju area.

The Provision of Martial Law. No. 11, was mentioned, by the Commander of the Martial Law, Lee Heu Seong, at 19:30 on May 21st. Lee Heu Seong got to the President and reported all and got allowance of the order of the invocation self-defensive power. Thereafter, only next day, May 22nd, it was ordered to all the armies of Korea, in sincerity.

But weirdly weirdly, some squad already used their guns on May 21st, if the report was right.

In view of the hasty of Yun Heung Jong and Chung Woong's assertion, these two treasonous men must have boosted up the revolt while using ammunition magazine. Or, it was reported that some desperate squad of military men who were attacked by the revolters who were rushing to them with a big truck and bus shot out of instinct, in order to defend themselves, out of mind. The latter seems to be plausible.

Chung Woong was never accused when Chun Du Hwan took unfair charges during the tilted suit. Lee Heu Seong said untrue things against Chun Du Hwan although both were in trust relations during those years. Those traitors of Yun and Chung are usually good at pulling feud measure.

If Choi Sei Chang was criticized, it was because he distributed the bullets to his junior military men, for defending themselves from the rampant revolters, at night on May 20th. But Chin Jong Chae ordered to stop using the guns at night on that day. Choi Sei Chang must have followed the order.

It was in chaotic situation. Nonetheless, the Korean army withdrew from Kwangju City toward suburban area, as ordered on May 21st. Sure thing.

As the oder of the invocation of self-defensive power was announced officially, it became a war since on May 22. Some say that the civilians got angry because the military army was not withdrawn after promising to do so. Others say that there was rumor as if Korean amy was putting down on the students in Kwangju.

But is most conspicuous that some shabby men who were swift educated civilians how to use the guns and led them, with capability to drive trucks and buses. Koreans were unable to drive cars a lot, at that time. They seem to be suspicious group of persons as Chun Du Hwan say.

Because the rioters tried to stir up all over the country and the Korean Army under Martial Law wanted to defend the spreading of chaos to all of the region. Kim Dae Jung was concerned what if he could not become a president although his political enemy passed away. He boosted it up.

Much later, in the year of 1995, a judge named Kim Yeong-il led an unfair trial on Chun Du Hwan, steered by someone else. The name of Kim reminds me of the other judge Kim Jin Dong who made an unfair indictment on Lee Jai Yong as a sibling of Kim Jin Soo (Aungsan bomber).

While Kim Yeong-il led an unfair trial, his brother Kim Kwang-il was the presidential secretary of Kim Yeong Sam. Kim Kwang○ is a treasonous name in Korea, aling with the womanizer Kim Byung Kook. They murdered my elder brother-in-law, after attaching Lee Yeong Doh.

They and Kim Jai Kyu must have made such a stupid fake painting of Cheon Kyung Ja also. They have been willing to deprive Lee Jai Yong of his dear father's company.

They have been making false accusation on me since I stayed in Germany. Kim Yeong○ and Yun and Chung Woong are most suspicious men as the orderer of brutal killing of those civilians of Kwangju.

They still plot against Koreas and America and the world. They must be the squad of the old queen of England and the spy queen of Spain although remote.
They are suspicious.

It is most conspicuous that they recently accused Jin Kyung Jun and dismissed Jin Jae Soo. Maybe these two men are the siblings of the sincete Chin Chae Jong who ordered to stop shot toward the rioters. He made the military regress from Kwangju on May 20th. These traitors tend to shatter some aimed persons' siblings if they were more righteous.

I think that those brutal persons like Chung Woong and Yun Heung Jong are the real culprits of the brutal massacre at the 5.18 Kwangju revolt. But they were not punished. Brazenly, they still evoke antipathy against the righteous stream of Korea.

Herewith, I'd like to make a succinct abstract of the part of description in the memoir, about the Kwangju revolt.

Even during such a chaotic term, Chun Du Hwan tried to safeguarding our country. It was during the scary Cold War era. Some treasonous faction slandered in invisible way. They seem to have got upset because he mae right investigation who murdered Park Chunghee and who was the accomplice. As the accomplice, Chung Seung Hwa brazenly accused Chun Du Hwan, in collaboration with those suspicious Kim Yeong○s who were Presidential Secretary and the judge.

Like when allotting the trial of Lee Jai Yong to their siblings as a judge to whom the trial concerns, they must have allotted the trial on Chun Du Hwan on their sibling. All throughout the trial, Kim Yeong-il led the trial in unbalanced way as someone seemingly ordered.

This memoir is much informative. Chun Du Hwan seems to be a simple minded man. But his image was too authoritarian, at that time. I think that it might have been better if he shared his inborn humane mind with the ordinary people of Korea. Keeping distance and hardened image in concern what if in lesser respect might have made such a distance and distortion from Korean people.

He showed his warmth to many other men nascent to him. But his image at that time was too remote from Korean people. So, those traitors easily could make fabrication as if he made initiative of such a tragic sacrifice of the people in Kwangju. It is not he but those constant traitors. They are the culprits of the Sewol sinking also.

They are inborn slandering brutal plotter. They drove Cheon Kyung Ja into despair with the invincible stupid hardened rhetoric as if the fake paining were genuine work of her. They have been willing to rob the company of Lee Jai Yong's father.

I think that those siblings of Kim Jai Kyu and Kim might have thought that Chun Du Hwan shouldn't make right interrogation on the assassination of Park Chunghee because he was a 'dictator'. He kept our country secured from chaos despite such an absurdity. Kim Jai Kyu was slandering to the ministers, to announced the Martial Law only, without saying that he murdered the national leader. So, some trustful ministers fiercely asked him what happened to their Prsident. So, Kim Kye Won thought that Kim Jai Kyu's complot would be in fail. So, he whispered to some ministers that he did it. Ha Ha.

So, Chun Du Han arrested Kim Jai Kyu. But it was difficult because the accomplice Chung Seung Ha already became the Commander of Martial Law brazenly. So, the so-called small 12.12 coup d'état occurred.

Most of all, it is most conspicuous that he suffered from Diarrhea all throughout the trial. I'm sure that he was being poisoned, Those traitors are enough the type. In case of Noh Tae Woo, he is said to have been susceptible man to the surroundings and had such a perpetual symptom. As an inborn healthy man, Chun Du Hwan suffered from such a symptom. The head of the detention building must have got the order from someone else.

However wrong doing the accused might have committed, it is not so humane to poison them. It is Robinson and the old queen of England that had better be poisoned.

It is my understanding and interpretation of his description. It might not be wrong much. I think that it is not so right to ban this memoir. The others had better read this book.

Sun-Young Jung

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